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Found 178 results

  1. Private Shard Shared Database

    How to Link 2 or more Servers to Share a Private Hive? not sure but i think i have seen it in 0.60 /0.61 on resellers...
  2. 28 Weeks Later|PCGN's Megaloot|Modded

    Hello All our fellow DAYZ die hard fans. PCGN is back in with Dayz SA. IP: We are a gaming community and have been around since 1998. In that time we have ran many successful severs from Arma 2 Dayz(MOD), Dayz Epoch(MOD), Day Origins(MOD), Arma 3 Exile (MOS), BF servers and many more. Admins are here to help and not to abuse, but keep in mind we also like to play the game as well. We also believe in having the very best experience on our server that is why all our server are dedicated servers and not them cheap split of server "others" rent. Our servers uses SSD Drives and the latest technology to provide the best performance. For more info visit us at PCGN.net or join our discord at https://discordapp.com/invite/j8JWRS. We also encourage Clans and large groups on our server since we have a sizable group. One Rule: No bambi killing.. Any questions, please reach out
  3. Survivor Names

    Is the problem with survivor names a client issue or server issue? I have been trying to change it but no matter what you type and apply it doesn't work.
  4. Edit the init.c

    Hi, here´s my init.c But when a player spawn he is not spawned with the selected Character. Where is my mistake??? greetings
  5. GermanDayZ Community

    GermanDayz Community and server I'd like to introduce you to our community and server. GermanDayz is the largest German DayZ community, with over 48.000 registered users, so naturally the most popular topic is DayZ Standalone. But also players of DayZ Mod can find their home here. We are well functioning whitelist community (10.000 registered players) community existing since 2012 starting with the DayZ Mod.; you can play the way you want. PVP, PVE it is up to you. Also, the board contains the largest download section for DayZ, is well visited and there are active moderators and administrators available if anyone needs help which the friendly community can't deliver. And I will not forget to mention that we have a very good, moderated TeamSpeak and Discord Server. We established several regular mini events on our server: Monday there is the „toddler's group“. It was started to show new players how to survive in Chernarus. Making fire, growing food, hunting, all the basic stuff. We still do that, if needed. But usually, there are quests and tasks to do for the players, sometimes PVP, sometimes PVE: Simple VIP missions, hillarious boxing matches or scavanger hunts with vexing riddles, there is something for every taste. Tuesday is „Dark Tuesday“. Enjoy the glowing embers of warm campfires even at NWA. Play hide and seek in the dark. Go for a night time stroll. Or simply try not to shoot your own teammates in the pitch black forests of Chernarus. Thursday we let all hell break loose with PVP in changing places. Wether Teams or lone wolf, that is up to you. We even analyse the kill-logs. The player with the most kills gets a badge on the board and a special colour for their name. These events happen while the server is in normal running mode. Of course, there are also big events for which we reserve the server with a password. Have a look at our forum: http://board.germandayz.de/ how to whitelist: http://board.germandayz.de/germandayz-standalone-server/neues-whitelisting-verfahren-fur-die-germandayz-privat-standalone-server/ Server IP: * Whitelist- Server * 60 Slots * Persistent * Server restart every 6 hours * Dayz global ban list [DAST] You may have heard of the project „Tishina“: a friendly community with a base. This project started 2 years ago and it lives on GermanDayZ. You can have a look: http://www.tishina.de/ Check out some of our videos:
  6. The =UN= Community Server

    WELCOME TO THE =UN= COMMUNITY (We will be running .63 experimental until the game goes stable) Dedicated Server Live! - Multi-Clan server concept - First Person (Hardcore) Private-Hive - HUGE Trade Base - Packed at 60/60 Everyday! Game Server: =UN= Community Server EXPERIMENTAL |First Person - Hardcore PVP | RP Encouraged | Private Hive | We are a Multi Clan Community! Our public Discord can be found at: https://discord.gg/NWRFe8w Join our public Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dayz-factionz Group & server administrators may be reached through Discord This effort is hosted by the =Fish= Clan and =UN= Clan. We have united to create a First Person PVP server that will welcome all players and play styles, but focus on Clan Warfare, PVP and base building. The server already has several small groups committed to supporting its efforts. If you would like to join a clan, or form your own with the end goal to join The UN =FactionZ=, Come stop by our Discord while you play. DayZ feels like a whole new experience with the long-awaited Enfusion renderer and we look forward to greeting the old players returning from a break and the new. We will have only one connection to the central hive so there is no ghosting during PVP and no server hoppers that ruin the game’s loot economy by