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Found 51 results

  1. We're a small group of 5 players looking to expand our numbers of the trustworthy and the helpful to help grow a less toxic community for Hard-core survivalist to hard-core role players. We're predominantly looking for mature gamers to join us on our adventures (the age range in the group so far is 27-41, squeaker free). We focus heavily on the survival and Role Play aspects, we bandit hunt/trade/hunt animals and everything inbetween so no matter what your tastes I'm sure we'll have a role for you! If You're interested leave your GT in the replies I will add you ASAP or add my GT and send me a message! All gameplay sessions will be live streamed via my channel on mixer to help grow my channel and the community I'm looking to build, you won't be required to include your audio if you are uncomfortable with that. Any other questions I'll be happy to answer on the big box. See you all in the field. GT: Kemikal G
  2. Dayz Livestreams

    This thread is to collect and share DayZ stream links. If you are a DayZ streamer, feel free to post your stream link below
  3. ? Late Night Bandit Hunting Stream

    Good Evening Fellow Survivors, I am Live over at https://beam.pro/iiajearleyii with some DayZ.. Stop by lets talk all about Dayz! or Join me in the hunt for bandits if you like! If you enjoy the stream i would kindly ask if you could drop a follow to help support me in my goals.
  4. This thread is to collect and share DayZ stream links. If you are a DayZ streamer, feel free to post your stream link below, when you stream and what maps/mods you play etc.
  5. Livestream of PAX?

    I've seen a bunch of conflicting tweets and info about tomorrow's PAX, I did search but I can't find definitive answer as to wether it will be live.... http://prime.paxsite.com/schedule/panel/friendly-in-svetlo-dayz-development-so-far Anybody? If not any info on when it might be posted? And in case it is being streamed...http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html Cheers
  6. Hello, my name is Rockit14FTW or as many people know me Rockit14. I have decided to raise money on a live stream for the cancer foundation. The live stream will be aired on twitch.tv. My goal is to raise as much money as I possibly can so I can bring it to my school so they can bring it to the American Cancer Society. First I would like to let you know that this was not my idea of raising the money it was actually a friends from school, his name is anonymous sense I didn't get permission from him to announce his name. He is raising money for my school with other class mates from the school and i decided to help him out by making a live stream sense I stream and record videos. Even though I am not the most popular you-tuber out there I am still looking for many people to watch my live-stream. I have decided to live-stream for about 5-8 hours or maybe even more. This Saturday at 1:00 Eastern US time the stream will start. I will attempt to stream longer if i have the time. As i said before I will be accepting donations from anyone who watches my stream. They can donate via Paypal, Credit, and or Debit Card. We have no set amount all we ask is to have a great time watching the stream. All links will be under this message with all the info. Thank you and have a nice day. Games being streamed: Black Ops 2Minecraft PCMinecraft Xbox 360Garry's ModTeam Fortress 2Day ZH1Z1 (If it comes out before then)MW2MW3Space EngineersDota 2ForzaNeed for Speed 1Need for Speed 2COD World at WarGTA 5RustBattlefield 3Battlefield 4Halo ReachHalo 4 (If we feel like it :P)Feed the Beast (Minecraft)Tekkit (Minecraft)Battlefield 1943World of WarcraftWe are open for recommendations and our viewers will be picking the games as we live-stream. My YouTube Channel: [snip] My Twitch Channel: [snip] American Cancer Society Website: http://www.cancer.org/ Thank you and have a nice day.
