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Found 357 results

  1. Broken Rope

    Unable to tie people up with rope. When you try to tie someone up and when the action is complete. The rope will vanish from your inventory and the person you tried to tie up will not be tied.
  2. Multiple characters

    Getting real bored of the game kicking me out of servers or leaving a server to come back and find out im a fresh spawn for no reason what so ever. It keeps happening and switching between either character every now and then. Takes me a few hours to get my geared guy back.
  3. Me and my friends have discovered a new bug that recently has started. When we aim and press Y to reload our guns, the gun reloads on my screen, but they see and hear the gun go off on their screen and audio. So we tested it, and it happens with all 3 of us. We then tested it by spamming Y and they said the gun was rapid firing, even though it was just reloading the gun on my screen. I know it can be heard every where because the Zombies get disturbed if i reload my gun and the "invisible" gun fire bug happens. This really needs to be fixed soon, because for one, it can give away player locations with no attention of firing the gun, and two, it disturbs the Zombies and can cause them to horde you, even though on your screen, you've done nothing, but simply reload your gun. Please fix soon, because this can get a lot of players killed.
  4. Just got on for my first ever DayZ experience and instantly got kicked out of the game and now cannot join any servers due to a character locked in the database can someone explain how to fix this or if it’s just a server problem
  5. Numerous bug reports

    A few issues on xbox version. Dont know where i should post this really. Inventory isnt able to scroll sometimes. Removing items and picking back up or re logging corrects it. Magazines come up empty. Even when full, cant reload. Have to empty magazines and reload them via inventory. Reloading weapon by using LB + Y makes a gunshot sound to other players andzombies. Have to combine magazine and gun in the inventory instead. A rubberbanding issue where you cant run. Lying down and standing back up corrects the issue. Lying down and eating tinned sardines makes a splashing audio cue instead of the eating audio. I was on top of a building when i did this. Cannot add 'fuel' or items to fires to keep them burning. Will report anymore issues here unless some shows me the proper thread.
  6. Inventory Issues

    I've noticed that the inventory is broken, I have a backpack that should be able to hold 100 slots but it can only hold 27 in it. I've also noticed that items seem to disappear. I was on DayZ with my brother yesterday and he said that things had just disappeared from his inventory. About 10 minutes ago I was getting chased by a guy who had shot me and I managed to get away. So I hadn't even the chance to drop or change any of my clothing or any of the items and obviously when I got away and into the woods I needed to eat and drink. My water bottle and can opener had disappeared. So, I hope Bohemia sees this and fixes the inventory issues (also what does micromanagement even do? Is that broken as well?) there's an obvious bug with carry weight/space as well as things just disappearing. Also for some reason when there are 2 rows of items in the vicinity tab you can't scroll down to the second row for some reason. Edit: Just remembered about when you're picking items up, that also seems to be bugged. For some reason when you drop an item (and you already had enough room and you still do) you can't pick it back up sometimes even though you haven't picked anything else up that would take it's place or you had enough room in the first place.
  7. So i have started playing dayZ after half a year, i started on Experimental and i love the game so far! except.. Food, water. As soon as i spawned after 5 minutes i was dying of thirst, seriously guys? Please fix this, some of these are really annoying, i persuaded my friend to play this game again after a long time and he said after this he is not coming back. Please just increase the time in which player has to eat. Thank you.
  8. Rendering Glitch in Berezino

    Small issue, but I did notice it in a couple other buildings throughout the map
  9. Infinite plain bug???