over-saturating the map with too many weapons, ammo, etc. We have a great group of people for both social play and PVP. Very solid community with Survivalists, Heroes, Bandits, Cannibals, KoSers, etc. This is a mature group of gamers who enjoy tactics, positive attitudes, and all aspects of DayZ. The server will host PVP events, as well as in-game challenges that will offer scenarios for clans, groups or individuals to accomplish, such as escort missions, king-of-the-hill scenarios, hostage situations, Prison Island jailbreaks, treasure hunts (PVP style). There is something for everyone who loves PVP-based DayZ. Our Discord is FREE can hold 1,000 players, and groups wanting to make the =UN= Community their home will be offered a Clan room on our Discord server. Clans that are interested may eventually be invited to have an admin on our server and also share in the cost. Currently, each of the founding groups has an admin, which will allow us to have some supervision present most of the day, everyday! Our players base has people from the USA and Europe! The =UN= Community has the following clans recruiting: (Clan leaders can be found in the =UN= Community Discord) https://discord.gg/NWRFe8w We host events like this:
  7. www.dayzrp.com Hello! DayZRP is the role playing community focused on player cooperation, increasing the player interaction and fair play. In the post-apocalyptic world of DayZRP we have our own lore as well as rules that regulate the role play in order to achieve a fair and enjoyable environment for everyone. All our servers use a strict whitelist system and only the best applicants who show dedication and will to role play are allowed to join our servers. We have been running our community and servers for over 5 years now, we are much more than a DayZ server with rules and a whitelist. We are an active role playing community with over 1 600 000 posts and over 30 000 accounts created on our website since the launch. We are striving to create an unique DayZ experience and customize our server to promote authentic experience for our players. Our DayZRP modification based on official DayZ mod in ArmA2 was a huge success, drawing in over 6000 whitelisted players to enjoy the custom features like weapon attachment systems, group/clan system, custom map additions, settlements, a trade post, events - both PvP and PvE and more. DayZRP community now hosts DayZ Standalone servers connected to a single private HIVE. A completely new lore and rules have been created for DayZ Standalone, our website has gotten a new look and tons of new features and systems have been added, here are a few examples: - Whitelist system - Newcomer guide - Mentor programme - Group system - Player driven events - Radio chatter forums If this sounds interesting, register on our website: www.dayzrp.com, read the newcomer guide and apply for the whitelist! Your story begins here, on DayZRP! S1 EU: (hosted in London, UK) Community Information Established: July 2012 Website: www.dayzrp.com Password: Given once whitelisted (to prevent in game chat spam of "Not whitelisted" kick messages when randoms join) Facebook: http://facebook.com/DayZRP YouTube: http://youtube.com/DayZRP Twitter: http://twitter.com/DayZRP
  8. HELLO SURVIVOR OF CHERNARUS ! We want to introduce you, the [ O.N.U ] server, team and community ! We are a French team, since the beginning of this amazing game that is DayZ Standalone. Our community has 800+ members registered on our website. We are trying to offer the best to our community with nice features like : Players Stats, Player kills / Deaths history, Playing time history, server economy, class, factions and more (see bellow...) ;-) WEBSITE & TEAMSPEAK : Website : https://team-onu.com TeamSpeak : team-onu.com (Port : 9987) Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/teamONUdayz/ DayZ Server IP : HD LINK THE MAP AND THE RULES : The O.N.U server is a “Real Play” server : you have to play with the most realistic immersion possible. PvE, PvP, RP, everything is possible and depend on the situation and players you will meet. It’s up to you to adapt to the context. On the server, you will find 3 PvP zones where the Kill On Sight is allowed (Berezino, NWAF and Tisy Military Base). Outside these areas, if you kill another player (except if it’s self-defense) and if that player files a complaint on our website, you will be tagged at “Wanted” and hunted down by all friendlies military forces of the server. You will also find 2 Start Zones on the server, one on the top of the chair lift of Tulga, the other one in the Rify’s Ship wreckage. These Start Zones are places for trading and to help you to begin you journey. You will find there food and medical supplies. These camps are opened to everybody. Players are invited to fill the tents with crops from seeds presents. STATISTICS, SEASON’S RANKING : The O.N.U server works by “seasons” (one season = one month). The tab “Stats” from our website let you keep an eye on your actual rank, kills and deaths. This ranking is calculated by dividing your time played on our server by the number of your deaths. At the end of the season, the 3 bests survivors, the Seria-killer and the Victim will get a reward with RC (Chernarian