  7. Summary of dev Q&As from streams

    Since our beloved DevTracker can't get this one automated in (for obvious reasons), I thought I create a little topic where I collect these things for the players. Because a lot of these things, that the Devs say in the Q&A sessions, are asked over and over and over again... Also, if you haven't please read the "Confirmed upcoming features" in the announcements: http://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/156129-confirmed-upcoming-features-for-dayz/ I'll try to update this first post every time with the newest information, but I can't promise that I'll be able to deliver all information immedeately (or even within a day ;)) And, if you don't mind, bump this thread with an answer, so it doesn't get lost :) Also, if a stream comes up, there is always the possibility that I miss it/never get to know that there was one, so please inform me (just post in this thread^^) about every stream you hear, that is not mentioned in this post. So here we go (Changed the direction: Newest entry is on top now) Roadmap of DayZ and Q&A with Dean Hall - 28.03.2014 Started with roadmap a year ago; Now when more units were sold than calculated, more things can be done and the roadmap had to be redoneFocus of DayZ: Survival & ImmersionTeamsize:BI "Riverside": 16 people in the core team + 4-30 in QA as neededQA is scaled as neededBI "Slovakia": In Bratislava, formerly "Cauldron studios", bought by BI; 25 people atm, scaling up to 40 people; dedicated to DayZspent the last month getting ready to deploy on DayZImmediate Goals More robust process for testing/delivery (to stable)Bow&Arrow / CrossbowArrow/Bolt sticks in target, can be recoveredInteresting for hunting as wellFireplacesGraphical work, emmesive textures etc.Skyrim inspiration for Bow shooting and cooking; also from Project ZomboidCan cook thingsMust be craftedCan be upgraded to ovens (bake bread)Server persistent objectNetwork optimizationsImportant: Desync/Lag fixesChange to guaranteed messaging (described below - short: Client / Server spam each other all the time to make sure that all the messages are recognised)Lowered bandwith usageLowered overhead (CPU), mainly for the serversNo spawn penalties for joining same serverWhen:best case: 2 weeksWorst case: End of AprilRespawning loot prototypeWorld divided into quadrantsQuadrant resets when it is empty for a set periode of timeIncludes resetting doors (status of door randomly set)Accelerated timeWas already in the game but accidentally removed when fighting desync/lag issuesConfigurable by server adminsUp to 64 times faster day/night cycle (can also be slowed down)Rules for hardcore tbdThrow-able items: Any day on exp nowEverything that can be held in hands can be thrownDifferent materials (wodd, metal, plastic etc.) react differently (bouncing off, rolling etc)Uses "Bullet" physics SDKCalculated on server (to stop clientside hacks, maybe performance issues)Player controlsMouse acceleration issuesArma 3 dev working with programmers to implement whole new system for player controlsDexterity (the more attached to the weapon the slower it can be turned around)FreelookPhysics based movementJumping consideredShort term (Q 2)RagdollNearly functionally completeBased on "Bullet" physics libIncludes falling charactersThe futureDragging unconscious/dead bodiesBlended body injuriesNew AI pathfinding (whole team in bratislava working on)Animals and ZombiesTechniquesVoxelization (terrain voxelized; how AI sees it)Walkable polygons (define where and where not AI can walk; helps Z attacking through walls/floors)Navigation mesh optimizationObject avoidanceFirst iteration nearly complete, maybe sometimes earlier turned on on exp. for testingHandles interiors, small objects64 bitCompiling now on 64Servers can use a lot more memoryImportant in the future for physics (including vehicles), new AI, Navigation meshes etc.Prototype animalsPrototype implementationAllows player "hunting"6 new animal types from scratchWandering the mapPersistent objectsAll objects make persistent (experimenting with that, may not come that way) not only tents & backpacksPretend that everything is persistent and saved to the DB to monitor the load + performanceMaybe most objects persistentAdvanced weather effectsSnow & fogWill not stay on the ground, but snowflakes can be seen, temperature is going downWill affect ballistics, same with windSome way to visualize how the wind is blowing without using UIWorld containers, can hold itemsHelp with performance a little bit (allow more objects in the world)RefrigeratorsOvenCupboardsMedium term (Q3)Multithread / Multicore"kind of exists in the engine a little bit"Probably a lot more focused on the server, because most calculations are done thereMore Zombies, more players, more animals...More flexibility to server providers: Scale down for small server, private hive; for large communities 100-200 players on one server also possible soAdvanced animalsHostile animals (wolves, beers)Neutral animals (rabbits, zombies)Companion animals (dogs definitive; horse on the cards but lot of work to do)New zombie