    So I started a new life on the server I always play on, and got all my items and headed north. About 1 km north there is nothing but infinite fields the eye can see... No matter what server I switch to this plain will not go away and almost the entire map besides that one km from the coast to there is no longer existent... HELP?!?!?
  10. Please don't tell this hack to anyone, since it can teleport you to the northwest airfield.
  11. Guys i've posted something on the reddit but i was instantly met with hate as it wasnt the place to put it... I switch over to .60 i see the experimental servers (Heaps of slots in them) and i attempt to join them and it goes into the load menu then stops goes back into main menu and displays no error message. I've tried everything i can possibly think of to try and get it working. Setting launch parameters to join a server directly. Re-installing game, switching back to stable then back to experimental. Verifying game caches. Im actually angry because i see everyones really enjoying the experimental and high FPS! I've been playing dayz since the mod first game out! Day 1!!! So this game means alot to me! So if anyones got any ideas, please feel free to share! <3 love you all.
  12. So, I have this issue, that as I start to travel further and futhern the textures start to glitch and start to look crappy and crappy until some of them don't load at all. I played for about an hour and the game ended up looking like this: Note for the image above: Those long sticks are supposed to be trees I'm running the game on this machine: My Nvidia drivers are up to date, and my temps are okay while playing, with the CPU at 40ºC and the GPU at about 50/53ºC so I don't think that's a problem. This are my in-game settings, just in case: Thanks!
  13. If sprinting or eating/doing action in 1pp you can see through the bag on your back where your view should be obstructed.
  14. I had a similar lag before but that was when i was near another car. Here i dont see any cars near here. In this video i couldn't find one.
  15. Help plz: I fell through a rock and now I am stuck inside it :( Please move me out of it. Location: The "secret" base Steam name: Magmatrix steamID: STEAM_0:1:163261 steamID3: [U:1:326523] steamID64: 76561197960592251 Please move me out of the rock
  16. Place on map: Summer camp south of Novy Sobor. I found this one back to 0.59, and found it again on 0.60 EXP Pressing Vault or Jump to the wall will make this glitch. http://store1.up-00.com/2016-05/1463533045611.jpg http://store1.up-00.com/2016-05/1463533045812.jpg http://store1.up-00.com/2016-05/1463533046224.jpg http://store1.up-00.com/2016-05/1463533046646.jpg Village Pub. Just Vault to the backside stairs will make the glitch too. http://store1.up-00.com/2016-05/1463533046013.jpg http://store1.up-00.com/2016-05/1463533046445.jpg I hope you get the idea, also i hope this help.
  17. When i drop an IZH Shotgun out of my hands on the ground, empty, i can pick it up again, and eject 2 magical rounds of it. Repeated the process through out 20 mins of game play to verify it wasnt server/client issue. please fix this if anything before stable :)
  18. Shadow glitch on trees will also make shadow glitch on field (looks like a road). very confusing thought new road was in the area. best shot of glitch,as sun moved glitch was disappearing.
  19. Found this door, when opened would disappear or have missing parts (door pivot point wrong?). in Dolina 112-087
  20. Here are a few rendering/graphical issues i encountered on .60 experimental along with how to reproduce them. You can find a complete album with more pictures of the different bugs here: http://imgur.com/a/0mVhA Here are my settings: http://imgur.com/Fyg6Lps and the dxdiag: http://pastebin.com/gkV3UuUf 1. Disappearing trees (only this tree model): http://imgur.com/M3ymR7t -Repro: approach tree (?) 2. Disappearing barn: http://imgur.com/x4WwJ0T -Repro: third or first person at Dobroe barn (both ends of barn have same effect) 3. Disappearing grass: http://imgur.com/4EI3BRk http://imgur.com/XgY7dQe -Repro: hold right click to zoom in and zoom out, grass disappears, look away and look back and the grass will reappear 4. Incorrect shadows: http://imgur.com/PvYGZ16 http://imgur.com/4VAtPrh http://imgur.com/e2pXh3P http://imgur.com/T5zSMm3 http://imgur.com/YF7DMel http://imgur.com/u9pHOhq -Repro: grass lit despite terrain and trees being shaded, player shadow shoes up behind a hill covered by the sun (obviously debug easiest to show being that it has little to nothing out there :P) 5. White noise on tree leaves: http://imgur.com/ciYk8Nk http://imgur.com/vPqaTnX -Repro: ATOC enabled (check settings) 6. Overlapping bump map textures: http://imgur.com/6AWZcqG http://imgur.com/qw0OhIg -Repro: portable light source (flare, glowstick, gas lamp, fire, etc.) 7. Not a graphical bug, but when you throw an object and walk away, you can throw it again despite being dropped elsewhere: http://imgur.com/M8hKt2c http://imgur.com/7mZudHo http://imgur.com/fzEOVGu -Repro: throw object, walk away, can continue to throw from then on unless you equip another item It is a possibility that these graphical bugs were showing because i did not restart the game after fiddling with a few settings, as I'm sure you have heard it is a pain to get back into the experimental servers because of high traffic. Regardless, hope this post is helpful to you guys in some way. On a side note, you devs are doing fantastic work! Keep it up and don't rush things, I look forward to seeing more potential brought to life with DayZ :)