Rubles) and an achievement on their profil. HD LINK HD LINK ECONOMY : On the O.N.U server, the official money is RC (Chernarian Rubles). This is a virtual money. You can earn them by unlocking objectives of your faction and class during the season. You also can get more of them by trading, selling your services, threatening other players… everything is possible, the only limit is your imagination. These RCs allow you to unlock your talent’s tree and to acquire / buy weapons and clothes from other players. HD LINK FACTIONS AND CLASSES : When you create your account on our website, you can choose a faction between two available: Frienfly (A Friendly is a player deeply attached to the values of mutual help and sharing. He is always ready to reach out to other survivors) Bandit (A bandit is a player who defends the values of individuality and opportunism. He is always ready to draw profile to his advantage of all situations ...) As long as you have not chosen a "faction" you will be considered neutral. It is a faction that does not allow you to fulfill seasonal goals, and thus gain extra RCs ... Very soon we will implement specializations. Each class will have access to 10 specializations : Civil Class: gives you access to 3 specializations (Farmer, Hunter, Trader) and 5 common specializations (Farmer, Mechanic, Builder, Guide, Medic). Military Class: gives you access to 3 specializations (Sniper, Assault, Bounty Hunter) and 5 common specializations (Farmer, Mechanic, Builder, Guide, Medic). HD LINK HD LINK We hope to see you very soon on our server ! Take care... Your survival is our priority !
  9. UncivilizedGaming Presents Dayz Duke's Private Hive Our PVE Server Trader base at Balota Airfield! (Server is locked when trader is closed for business) PVE #2 Hive (Server is open 24/7) Our PVP Server A server pretty much just like every other server in Dayz........... But you can take a squad out and trade us for their gear on the PVE server. 64.34.171:2402 Our Teamspeak dayzdukes.typefrag.com:8320
  10. =UN= Community Server | RP Encouraged | Private Hive About This effort is hosted by the =FactionZ= and UN Communities. We have united to restore the UN server, a First Person, Hardcore PVP, RP encouraged server that will welcome all players and play styles. The UN server will focus on Clan gameplay, PVP and base building. RP will be encouraged. The server's signature clan (UN) is also the hub of our RP community - The UN Clan. The UN will offer PvP in RP roles as Police, Medics and Outpost Security, while also offering RP roles as Traders, Looters, Hunters, Farmers, etc; and will have a secure base location centrally located near the looting hub of the map. This UN clan make-up will combine all the best in DayZ PvP with RP in the same world, made possible by providing a large player base and military forces that protect some of the otherwise vulnerable RP activities. Of course, our RP population can join in on the PvP fun as well, but do so in a unique setting where they have the most firepower, support, and population to handle the challenges of the Apocalypse. The UN will have a secure trading center for server events, as well as day to day DayZ fun (pvp, farming, trading, hunting, policing, medics, looting, etc) and the UN clan has an RP Administrator (Mitch Green) as well as the UN Commander Soul, who both have deep histories with DayZ RP servers. The server already has several small clans and groups committed to supporting its efforts, including the entire =FactionZ= community. The UN has also recruited several new members and is in the process of once again being the largest clan in all of DayZ. If you would like to join a clan, or form your own, then the UN Community is perfect for you. Come stop by our Discord while you play. We guarantee you placement in a clan on the UN Community server! DayZ feels like a whole new experience with the long-awaited Enfusion renderer and we look forward to greeting the old players returning from a break and the new. We can place you IMMEDIATELY with a New Clan in our server community. No waiting. We guarantee you placement in a clan when you join the community if you want one. Our community strives to enhance clan gameplay in DayZ in every way. We help Clans recruit players, and help Solo players find Groups or Clans to play with. We also keep our community aware of all the up to date news regarding DayZ and have big plans for when mods become available. The server will host PVP events, as well as in-game challenges that will offer scenarios for clans, groups or individuals to accomplish, such as Escort Missions, king-of-the-hill scenarios, hostage situations, Prison Island jailbreaks, Treasure Hunts (PVP style). We will also hold Trading events, and other socials that will encourage RP. There is something for everyone who loves DayZ in the UN Community. We will have only one connection to the central hive so there is no ghosting during PVP and no server hoppers that ruin the game’s loot economy by over-saturating the map with too many weapons, ammo, etc. We have a great group of people for both RP and PVP. This is a mature group of gamers who enjoy military tactics, positive attitudes, and DayZ in all its forms. It's where DayZ PvP meets RP! Clans that are interested may eventually be invited to have an admin on our server or in the UN=FactionZ= community. Server Information Host: Fragnet Persistence: Enabled Restart schedule: 4 Hours Time Acceleration: x6 Server 1 (60 Slots) =UN= Community Server | RP Encouraged | Private Hive IP: Teamspeak Info =UN= : ts.the-unclan.com Discord: https://discord.gg/yREEV9F Websites =UN=: http://the-unclan.com Sub-Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/DayZUNServers