behaviorMore responsiveRedeveloped "agro" systemMore benefits to stealthZ stabilized in Q2 and improved after thatCentral Loot economyControl loot numbers centrallySet for all servers per hiveControl amount of NV goggles, advanced weapons for all servers on the hiveBarricading (inspired from the dead linger)Physic based constructionMainly focused on existing buildings (barricade windows, doors)Server persistentWith new Z mechanics (Z piling up on door & bvreaking barricade)Basic vehiclesVehicles pushed to Q4 maybe beyond to make them really work and not use Arma 3 files, wouldn't allow crafting; advanced physics etc.So at first: Small vehiclesBicycle, Motorcycle, ATVPossibly small carsCustomizable/configurable like weaponsPhysics basedModding supportActually already in but turned off, because too much changes are made to the game architectureProbably tied with private hivesFull support for modsSteam workshop integrationPlayer statisticsSteam achievements already in but turned off (like: Survived for X days)Database interaction API for developers (statistics can be read out easily and shown on websites)HorticultureBerry picking already in, same will come with apple from apple-trees, Pumpkins from fields etc.Inspired by Project Zomboid: Plant plants and harvest themAlready worked on prototype, maybe releaseing protoype earlier, concerned about performanceLong term (Q4 and beyond)Advanced vehicles:Cars/trucks/Planes/Helicopters/boatsCombined with central loot economy: Not all parts on one server / not enough for 2 helicopters on hive/ steal things from existing onesUpgradable componentsSimilar approach as weapon attachmentsAdvanced animals:Horses?Animal husbandryExtended barricadingExtending barricading to full constructionAllow players to create new structuresPersistent to the serverAdvanced social mechanicsFaction identification methodse.g. make own armbands etc.Spawn tied to controlled locationsBetter UI support for tradingQ & AQ: Plans to improve nighttime (lighting, Z mechanic)A: Plans for lightning, but atm limited, bc. DirectX 9 which is tied to the simulation; plans to disconnect it and replace it with DirectX 11 if possible; Hard because DayZ has to deal with HDR when light goes sliding from midday to dusk and night, where the sun is, the moon is; torches used etc.Q: Plans to implement rivers from (?)A: What scarmed it, prototyping how to do it; not on roadmap because it's not keyfeature; if team grows maybe things will be added to the roadmap; also for low priority map features like riversQ: Food&hunger times balancing done by server admins?A: Server admins will be able to do that as well (food & hunger timer)Q: Full release ETA?A: Finish at end of the year, test it for some months, end of Q1 next yearQ: Favourite pokemon?A: PikachuQ: Did you sacrifice some part of the un in the game for realism?A: Yes, absolutely. Example: You can't move the character very well at the moment: Instead of a Counterstrike-like movement control more realism; precarious balance between how much realism before it takes away funQ: Underground areas?A: Not on the roadmap, make sure core pillars work, not written out for done in the future, because some achievable goals have to be done to a date, reaching that points is a process, so no more information on that subject at the momentQ: Barricading: How to stop people from server hopping in barricaded buildings?A: Reasons why it has pushed further; start with concept of "controlled areas" where you can't spawn in, probably barricading working before controlled areas will work (so server hopping into barricaded houses will be a problem for some time ) but at the time barricading come sin, the concept of "controlled areas" should be finishedQ: Face on the character like in arma 2?A: Immature things done be people, much more customizing, 20 new character things including beards Live stream with Brian Hicks and Lead Animator Viktor Kostik - 26.02.2014 Experimental patch: 2 handed animation overhauled: now you have to bring the weapon up (space) to swing it correctly (just like guns) - "activated"-modePerishable food: a point in discussion; food will perish later; importance of cooked/harvested(!) food later onSo harvesting will come somewhere down the road (also the hoe and hicks comment on his twitter was a good sign for that)Gamma exploit: There should be unified settings for all players; but some people have to adjust them to make it playble; it will be looked at and may be changed when game develops on lightingMouse acceleration bug: Dean commented on it, team is aware, working on itSupporting events like survivor games, not super-critical but continously talked aboutGraphic-hardware optimization: ATI/Intel/Nvidia: pushing optimization with hardware manufactorerMilitary vehicles: Not talked in detail about which vehicles will be in, first about the system and get the system workBicycles first, will also take time, chopper not a matter by nowAnimation for walking with raised weapons: Work in progress"Don't expect to see a camping tent in game anytime soon" (actual quote)Writing names on protective cases/ammo boxes: Not