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Found 21 results

  1. [Asia] Looking for Group

    Greetings! I'm looking for a group in Asia. I'm from India but I play on SG servers (since there aren't any other servers in Asia). Would love to tag along with a group and make new friends. Add me on steam https://steamcommunity.com/id/dem0id/. See you in Cherno! Dem0id
  2. Greetings! We have started our small DayZ community in South East Asia for peers who wish to play in a high performing whitelisted community servers for DayZ Standalone. Would you want an immersive and deep gaming experience in high performance gaming servers and make new friends in have new interactions in DayZ? Well then, submit your application to get whitelisted and join EEC and start your adventure! https://eliteeaglecorps.com/join Fair rules & experienced staff secure EEC servers. We thank you for your support! (Elite Eagle Corps) eliteeaglecorps.com
  3. I'm no longer available in-game, but I'm still overwatching this thread. Go ahead and feel free to meet up with the rest of us, there will be some good people to pick you up. --- --- --- I'm willing to welcome in players who are tired of being lone wolves out there. I play from Indonesia thus my timezone is GMT/UTC +7. If you have Steam or YM or anything, we can talk with each other and see if you can meet up. They say the more the merrier, especially in Chernarus, when it's spawning zombies & bandits everywhere. Post your introduction here and I will hit you back with a Steam invitation. I play randomly between SG 1, SG #3, #500, #00. Since server restarts come very often, I couldn't play that many hours in one server. I play mainly between SG #00 & #500. We're friendly, we can make your life easier, and we will have more fun times together sweeping Chernarus. But before going to that part, remember this is not a group I make so that people can just join and leave like that. It's a group of hard working buddies who don't leave ones with broken bones behind, figure out yourself what that really means. Here's the deal; 1. Post first in my thread before we talk to each other on Steam. I mean it. >:( 2. The decision of where and when the meeting will be held is up to us. Take it or leave it. 3. Follow every instructions I give to you when we're about to rendezvous. Every single one. 4. Every act that violates my instructions as said before the meeting, will be considered as an act of planned assault, ambush, murder attempt, robbery, and banditry and there are no tolerations from my crew for that kind of people. So if you bandits who currently read this, either repent your souls before trying to join us, or walk away if you hate seaside walking. 5. Rule #4 is always effective all the time to all of my group members after they joined us. An eye for an eye, no mercy for betrayal against our hospitality.Cheers, see you guys in game! :beans:
  4. Looking for a few more to complete our group. We are more bandit style playing but we don't kill bambis unless they get in the way (ex: tell their team where we are etc, annoying troll) We are from Australia, NZ, Thailand so if you're in the area that would be best. Must speak Englishand have a Mic and access to TS3 18+ is preferred but if we talk on TS and you seem like you aren't immature we will try run with you. We are a club so we play and have fun we aren't a clan. If you wanna know more reply to this post, private msg me, or add me on steam D3VIL my direct link is http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960390908/ We are looking for players that aren't newbs aka: know how to get their own gear and know their way around the map. We are willing to help teammates out but not carry them and do everything for them. If you ever log while in a combat situation because you don't want to lose gear we will not play with you again. We only need about 2 - 3 more players because we like to keep groups small from 4-6 people. 2 snipers which act as look out from different areas and 2 teams of 2 to scout in the area. We have fun but in combat we are serious. Hope this helps someone and hope to find some people.
  5. Proudly the 1st player to host a DayZ standalone server in Singapore for mainly the S.E. Asian gaming community. Server info: Name: DayzAsia - 1st in Singapore Regular Server IP: Average player count is high and server is among the top 50 DayZ servers ranked by GameTracker.com. In-game VoIP on and 3rd person view on. Private Teamspeak3 available for forum members only. Simple server rules and forum rules. Now we also run a Arma3 server of course for those who play both games. Name: DayzAsia.org - Arma III public server Server IP: Private Teamspeak3 available for forum members only. Simple server rules and forum rules. Forum for further details: http://dayzasia.org Forum is also growing of course and we now boast 120+ members from various locations around Asia. To contact us, refer to forum and use functions within or simply type an email to: dayzasia@live.com and any of our Admins will come back to You soonest. All Clans / Squads and Teams!!!! If you do play in S.E Asia, DayZ standalone or any of the Arma titles (Arma, Arma II and Arma III) you can now have your own forum free of cost provided by dayzasia.org including a TS3 channel. Refer to dayzasia.org forum under the topic "Clans / squads, look here". Simply contact myself for further details trough our forum and PM or using the e-mail address: dayzasia@live.com Like mentioned earlier, no costs and no hidden costs.
  6. Asian clans

    If you run a clan, squad or team in Asia and would like to join another asian community which is growing fast, please go to dayzasia.org and look at the forum named "Clans / squads, look here" for further details. Will take only a minute to have a look, nothing to lose :) Nomad, Forum and server owner.
  7. Singapore server