  11. Questions about Servers

    Hello Survivors, I had some questions about the server rules. First of all, I am new to this community forum. I want to build a new turkish community RP server with my clan. We are all experienced players with more than a thousand hour of gameplay gathered together 1 year ago. There is big crowd of turkish players playing DayZ. Only on Facebook Group there is 4000+ members. We are aiming to gather RPlovers among them in one server. Because of major RP servers and requiring average English Language skills, rightfully. the main problem is servers. I did some researches about Public server rules. But it is still in dark for me. How whitelist, passworded servers are forbidden if there are a lot? You can easily find them with Web server trackers. Some of them are actually well known. Can I build public server like these and HOW? Thank you for your patience :) See you in Chernarus. Check us on Facebook and Youtube. 777. Dayz Alayı/ 777th Dayz Division Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/777dayzalayi/ Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCOzCKYhNZZHbMBsOCadqrgQ
  12. Hello Players! I am extending the offer to invite you all to join us on our DayZ Noobs Server! We are a Hardcore PVP, KOS Allowed Private Hive with active admins! We do what we can to make sure we can be one of the best servers out there, keeping it a fun non-toxic, and non-hacker place for everyone to enjoy. Server Information Below Server Name: DayZ Noobs! High Loot|All Welcome|24/7D|Bandits|Heroes Server IP: Server Location: Dallas, Texas Server Slots: 60 The server is 24/7 Day, with restarts every 4 hours. Come on in and join us!
  13. Hey guys, here a short presentation of my dayz standalone servers, you are cordially invited to play and to have fun on ;) NEMESIS: 60 slots, 3rd person, crosshair enabled NEMESIS HC: 30 slots, 1st person, crosshair disabled Both servers are running on the same hive ! Restarts occur every 6 hours. Basebuilding is enabled ! If you want to report any incidents (concerning hacking, duping, glitching, combatlogging...), you can contact us either at facebook (-> www.tiny.cc/nemesis-dayz) or via email (-> nemesis-dayz@web.de). You can see the ip's at gametracker: https://www.gametracker.com/search/dayz/?query=nemesis Server Location: Frankfurt, Germany
  14. DayZ Colony | Mode: 3PP | Whitelisting | Advanced Role-Play Welcome to the DayZ Colony. DZC hosts the #1 ranked server on Gametracker (US-1). Unlike some of these other role-play communities, players are not restricted to any rulesets. Players don't have to wear certain outfits related to their role, there are no safe-zones, as a matter of fact: there are no rules other than no hacking/glitching/etc. Deception, honesty, fear, compassion, revenge, empathy, murder and whatever else you can think of are on the menu. What makes our colony system so unique is how we breath life into Chernarus. Not only do we tailor colonies to your specification, but we also have roles that are so unique that the air of authenticity cannot be mistaken. What is a colony? Colonies are small groups of like-minded individuals. Currently there are roles pertaining to hero, bandit, bounty hunter, courier, gypsy, farmer, hunter, mechanic, medic, mercenary, pacifist, scavenger, survivor, trader. as well as zealot roles. If your are sick of playing alone and are looking to be matched with like-minded individuals, our operators will match you with a colony, or help you start a colony of your choice. If playing with others isn't your cup of tea, feel free to roam Chernarus on your terms. We provide a hacker-free environment (DayZ Colony has the cleanest servers in SA with a ban list of over 4,000) and have over 1,120 colonists that have been carefully whitelisted. I am proud to say that since our doors have opened we have not had a single hacking incident on our whitelisted servers. Staff are constantly in touch with the community to keep security as tight as possible with various internal protocols. If your sick of hackers ruining your experience, being ghosted on, worrying about server hoppers and want to play in an exciting environment on an even playing field, our DayZ Colony might just be the place. Website Whitelisting Forum FaceBook Group Colony Descriptions OUR SERVERS ARE LOCATED IN: US-1: NEW YORK, NEW YORK (PvP: Ranked #1 on Gametracker) US-2: LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (Whitelist) US-3: ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI (PvE) DayZ Colony US-3 PvE Our colony engineers decided to revamp and create the most immersive PvE (Player vs Environment) concept to date. Initially we were against the idea, but once our think-tank was