talked about; interesting thing; no MS paint like paintingAnimation: Bug crouched walking diagonally to the right with gun on back: clips through the head: aware, addressed later onNo ETA on respawning loot, but it is being worked on; ETA: Soon. (was asked 10 times I guess, answered 2 times ;))Animation for holding a map: worked onDucks? ("like...the bird?") MaybeShouldering 2 firearms: design decision, from animation it would be no problemSound: positional&ambient: it is actively been looked at & will be addressedNew guns/new items: Added in the game all the time during developmentWill zombies carry loot: Yes. They will carry loot, not always but there will be a chance, like in the modDuarbility of clothing/armor: More different types with different values, also against environmental effects"JESUS CHRIST, THEY ARE COMING UPSTAIRS!" (sorry had to include that...was just so horror-movie-cliche^^)Multiple profiles per cdkey: Right now not looked into it, maybe in the futureOther spraycan colours: maybe in the futureLadder glitch should maybe been already fixed in experimentalClose interaction like giving items or even advanced like double attacks would be very nice to have, but from performance/synchronization itvis too hard to make at the momentServer hopping: Ongoing issue, as game develops, it is watched how player reactWill a Char get infected if a zombie kills him: NoBut different diseases from Zombie attacks (if the character survives them) will comeDuct tape+rope to handcuff: At the moment not, but in the future maybeETA for Physics: Next experimental patch maybeDMR: Right now not, doesn't make senseFridge will not be moveable by playersAge: discussed again and again; beard+hair growth: wanted to do, but not for one specific type of character, it has to affect larger scale of characters; In the future (after core features): Yes, why notBinoculars: Finished (art&design) configuration pending, specific programmer support is waited for some itemsSteam workshop: DayZ will fully support it when it gets releasedNot understanding DMR in 50 cal: started modelwork an SVD (Dragunov?)AK: Worked on right nowAs confirmed on reddit: It is the AKMSuicide: Will come, the topic is not scrapped, has to be done correctlyWeather: bigger effects on Gameplay will be there; e.g. 1st rain->wet->cold etc.Will Zombies be a danger to freshspawns: Yes, absolutely intended: Started with the first respawning mechanism that is now on experimental, and there is a ongoing polish on Zombie systems; they will be "a real pain in the ass for freshspawns"NPCs: Not planned, the only human life are the playersPlayer spawning: keep as far as possible from high risk/high reward areasRestrict logging in in high risk areas: not plannedLimping animation: Fully intendedMigrating engines: not any time soonNo immediate intend on adding "hissing" (?)Extensive crafting is planned: recipe system, ongoing feature and developing; futureproof system, it can be built on; after core features it will comeBI intends on continue pushing updates after releaseCharacter backstories: The character should not be too far away from the player; Char is built by the player as he plays, not defined by a spreadsheet at character creationNext experimental patch: "as often as possible", focussing on feedback of the last one, iterate on bugs, getting it ready for stableStable push, next maintenance (wednesday) if no major bugs occur in experimentalSlow vault: No direct plans on removingLight machine guns: Every intend to support them at some pointsAnimation: Plans for cancelling animations (food, bandaging): Yes, will be possible to cancel is worked onSMGs are in workMid march another Q&A with hicks and possibly with a designerMap expanding: Map will not become bigger, but populated with new towns, interesting areasBase building: Rich support for some kind of...and the headset died. DayZ behind the scenes, Studio Tour - 25.02.2014 Not much to mention here, but also interesting to see it :) Poking with sticks (not sure if that will really come^^)Glance at a new gun on a developers screen DayZ Devblog 24.02.2014: As rocket twittered: "Just a quick look at some of the progress for our next patch." UPDATE after watching it myself (and checking it with iBanes List ;)) Lighting will be more important for gameplay purposes. Flashlight, headtorches, gaslamps will work now during day (HDR improvement)Physics : throwing items will be on experimental soon (atm already in but disabled)throwing items: To give a friend ammo or to attack.Physics allows ragdolls to be implemented, this will also change the weight a character actually movesItems have own materials now - that means, they will react in different ways., also in terms of penetration (and in my guess also weight?)Containers (e.g. refrigerator, filing cabinet) can be interacted with, models will be redone (opening doors etc.), more deep for loot systemBow+arrows (PVC bow+composite arrows were shown from a "very early state", so some variety may be coming here as well), arrow deflecting of the ground, sticking in zombies/players and can be recoveredAnimations smoother and