    Best Singapore SG HARD Server|Active Admins|DayzTC.com Decent server mixed community, regular and strict admins. Please join, make yourself known, play, stay, come back repeat. good show
  8. As the Topic Title mention, here is the following server and forum information: Server IP: Forum: http://www.dayzasia.org Server location: Singapore Map: Chernarus with added modifications to certain areas, rMod not required Server reset: 8hrs, about 1630 - 1645hrs in-game time (see your watch in-game) Game stats and tracker: http://www.gametrack...85.103.153:3357 Anti-cheat: Battle Eye and Gotcha Anti-hack latest versions This is a quite young server and forum so all are welcome. In-game you will find areas that has been built out (houses, industrial areas, airports ect) to enhance the game a bit further and for server to have its own "flavour". Mostly aiming at the Asian community however all are welcome. dayzasia.org is the forum for all of you and you may suggest how you like this server to develop and look like in the future. Follow your statistics at gametracker.com In general friendly playing enviroment and any kind of bullying of other players isn't acceptable. Neither is cheating. Server is up 24/7 normally, however down at times to add on map modifications and other add-ons. For full listing of server specifications, game play, modifications and other useful information, please refer to forum mentioned above. Nomad Server Admin
  9. Welcome to my Server! Well firstly, i'm not going to rant on why i want you to join my server, it's your decision. -Active Admins -A dedicated site, fully functional to use -50 slots -A fast connection -Over 250+ Vehicles -Custom Load out How to join? - That is the IP And the port is '3000' I hope to see you guys there! :) ~ www.AUDGamez.com
  10. Inviting players to our new Taviana server. We have 300+ vehicles, Active Admins, The server is based in Singapore, so fairly decent ping for Oceanic Based Players, American ping isn't to bad either I believe. The server IP is You can also jump on ventrilo with the Admin's at ip: ryvenius.typefrag.com port: 44463 if you just want to ask some questions, or perhaps group up with them for some gameplay, or need to report someone as hacking. We don't really have any rules; just have fun and play the game. We hope to see you ingame.
  11. I'm from Singapore and i like this game very much, but i hate lag/slow respond time. I wound like to know if there's any Singapore/SEA server?
  12. hi guys, recently i let someone use my computer and i did not know that he hacked by dayz.Now i am not here to cry about getting myself unbanned.I will take full esponsibility of my loss account.I moved from NZ to singapore like 1 month ago and i want to play dayz again so the question is in the title.I do not want to buy through steam. Thanks in advance PS:i do not know which section this should be in.Mods can move it if this is the icorrect section P..SS: people will mistake the 1st sentence as a flame bait.Well,go ahead and flame if you want to and attempt to get an emotional response from me(a.k.a trolling).I will not respond to it tough
  13. SG #00 PMC DayZ Server Server host : multiplaygameservers.com Server Location : Singapore (SEA) Server Slots : 50 Vehicles : Yes Dayz Version : Beta Version : 96584 IP : Port : 2402 Settings - Difficulty : Veteran - 3rd person view : ON - Crosshairs : Off - Maxping : 200 -Death notifications : On Rules - Ping higher than 150 will be kicked from the game by an admin - "Alt-F4" users to avoid death will be remembered and kicked the next time they are in the game. - No exploiting game game glitches i.e duplication. - Server Restarts every 9am,3pm,9pm (though server may restart randomly and without warning due to the host machine using too much memory which is out of the admins control) ADMINS - Camper Joe (owner/Admin) - Jacques (Admin) - (Empty slot) - (Empty slot) Please feel free to join and play on this server. Donations are very welcome as this server costs £60 and is expensive to have up and running every month. you may donate via paypal to grizzly.dayz@gmail.com or click on this link ( https://www.paypal.c...d=Z3RZYMVGN7EAY ) To encourage donations to this server I have also decided to give away gift copies of games through STEAM how it works is that if the server receives more than 10 donations a month 1 game which i will display below will be gifted to the winner on steam the winner will be picked by lucky draw and the more you donate the higher your chances, for every pound you donate your name will be written on a slip of paper and put into the bowl so 10 pounds = 10 slips etc this months game : ARMA II CO Donations recieved this month : 5 feel free to post here about the server, but be warned if you have nothing constructive to say and are just raging and whining about something you will be ignored. :) have a nice day and hopefully ill see some of you ingame! :D (suggestions are welcome) Donators Problem? Chong Foodrepublic Barry Lukagero
  14. Hi all. Due to high pings outside of these two regions, I am looking for a player or two to join me going around in circles in Cherno. Been a lone wolf since day one. Helped a few players and viceversa, and miss the interaction. Anyways, due to ping issues, anyone on any of the SG servers or TH servers wanting to hook up, let me know here. We can use skype or teamspeak as well. Tks!
  15. Hi all im a singaporean player looking for others to team up with. little bit about myself: dayz ign: seven age: 21 country: singapore skype: nyr619 i normally play every night and weekends in the afternoon i have also completed my NS recently so my combat drills are still fresh LOL :D add me on skype or reply here and lets play together :lol:
  16. Hi all, i am looking for a buddy, to hang around, i am playing in singapore server, Regards,
  17. Hey, I'm fairly new to DayZ and I'm looking for some players to join in DayZ that play regularly on the Singaporean servers. Does anyone know any Singaporean clans? I tried doing a search, and couldn't find any. If not, does anyone know of a group, which isn't a clan, that would be willing to take me in? Like a squad? P.S I only speak English and Danish, so I would prefer a English speaking group. Thank you =) P.P.S I usually play on Sg #500
  18. Hi all, i am looking for a buddy, to hang around, i am playing in singapore server, Regards,
  19. I'm looking for someone to play DayZ with who lives around Thailand/Singapore. Due to the lack of Asian servers I have extremely high ping on most servers, so I need someone who can play with me in Asian servers. I'm Dutch, and speak fluent English, and of course looking for a partner who speaks decent English and preferably has a mic.
  20. played for a week wanna get a friend or 2 to play the game together and loot and survive
  21. I'm looking for someone to play DayZ with who lives around Thailand/Singapore. Due to the lack of Asian servers I have extremely high ping on most servers, so I need someone who can play with me in Asian servers. I'm Dutch, speak fluent English, and of course looking for a partner who speaks decent English and preferably has a mic.