assembled our conclusion was that PvE was never done properly. Junior world designers never took the idea and ran with it, they just labeled the server description PvE and walked away. DayZ Colony on the other hand is known for building better worlds (check gametracker) and decided to breath a new life into the player versus environment concept. Check out what we have to offer below! http://www.insidedayzstandalone.com/us-3/ DZC US-3 LATEST MICRO-EVENTS: MONTANA REALTY COMPANY (DZC US-3) DZC US-3 LATEST MACRO EVENT: BLUE TEAM WON BTW DZC US-3 WEEKLY EVENT: FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS We've just concluded our first season of FNF. We had our champions compete in a bracket style tournament and let me tell you it was fireworks. Best one yet. DAYZ SA VERY 1ST DJ MORE INFO HERE: http://www.dayzcolony.com/us-3/
  15. DayZ Underground

    Creating stories - connecting people. Welcome to the DayZ Underground! Server News: Next community Event: The Amazing Race: 16.01.2015. Whitelist Weekends: Open join.dayzunderground.com to participate The DayZ Underground is DayZ's first private hive server and a thriving community with focus on hardcore survival and a unique approach to roleplay. A place you can call home. In the spirit of creating stories and connecting people DayZ Underground or DUG in short, has been founded to unite mature, like-minded, enthusiastic and creative DayZ players. We want to use the canvas that is DayZ and paint the most beautiful pictures with it. We have developed a lively persistent universe of characters, groups and factions in which you can have a lasting impact. Who are we? Our fast growing community has been established by most of the DayZ closed Alpha testers and community moderators. We also maintain close ties directly to the developers themselves. Our average member is an adult and has a lot of experience in DayZ and the DayZ mod. However, we also welcome and support new players of the game and understand that maturity is not bound to age! Where can you find us? Reddit We use our own private Subreddit as primary community platform. It can be found at community.dayzunderground.com. This is DayZ Underground's beating heart. This is where all the exciting stories, videos and experiences are shared. Every day, our community creates a new frontpage of fresh content from within our universe. In-game encounters and the subreddit share a strong cohesion, since our members often extend the roleplay into the subreddit as well. Factions are organizing and recruiting, bounties are offered, stories told and rumors spread. Custom-built features such as faction icons and our own flair system support community dynamics. There's also a button to directly start DayZ and connect to the server from your browser. Message us through join.dayzunderground.com to participate! Twitter Follow our active Twitter account, where we share content from our community. Twitter is also a fast way to receive server status updates. Youtube In our Youtube account, you will find cinematics, event trailers, DayZ news and a very extensive playlist of videos captured on our server! Sharing and telling stories is a primal interest of humans and a core element of the DayZ Underground. Are you an established or aspiring content creator? Does the idea interest you? We support our community members with a DUG media kit, which you can find in our subreddit. This bundle contains logo overlays and custom intro/outro animations which you can freely use for your footage to give it a professional look and recognizable elements. Here is a preview of the intro and outro animations. We will also be expanding this media kit even further and come up with new ways to support you. Steam Our Steam Group is a fantastic way to get in touch with our members and staying connected with people you came across on our server. We will also share relevant information and announcements of e.g. upcoming events through the group and Steam's handy event scheduler. Website The DayZ Underground website is currently under development and will be your central DUG information hub. While the exact content is kept under wraps for now, we can tell you that we'll have a clever way of including the DUG subreddit into our website. Stay tuned for updates! Organic Roleplay Traditional roleplay has a lot of rigid rules who control what you can and what you can't do. While we do not have these strict rules, we somehow managed to create and inspire an incredible amount of fantastic roleplay and captivating stories. How did that work? We take a different approach than traditional RP and call what we are doing Organic Roleplay. We embrace DayZ's open, dynamic and sometimes chaotic nature and work with it, instead of constructing artificial rules and restrictions around it. This means we will not restrict playstyles and intended gameplay mechanics. We cultivate and reward good roleplay and support community dynamics. We approach you with sincere trust and confidence that you will organically be able to deliver a good story without needing artificial rules which will restrict your creativity. We will continue to select our members based on this principle and establish a community of people who simply