more precise; Especially for one/two handed combat (but still not finished), this will also change the way items are held, and attacks are performed and also how hits are resolvedMap updates: new buildings (e.g. police stations, health center and other ones all over the map, new towns), far more to comeFixing loot spawn bug (buildings that should spawn loot but don't do)Weather & environment will be much more important and should be like an antagonist: In the first step: clothes get damp, will affect items, different clothes have different values for absorbancy valuesRain (weather) completely is synchronized for all clients on a server;Medical System: improved messaging to the player so they understand their actual condition.Hunting+Cooking: Whole new (big) team, big experience from hunting games, dedicated for hunting, making animals, behaviors of them, how hunting worksSame team will also be work on Zombie pathfinding, hit boxes and collision detection (wall glitch^^)Maximize the element of survival: Campfires to cook and keep characters warmGas canister works for cooking+pot/pan on internal (soon experimental?), campfires are worked on nowDesync: Problem is the huge amount of bandwith DayZ uses when players with lot of items are close to one anotherProgrammer speaking: non-guaranteed updates for inventory items are sent all the time from server to client, the more items on player and players around, the more messages are sent, the more desync.Some fixes are done now as far as it is possible, but in long-term (some weeks, maybe months): change to guaranteed server updates (messages are sent only once) but will also be ongoing worked onZombies and Loot respawning: Big topic at the moment (loot respawn should come soon now that Z respawn is on experimental I think...)Zombie respawn mechanics optimized, already on experimental, should be on stable in 2 weeksRespawning should work soon sensible: no respawn in front of a player or in an overtaken townPersistent objects: Backpacks, paper (I swear he said "piper" ;)) and wood (once barricading comes in)Next Steps: Once the things on this list are complete the next focus will be on low-speed vehicles like bicycles and barricading. Faster vehicles like cars would follow the slow vehicles in later updates and will have a complex part system. Items like spark plugs and car batteries will need to be located to make a car operational. Cars will also break down and need to be repaired with items like these. Live stream with Rocket (20.02.2014) - from reddit, thanks to rudette :) UPDATED after hearing it myself 2. Update: merged with iBanes list (thanks ^^) Female models now have female voice acting.Bugfix for lootspawn buildings/cars/tents is worked onRain: Damp clothes make you cold, lowers body temperature makes you use more energy, damages equipment etc.Bows are still worked on, arrows will stick where they hit and be recoverableZombie wall glitch is priority task together with performancerun up hills: should maybe be possible (actually a collision issue)flashlight performance will be increasednew gas lamp is worked onLight sources: resolving the collision/leaking issues with light sources would be incredibly difficult and largely unusable at the momenthunting, cooking, crafting before vehiclesvehicles will come afterwards, starting with bicyclesVehicles: No carbon copy of the mod - vehicles will be totally redesigned, bicycle are possible already with the code that is in the game, but other vehicles will need far more work, but will definitely in before betaWhen will barricade houses, set up camps come: short to medium term, they will be persistent server basedPrison: Work in progress, longterm thingServer Files (privat hives) : working on security/control protocolsFriend Identification System (to ID Steam Friends in-game) - not planned. Would likely be left to the modding community and only for non-hardcore serversWallhack/floorhack: known & worked onHacking is dealt with every day, continuous ban wavesNew towns and buildings - being worked on all the time (Senchi) and will be part of many major updatesBetter fps in cities: ongoing thing, working with graphic cards manufacturer, lot of work to find out where the problems areZombies getting more aggressive, higher numbers as server performance gets betterBackpacks as first persistent storage, tents laterRocket wrote yesterday (23.02) on reddit: Refrigerators and other static scenery items in game will have storage values and gear spawning in them in the future.Ragdolls are being worked on with other physics (throwing: not only weapons)Hunting, Cooking and Crafting up next for major implementation.Dead linger inspired boarding 'short to medium term'Binoculars done but not in game yet"Complicated" medic system is comingheart attacks not common (fever, then hit with blunt, electrical shock etc.)disease mechanics are already in game just not turned onMorality System: Not planned at the moment possible console versions: When the game is successfull enough, he doesn't want to affect the pc release, so after pc release maybe, doesn't affect him as a pc gamer, it