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Found 13 results

  1. Greetings! We have started our small DayZ community in South East Asia for peers who wish to play in a high performing whitelisted community servers for DayZ Standalone. Would you want an immersive and deep gaming experience in high performance gaming servers and make new friends in have new interactions in DayZ? Well then, submit your application to get whitelisted and join EEC and start your adventure! https://eliteeaglecorps.com/join Fair rules & experienced staff secure EEC servers. We thank you for your support! (Elite Eagle Corps) eliteeaglecorps.com
  2. Basically Im lost out in sea. In sea you should be able to drown ur self or something proof:
  3. Houseboats

    So I thought about houseboats. I would love to see them in-game, even if they are maybe not so useful like camps inland of Chernarus+. They should only be craftable, but they should: - hold ~250items (in boxes or different containers, which you can be placed by your own) - have an oven inside - have places for some torches/candles on it They should only be craftable on the water, this means: - craft (or find?) a small boat first - load the materials and tools on it - build it directly on the ocean (or a big pond): - floats und platform - anchor (or another heavy object) - walls - roof - ofen, containers and little attachments - the full houseboat should require five full loaded boats or better said five loads of a boat. It has pros and cons, like everything in DayZ SA. Pro: - far away from the coast - (sea) fishing should be possible - warmth - other players can't easily go there and loot it - ... Contra: - hard to craft = many items and materials would be required - it should take much time to craft it = easy target - flammable - no drinking water, if you place it on the sea (but you should be able to place it in the middle of e.g. Black Lake, if you want) - you have to go back to the mainland, because you need resources like fire wood, water, and so on... - ... more ideas: - you should be able to tie up 2-4 houseboats = more room and storage - you could just build the floats and platform and place one big or two medium tents on it - heavy weather effects like storms (and tsunamis?) - if we get this -, could damage the houseboat = you would lost some items or parts of the boat e.g. roof/wall - I'm not sure, if it should have an engine? Maybe it should be a static base, not a mobile base - maybe you could pull it with 2-3 boats to another place? - ... Feel free to share your thoughts! If you have more advantages or disadvantages, please make a comment. Thx :) some examples:
  4. Asian clans

    If you run a clan, squad or team in Asia and would like to join another asian community which is growing fast, please go to dayzasia.org and look at the forum named "Clans / squads, look here" for further details. Will take only a minute to have a look, nothing to lose :) Nomad, Forum and server owner.
  5. Hi, It is expected in the future to reduce the infernal noise of the sea or to provide an audio option to reduce it. It would be really cool because after several minutes of play, to explore the towns or roads in the south, even a considerable distance from the sea makes noise downright crazy. I am not alone, we are 5 friends to play at Dayz and share the same opinion. What do you think of this noise?
  6. I just finished playing the new DLC burial at sea the other day, and all I can say is wow. The environment and detail put into the setting is absolutely bonkers. Here's the link to it on bio shocks website. http://www.bioshockinfinite.com/?RET=burial-at-sea-ep1&ag=true Have any of you guys played this? And what do you think about it? Bye.
  7. Sea Water Still