don't need all these rules. A community of people who are organically aware of what good content, an entertaining story and enjoyable RP are! Fortunately, this seems to be exactly the point we're at already. The amount of unique factions sprouting from the underground and stories we see posted among our community are astounding and we're going to continue to reward good stories, good content and good RP with official support in as many ways as possible! With that being said, always remember that there is absolutely no guarantee for your life not to end around the next corner, bush or open field. You can and will be engaged in spontaneous firefights, your heard will jump out of your chest and you will die. This is DayZ. Our DayZ private hive server has 50 slots and is 1st Person Perspective-only. The recently upgraded hardware is located in Texas, US. This location makes it possible for US residents from both coasts as well as EU players to be able to enjoy the DUG experience. You can connect to it through filtering for "/r/DayZUnderground" or remotely connect to it via the IP play.dayzunderground.com:2502. The server is running an accelerated day and night cycle and a restart schedule of 12 hours. See our Gametracker page for server statistics and ranking. We are incredibly humbled to see that our community has thrown our server to the worldwide #1 rank of any 1PP DayZ servers. To be able to maintain the quality you are used from the DayZ Underground, we have developed our own customized tools to effectively and efficiently protect our server and community. While our server is currently open for everyone to join, from time to time you might see it locked. We hold regular server events, which can range from simple meet-ups to sophisticated RP-centric events with overarching story lines and unexpected twists. Message us through join.dayzunderground.com to be added to the event whitelist. Teamspeak We have a public TS3 server with unlimited slots under the IP: ts3.dayzunderground.com:11617. There are various public meeting rooms and channels reserved for community factions and members. Tired of roaming around alone? Here you'll find people and groups to play with! You would like to support us and secure DUG's future by donating? Click the banner above to open our Paypal account! Our 50 slot private hive server with whitelist ability currently costs 139,75$ USD monthly. The DayZ Underground was not created for profit and thus any donations will go towards our expenses of maintaining the community such as paying our server and the website hosting. Thank you very much! Stay safe out there! The DayZ Underground Team
  16. Thank you, and good night. UKA 3PP server will close on 5th April 2017. We shall return at some point in the future. We can't thank all our players enough for the support over the years, with taking #1 ranked server twice on Gametracker, and having one of the top ranked 1PP servers in DayZ. See you in Chernarus.
  17. Come play on the TGEgamersUK Server

    Hello peeps, We are a group of friends that met on Dayz back in 2014 and formed TGE (The great escape) we are not a professional clan we just a bunch of middle aged men who like to have a laugh and die trying. We have had our own Dayz server since 2014 we have run numerous giveaways with prizes ranging from steam vouchers to a steam link with controller and gaming headset. As you maybe aware maintaining servers are not cheap but its a sacrifice we make to build a stable friendly community. We currently have around 200+ members on our steam group. If you would like to follow on our steam group then add TGEgamersUk, for live server info and competitions follow us on Twitter @TGEgamersUK. all walks of life welcome from clans to noobs (like ourselves). chat with us and other players in game via our discord link on steam group. SERVER IP: Port 2500 Private shard 60 player slot 12h resets 0600-1800 GMT persistence on Live admin monitoring ARMA 3 SERVER - coming soon Clans and Dayz streamers are welcome to use our server for private events for all enquiry's please contact us via discord Regards TGE-RUTTER and rest of the TGE team.
  18. Fellow DayZ Players, I am here representing our group CREW or Constantly Running Every Where. Prior to the .60 update hiatus, we were ranked top 10 on gametracker.com. Due to the long wait for .60 and .61, and the declining playerbase we had no choice but to shutdown our private servers. However with the release of .61 we have decided to go all in and reboot the community by bringing back our 60 pop private hive! In case you don't know who CREW is, we are a community of gamers who primarily play and have passion for DayZ. Most of our members have clocked over 1000 hours! So if you are a noob, we'd be gladly willing to show you the ropes! For the veterans out there we'd be able to match your skill level, watch your back in combat, give you medical aid, etc. Feel free to join our server, teamspeak, and browse our website below: Server IP: (US based) TS: ts.dayzcrew.com Website: dayzcrew.com website done by yours truly ;) BONUS: We are currently doing a giveaway!! The most active players on our server gets a $20 steam giftcard! For more details view our forum post here.