would be nice but there is no timeframe on itBlood on hands after looting a dead player is being considered.Suicide: Is worked on, Pistol & rifle & knife suicide is plannedNo custom faces (scanned in, like rainbow six) due to TTP and performance hit.Axes to have spawn chance in stumps near woodpiles.3 types of animals: Predator (Wolves and Bears), Prey (Food), Companions (Dogs, horses)Dog mechanics were working ok, becoming owner of dog was not, that's why it wasn't implemented nowAmputations are tabled till performance testing can be done with ragdolls.DMR/Other weapons are implemented when they get around to them, no real road map for when certain weapons are introduced. (AK is being worked on now "quite a beautiful and brand new")self made silencer: maybe, crafting is worked on atmBeards may not get in due to being to gender specific and too much work.Indian faces being worked on.Chainsaw almost done.Stats will be available on siteDegradable items (food, medical supplies) over time, being worked on with refrigeration devicesPaint Fire-axes ("I thought they were in")Stamina to be improved (balanced?)Physics based doors, locking doors and a complete overhaul of doors in the future.Player will be able to lock doors, zombies pile into them until they breakFishing ConfirmedCannibalism: Definitely want to put it in, but need to work on the consequence system of something like this100 slot server in stable would be very interestingSlow vault"jump" will be removedAxes take damage every time you hit something with them but depending on what it takes more/less dmg (flesh, stone, other melee weapon in hands of opponent etc.)Sliding down ladders probably comingDampness from sweating seems to be implemented on experimental branch nowWeight based+volume based inventory system: Old system will be revisitedNew maps/enlarge chernarus: (no answer because he was distracted - happend more than once, just mention it once)Lootrespawning will happen soon ("has to be done first") beforethings like loot % per server population can be thought about (the mor epeople on a server, the more loot spawns)Skills: It will mainly be passively skillbased. So as you get better at repairing certain things, you will be able to repair more and more badly damaged stuff. It won't be something you'll put a skillpoint in. It will only be the more you do it, the better you get at itKids: Very complex to put in, has to be done tastefullyNudity: Talked about it, no rush to put it inEnvironment should be more effecting the player (e.g. rain, wind)Barricading/player built camps & cooking are the things Dean looks himself most forward toCampfire: Will come but is very complex for something like so specificHardcore mode should be hardcoreParticle System - will be replaced at some point in the future. Will allow for better visuals/animations.Better blood effects: Unknown, probably when the particle system is replacedMelee System - it's clunky, but it's very difficult make it really smooth. Would like to improve it, but focus is improvements to the medical systemCurrently in 3-4 week update cycles for stable branch. This should be the expected time frame for updates to Stable branch for the foreseeable futureQ& A with Hicks ( 19.02.1014) (quotes taken from reddit) ambient sounds are being worked on every building should spawn stuff there is no "right" way to play Dayz suppressors, depends on work organization about some key devs environmental effects should be done right, so patience here loot from zombies: is alreay a dev task WET, SOAKED state on experimental have no meaning yet (regarding sickness) hardcore ideas: no reticule, more damage to bullets, more damage done by zombies....many things might be happen hacking: permanent being worked on, also with battleye viewing around corners in 3rd person mode: permanent discussion topic clan/community support: private hives(shards), form community around features/feature sets physics system: almost made into exp branch, was being worked on today, for throwing items 1st person lift over walls: teams has to see if this unbalances things almost 40 people (to whatever question that was the answer. Maybe teamsize?) damage slots on containers: is not Hicks_206's department balancing: will happen all the time campfire: not in yet modding: we available (e.g. Taviana), not earlier than beta/release wish of hicks: persistent storage naturally suppressed pistol will be in game, is being worked on "suppressors will suppress soon." config needs to be done little story: throwing poop was in very very early game (because of the 3d poop model i guess) dev process: features with some content -> bug fixes -> more content per feature -> bug fixes maybe regular(weekly) streams on http://www.twitch.tv/dayz with changing team members 10/22 needs some bug fixes, almost done IEDs: some ideas are being worked on(?) lights and walls: bugs in arma engine, nights will have more lights to the player available Dean is working on vehicles, maintance might be needed dynamic events like helicopter crashes needed to be done right. It was a useful addition to the mod. Indeed added