    It's a common misconception that there is no easy way to make sea water drinkable. All you need to know is some basic physics. water evaporates, salt does not. I think it would be neat if players could collect supplies to make Sea water stills. There are a bunch of different designs, but here are the versions I think would be cool to see in Dayz. Version 1: Needs = fire-proof container, pipe, empty tin can, fire, maybe a toolbox. Salt water is put in the fire-proof container. A pipe is in the top of the container. A fire is then lit under the container. The water will evaporate and then condense in the pipe. The now clean water collects in the tin can. Here's an example of a Version 1 still. Version 2. Needs = Entrenching tool, Large sheet of plastic, rocks, 2 tin cans. First a hole is dug. Then an empty tin can is placed in the center of the hole. A tin can full of salt water is placed away from the center of the hole. Now the plastic sheet is placed on top of the hole. Rocks are used to keep the sheet in place. Then a rock is placed in the center of the sheet (above the empty can). Heat from the sun will cause the water in both cans (assuming water has already collected in the empty one) but the shape of the plastic will cause the clean water to keep collecting in the can in the center. This method requires no fire, but is slow and won't work at night. You should know I have no idea if this one actual works. Here's an example of a Version 2 still. So what do you think?
  8. SG #00 PMC DayZ Server Server host : multiplaygameservers.com Server Location : Singapore (SEA) Server Slots : 50 Vehicles : Yes Dayz Version : Beta Version : 96584 IP : Port : 2402 Settings - Difficulty : Veteran - 3rd person view : ON - Crosshairs : Off - Maxping : 200 -Death notifications : On Rules - Ping higher than 150 will be kicked from the game by an admin - "Alt-F4" users to avoid death will be remembered and kicked the next time they are in the game. - No exploiting game game glitches i.e duplication. - Server Restarts every 9am,3pm,9pm (though server may restart randomly and without warning due to the host machine using too much memory which is out of the admins control) ADMINS - Camper Joe (owner/Admin) - Jacques (Admin) - (Empty slot) - (Empty slot) Please feel free to join and play on this server. Donations are very welcome as this server costs £60 and is expensive to have up and running every month. you may donate via paypal to grizzly.dayz@gmail.com or click on this link ( https://www.paypal.c...d=Z3RZYMVGN7EAY ) To encourage donations to this server I have also decided to give away gift copies of games through STEAM how it works is that if the server receives more than 10 donations a month 1 game which i will display below will be gifted to the winner on steam the winner will be picked by lucky draw and the more you donate the higher your chances, for every pound you donate your name will be written on a slip of paper and put into the bowl so 10 pounds = 10 slips etc this months game : ARMA II CO Donations recieved this month : 5 feel free to post here about the server, but be warned if you have nothing constructive to say and are just raging and whining about something you will be ignored. :) have a nice day and hopefully ill see some of you ingame! :D (suggestions are welcome) Donators Problem? Chong Foodrepublic Barry Lukagero
  9. FISHING! (More to add) Before reading: For me to continue this post, I need to have feedback and some judgement. I do not believe this is the final idea that I just wrote down. So, even if it's 1 word, leave a comment. <3 Introduction As the title says, Fishing is a vital part to surviving in the wild. I don't see this as a problem because there are Loch's/Lake's in the area. Of course you will catch fish for eating, but as in real like, you need to be patient and hope for luck. You may not catch anything. If you are in a high PvP area and can't stay long, maybe making a trap to catch fish over a certain amount of time will be your thing. I will go into more depth down below. If you think this post needs improvements to it, Leave your comments down below. The Fishing Rod I'm sure most of you have heard what a Fishing Rod is. So they are quite good contraptions for surviving. There are a couple of different types of Fishing Rods though:- Fly Fishing Rod - Sea Fishing Rod - A Normal Rod (Telescopic too!) Probably a few more I'm not sure about. If they were added they wouldn't be that rare. Maybe as rare as tents, Found in Cafe's, Office Building's (Schools) or The Store. To start fishing you will have to attach is to your toolbar. Then have it in your hand, and it will be as simple as clicking to cast out your line. If you have a fish on your hook, your rod will strain and line will began to pull out. But wait, you need other things such as line and tackle. These items won't be as rare as the rod itself and will be found in most places except for the Hospital and some industrial buildings. Maybe a new buidling added at the harbour and docks of the towns at the coast to get these items too. Fishing Nets/Traps (Edited) These inventions will vary from 1-3 types of traps. The 1st being the easiest to make but not as reliable as the 2nd or 3rd. The 2nd is the Normal trap, not as good as the 3rd but not as bad as 1st. And of course, the 3rd will be the best, but hardest to make. So there are some good things about the 3rd and first one. You can rarely find ready made traps. But are possible to find, in General Good stores, Office Buidlings and Industrial buildings. The 1st trap is made out of a bottle. (I know, sounds stupid. But it really works in real life) You will also need some string and some bait. (Bread or Worms.) Bottles & String Fish line will be as common as Empty tin cans. Once you have all the items, you can just Right Click any of the 3 items and a command will pop up adressing you if you want to construct the trap. I'm not to sure on how the other 2 traps are going to be made. I will have to do a bit more research. Establishing The Trap Go near the Loch/Lake and make sure you are happy where you place before you actually place it. Go into your inventory and Right Click the trap, it will bring up a command implying "Place Trap". Click it to place your trap and come back later to see if you've caught anything. Remember where you placed it. You can only place 1 trap per server. If you place a trap on another server, the original one will be destroyed. If you want to place another trap on the same server, either collect it or create a new one and place it, the other trap will automatically be removed. Question: Should the trap be made out of Tin cans and Whiskey Bottles so they have a use? Leave Feedback below. Tackle / Gear (New) This will be mainly items like your Hooks, Line, Lures and bait. I really want this to be as real as possible so, these can all be lost or used up, they basically have a durability that can either be used up or become lost due to fish taken them. Hooks & line can be easy to get, but can be wasted quite easily. Hooks will become either Snagged on a rock and therefore unable to reel back in your line. If a fish is too strong or in some random cases the line snaps, both will be lost. There will be different types of Hooks and lures, ranging from small to colourful. If you think this is a good idea, please make it heard. Post it other places or even help by posting other things to help it be heard. Thanks in Advance. Puff~
  10. Boats

    I see on the dayz map there are boats but i have never seen them. Has anyone ever got one before and if so can they hold equipment.
  11. Make Chernarus an Island

    So, the topic name says it all. Before flaming read this post attentively. I don't understand why Chernarus is not an island. To the north and west there are rather big empty spaces of debug fields. I had never reached the end of these, and I see no purpose in them being in the game. I know they are needed for technical reasons, but why can't they exist out of the active map boundaries (far in the sea, etc.). Also they are a great place to hoard loot and vehicles. You will never find a camp there unless you have a chopper. Camps there have been declared unfair even by the devs. So why not to cut the debug plains out of the standalone game? Maybe expanding the map a little, adding some small villages in the north, and hunter camps which spawn food, tools and hunting rifles. Also there may be added 3-5 car spawns in the villages to reward ppl which managed to get this far. And maybe a big town in the NW, with port etc. but without any player spawns. As of now, west and north are low-populated places where no action happens. This will also boost action in these areas. Also introducing a new conception: wide river dividing northern and western Chernarus from another land. It will be the mainland already, some villages will be on the opposite coast and afterwards huge, unpassable mountain begins. Realistic Russian geography (southern mountains). So, what do you think? Your suggestions and additions are welcome too.
  12. Does the PBX have more than one spawn point? Because i have found it it many different locations.
  13. Does anyone know how far the small boat can get on a full tank of fuel? And is it poosible to refuel at sea?