  19. The King's Brigade community has just opened up their own private shard to the public! Our 60 slot server will have 3 hour wipes and will have PvP focused events every Mondays and Fridays. Server IP: Want to know more about our community? Here is our website: http://kingsbrigadeclan.com/index.php Questions about our server or community? Join our teamspeak:
  20. Please Join our new private hive server Kill With Pride K.W.P 60 slot U.K BASED SERVER Server ip: Website: www.killwithpride.co.uk Teamspeak3 Channel: Killwithpride.co.uk
  21. Happy to announce the new [bWAF] Blue Waffle Attack Force private shard server. B.W.A.F private server IP - Port 2300 Teamspeak Server IP - port 10092 UK based 50 slot 3pp server with no whitelist or password. Currently persistence is being reset several times daily to keep loot distributed until the new loot system is working. BWAF would like to welcome new players to our private server. Having run a public sever for 6months i decided to change to a private server to provide a better experience for players, both the BWAF and the public. The Blue Waffle Attack Force welcome all types of players and play styles, friend or enemy the server is open to everyone. The server has no safe zones or rules, but obviously admins will do there up most to make sure hackers are banned from the game and Steam. There is a TS server for players to use with several channels to squad up in ect. Admins can be contacted on there or via our Facebook page. Really looking forward to meeting new players and expanding the group and player base
  22. Prolog: Wie ist mir die Idee gekommen RP in DayZ SA umzusetzen? Kurz zu meiner Person: Ich heiße Andy, bin 41 Jahre alt und beschäftige mich schon seit über 15 Jahren mit den Aufbau von Gaming-Community´s. Als ich im Oktober 2014 als Mainadmin einer größeren Gaming-Community zurücktrat um etwas mehr Zeit für mein „Reallife“ zu haben, wurde mir aber am Abend schnell langweilig. Zu dieser Zeit vertrieb mich meine Abende mit meinem Hauptspiel DayZ Standalone. Es machte viel Spaß, doch nervte mich die Interaktion von den Spielern untereinander: "Hey wie geht ?" You are Dead ...... Wie kann ich das ändern Na klar durch ROLEPLAY!! In einem großen Dayz Forum bin ich auf Gleichgesinnte getroffen; mit ihnen habe ich das Projekt im November gestartet. Über DayZ-Standalone-rpg.de: Wir sind eine reine ROLEPLAY-Community mit der nötigen Infrastruktur die eine ständig wachsende Rp Community braucht und sind auch in allen bekannten Social Systemen vertreten. Was unsere Community, außer dass wir Rp in DayZ SA spielen noch sehr von anderen abgrenzt, ist der enge Kontakt zu unseren Usern und deren aktive Mitarbeit am Projekt. Wir veranstalten mindestens 1 mal im Monat eine Communitysitzung wo wir vorgeschlagene Themen besprechen und wichtige Dinge zusammen entschieden werden. Durch unser durchdachtes und gut funktionierendes Whitelist System können wir ein sehr hohes Maß an Qualität für das Rp garantieren. Neuangemeldete User werden von Anfang an von unserem Team betreut und mit Rat und Tat unterstützt um den bestmöglichsten Start zu haben. Nicht nur " Alte Hasen" des Rp finden bei uns ein Zuhause, sondern auch absolute Rollenspiel-Neulinge. Roleplay-Einsteiger profitieren von unseren Einführungsangeboten wie der freiwilligen Roleplay-Partnerschaft, wo erfahrende Rollenspieler Neulinge an die Hand nehmen, Für deine Charaktervorstellung stehen dir eine durchdachte und ausführliche Lore mit der Geschichte von Chernarus und Tipps für eine gelungene Charakterstory zur Verfügung, die dir das Erstellen erleichtern. Du spielst deinen Charakter nicht nur direkt im Spiel sondern hast auch die Möglichkeit diesen im Forum via Pen and Paper weiter zu entwickeln. So lebst deinen Charakter nicht nur Ingame und bist auch nicht ständig an deinen PC gebunden, um RP in DayZ SA zu erleben! Um Streitereien zu vermeiden und allen Beteiligten an einer Rp Situation den größtmöglichen Spaß und Nervenkitzel zu ermöglichen, haben wir ein extra auf Roleplay ausgelegtes Regelsystem entwickelt, was so einfach wie möglich gehalten ist, um die einzelnen Spieler nicht zu weit in seinem spontanen und kreativen Rollenspiel einzuschränken. Unser Gesinnungs-System ermöglicht dir eine genaue Einstellung für deinen Charackter, da es nicht nur Gut und Böse gibt. Deinen Charakter stehen alle Möglichkeiten offen, so dass du Bauer, Wissenschaftler, Polizist, Ganove, Jäger, Soldat, Obdachloser oder was auch immer du willst, spielen kannst. Schließe dich einer Gruppe an, spiele alleine oder Gründe eine Fraktion oder Gruppierung. Bei uns hast du die Möglichkeit deiner Fantasie freien Lauf zu lassen und DayZ SA in seiner ganzen Tiefe auszuleben. Das Veranstalten von Communityevents gehört bei uns genauso zum "guten Ton" wie die täglichen Stream`s auf Twitch und Hitbox, sogar mehrere YT halten das Geschehen auf ihren Chanels fest. Weitere Highlights die Dich erwarten sind Siedlungen ein Handels System, Politisches System, Religionen, Naturvölker, Legislative, Judikative und Exekutive und vieles mehr. Alle Infos: Linkhttp://www.dayz-standalone-rpg.de/