sniper cycling on mod, but there were also guys watching the crash site fishing: maybe Dean is working on it throwing knives and axes: "Would be very interesing!" new spawn points near Svetlo, Berezino, Kamyshovo - also better loot spawn near these spawn points (med kits, etc). Already on experimental. "Swords would be bitches!" Bows are still worked on steam controller: not being worked on, but close relationship with steam target style: not realistic, but authentic. good feeling of being in another world boonie hats should be in next update Senchi (map designer) has a work roadmap for a year. For locations in the north. snow: needs to be figured out the right way timeout system for login/logout is work in progress NVGs: might need spawn limitation for whole hive. No clear idea for this snap someone neck: Don't tell Dean about this. Players create better experiences than devs. Give players the right tools. Narrative elements (should) come from the players. Q&A with rocket (12.02.2014) Binoculars models is ready, but not yet configured6 Month is a very conservative estimation for vehicles, rocket expects them much soonerFacepalm gesture is coming ;)Animals/hunting will be in very soonCooking has already started workMachete killsBow & arrow models are ready, need some programmingFishing is a biteasier (dont now compared to what...)Spear is coming as wellHorses look to be very hard, but they will defently be doneSaddles with inventory spaces ==Easy"I'd love a snow area"Experimental build makes use of steam cloud (saves profile)They'd like to do a CZ550, it's on the list but it's not sure when it will be inWhen throwing (Physics) is implemented, guns and pistols will be very rare, because it will exist an option for ranged weapons beyond rifles/pistolsRocket worked on Tazers, as part of the unconscious systemThe medical system is also expanding a great deal tooThat all togetherallows them to reduce military style weapons a lotHand signals: They cannot go much beyond the current gesture system (like manually made ones). But if they run out of F-Keys, "we will simply make it you can configure the gestures however you want"Bows should work almost like they work on Skyrim, then they will look on for poisoned darts etc. which nwill be easy when the basic bow system worksMore pistols will be added (while reducing rifles) Dean loves the Brown HP, so chances are good, that it will be in gameA "Stream straight to twitch" mode will be considered but focussed will be a "cinematic mode" so that youtubers have an easier way to make contentServer based persistent containers is coming in next update and will appear on experimental any day now (Said 4 days ago)"Medical system is getting a major facelift and cooking is starting shortly"Major performance updates (which is already an experimental)
  8. I want to see your DayZ videos

    https://www.facebook.com/group... Facebook group to post your GAME YOUTUBE videos to! Join, post, watch and increase EVERYONE'S views! Plus see what everyone is doing out there! Keep it to games please
  9. Why you should watch my livestream

    Follow me for stream alerts @ http://www.twitch.tv/dtebbs87 Don't die like this guy
  10. My new stream! Check it out mahn

  11. We're back another night! Live streaming DayZ standalone, check us out of twitch.tv http://www.twitch.tv/xxch4osxx Please comment below if you have any questions , thanks for keeping up with us! :)
  12. Posted Today, 07:56 PM Come check out our Live Stream, playing dayz, hanging out, and talking about the game!!!! http://www.twitch.tv/xxch4osxx 100 subscribers = A PRIZE GIVEAWAY!!!!! JOIN NOW!!! GET IN THE ACTION!
  13. I looked everywhere and can't seem to find a list of livestream channels that does DayZ and is recommended by the community. I'm looking for channels that are as devoted to DayZ as Psisyndicate. He streams DayZ frequently and his sessions are long. Can anyone please recommend me DayZ livestream channels?
  14. Hi everyone. I'm a newbie at DayZ (played it around 3 times a couple of months ago) and I'm looking for people to livestream with (over at Twitch.tv). I have (but haven't tried yet) the Breaking Point mod installed as well. So I'm looking for 1 or 2 more players (newbies or experienced, I don't really care) to have some fun on stream and for YouTube! (You can certainly stream as well and record your own vídeos for YouTube as well) My only requests are that you are around 19 years old or over (I am 26 myself, so I'd prefer people closer to my age), have good english communication, a microphone (decent quality) and can play at around 10PM (Western European Time) until midnight (no fixed days - earlier on the weekends). Of course I won't be playing just DayZ, and I'm looking for people to play these other games as well: Guild Wars 2, Garry's Mod (Trouble in Terrorist Town and other mods), Minecraft, The War Z (yeah, I know lol), Torchlight 2, and others. If you're interested please post your age and when you're available (or send me a PM), then we can exchange skype information. PS: English is not my native language, but I am fluent. Cheers!