  23. Hello everyone We would like to introduce and invite you to play on our private servers. We want players who love and enjoy DayZ the same way we do. Jump on and enjoy our servers with your friends, PvP with your clan or just woolf around Chernarus. DayZ is what you make of it! DayZ4All DE is a GER based community, but we welcome players from all over the globe. Our private servers share the same hive so you can transfer your character between the servers. PvP Server: [EU] DAYZ4ALL DE #1 | The Struggle To Survive | All Welcome Server IP: 6 Hour Restarts | Loot | Persistence wipe with each restart 24 | 7 Day This UK based PvP server is open to everyone who prefer to play DayZ on a private shard. We allow any kind of play style on this server. Bandit, Hero or Lonewolf - Play DayZ the way you want to. PvE Server [EU] DAYZ4ALL DE #2 | The Struggle To Survive | 101% Friendly Server IP: 8 Hour Restarts | Loot | Persistence wipe once a month Sunrise at server start | Sunset before restart This "Whitelist" PvE server is designed to be a friendly PvE enviroment. The Rules on this server ensure that you can build a camp without fear of being robbed or killed by KoS. Join Us Feel free to become a Regular on our Homepage. Join us for more informations or to get yourself on the Whitelist. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Our Teamspeak is: ts3.dayz4all.de. Regulars will get a free Group Channel if in need of a Teamspeak. Just hit us up and ask for a channel. If you like what we do and you want to join us, simple register on our forums and join our Facebook group! Master your journey through the post apocalyptic wasteland of Chernarus, meet other survivors, battle against bandits, infected and the harsh enviroment of Chernarus. We would be more then happy to see you on our servers. And if you find out you like to play on DayZ4All servers then please tell your friends about us to help the servers grow.
  24. Purgatory RP {DayZ SA}

    Welcome To Purgatory RP PurgatoryRP is a DayZ Standalone roleplay server established 11/01/16 under the RevelationsRP community. We pride ourselves on quality roleplay with more flexibility offered in terms of how our players can interact with each other. For more information, check out the following links on our forums below: PurgatoryRP Server Info- This is the post containing our server IP for both DayZ and TeamSpeak3. Official Lore- Need Help To Make Your Character? Use this lore to base your character and backstory off of. Whitelist Application - This is the link to our whitelist application section. If you can't access it, make sure you've registered on the forums. PurgatoryRP Server Rules -These are the server rules for PurgatoryRP. Read them carefully of course; 3 strikes and you're out. Table of Contents General Rules (For ALL members) Admin/Moderator Rules General Rules (For ALL members): Always conduct oneself professionally. Names in Teamspeak are to be professional at all times. No racism. No sexism. No disrespecting one’s religion. No inappropriate avatars or channel descriptions. If you are in-game, you are to be in that respected game’s Teamspeak channels. Names are to be professional at all times. If you are AFK you must be in the AFK channel (unless you have an office). *Note: If you have any issue here at Revelation RP, please contact your respected game admin, if he/she is not on, then get another admin. Admin/Moderator Rules: Admins may only edit channels within one’s respected game section. Admins are to never abuse their powers. If so they will be removed. Only the Head Admin may create/change Teamspeak permissions. If you ban someone, a Ban Report MUST be filled out and turned into the Head Admin or Senior Admin. Any community rule breaks will be handled by: Head Admin, or a Senior Admin ONLY. If you have an office you are ONLY TO use it to go AFK or to have a private conversation with someone. This is a community engage with other people. Get out of your offices! **Note: We ask that each admin tells his game section members that they must be in Teamspeak at all times when playing a game here at Revelations RP. We do this so it is easy for us as admins to get ahold of each member that is on one of the servers that Revelations RP hosts. If you have any question, please contact the Head Admin or the Senior Admin. ***Note: If an issue arises in the Teamspeak that is not in this Rule Set, then the Head Admin or Senior Admin will have the final say in the situation. If the Head Admin and Senior Admin are not on, then handle the situation the best that you can and let one of them know as soon as they get back on.