  15. Hey guys, I will be Live streaming some DayZ 1.8 pre-release game-play in 1080p on my youtube channel. Me and my buddy "Noop" are going to try to see what's new in the mod, and try to cover most of the new stuff that it has. Remember though, this is a pre release, so not everything in the change log has made it into the version we are playing currently. We will try to show you what we can. Enjoy, and subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuIM9JHhZNo
  16. Come Watch My DayZ Stream

    Hello! I have started live streaming DayZ and it would be awesome if you would come watch and we can talk about whatever. I play the original dayz mod, Origins, and sometimes Overwatch. You can use this link to get the stream: http://www.twitch.tv/sugarfreebrowny Thanks and look forward to seeing you!
  17. www.twitch.tv/sgtmurica
  18. Hello Guys/Girlz, If you fancy checking out an English CLAN livestream on Twitch, then please click this link: http://www.twitch.tv/prkbob We (The [bP]BoozePlatoon clan) are playing Origins (on our own server) most of the time, which is a fantastic mod for DayZ. We are always having a laugh with over 10 members and are always in for a good fight. I'd appreciate it if you come and check out my stream, since it's quite hard to get noticed on Twitch. Once again, the link to the livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/prkbob Link to our website: http://bpboozeplatoon.webs.com/ Feel free to join our TeamSpeak server aswell: boozeplatoon.teamspeak.net (that's the IP) Thank you for reading this post and I hope to see you round soon! -Prkbob
  19. I'm live streaming DayZ as I type so I would appreciate if some people would watch. :) http://www.twitch.tv/sgtmurica
  20. Chat overlay

    Hello guys, How is everything today? I need help at least figuring out a chat overlay, for when I stream to cover the in game chat. I like the one, Sacriel has but I have no freaking idea how to get anything remotly close. I am using OBS if that helps with anything. Thank you ~Mossy
  21. Hello everyone i have something really awesome to announce! There is going to be an hunger games event this sunday at 7pm Gmt +1. I will be livestreaming it and it would be awesome if you guys could come along! If you would like more details on the event you can check out my announcement video on my channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/ScotFoxD Hope to you see all there and leave a comment on that video if you interested in playing and ill let you know where you can find the sign up details!
  22. I don't actually recall if "advertising" your stream was considered spam or not. So I apologize in advance. >.> Either way; So I got XSplit, and I gave it a try and streamed the first hour of STALKER. It seems a lot easier on my connection, with better quality. Along with the chat being open this time, it shouldn't be that terrible to just silently watch me play. (Just the thought of that sounds terrible, even to me.) http://www.livestream.com/wulfiistreams I'm using the S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Complete 2009 (2012) mod, and nothing else. (It's more of a visual/sound/AI/realism upgrade mod.) So spoilers are abound, play the game yourself if you find it interesting! I will not be talking in the stream, but I will be reading the chat, and replying wherever proper. I can give you the basics(sometimes even full details) on pretty much any question you might have, so be curious. I encourage it.
  23. I am looking to get a group of friendly players to join my dayz group. I currently own a teamspeak server and minecraft server and play lots of dayz. I also like to stream the game at http://www.twitch.tv/oct0f1sh. If you would like to join me just add me on skype or steam (both oct0f1sh) and i will give you the teamspeak ip. Please be at least 15 years old... We will be a group of bandits, but we will also be scavenging for supplies and getting cars and such. You MUST have a mic.
  24. http://www.twitch.tv/lyfewithzombies/c/1932811 Lol he didn't want to hang out with me:( I guess the approach was wrong lol..
  25. Watch us play Ovaron here: http://www.twitch.tv/b00bplayslol Download the map here: http://sulcorp.com/@dayzovaron.rar IP to play with us: