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Found 8413 results

  1. WELCOME TO THE DAYZ COMMUNIST FACTION; CHERNARUS MOVEMENT OF THE RED STAR! We are a Tactical Softcore Milsim Unit, within DayZ: Standalone, that hopes to bring Military Realism & Roleplaying to this Zombie Survival game. We are one of many Factions within the "New Dawn" Roleplaying & PvP Community that play and battle on the New Dawn RP Server and hope to bring a similar buzz of Military Realism that you can get on Tactical Shooters like ArmA 3 and Escape from Tarkov in a DayZ Community. so pull up a chair for Socialism in this DayZ RP Faction; join a Combat Unit or just Support us Bringing Communism to the South Zagorian Region all the while purging the Z-Virus and those that do not stand for our Cause from the Motherland!!! URRAAAA~!!! Rules & Requirements of the Red Star Army: 1. Must be at least 16yrs old to enlist. Exceptions can be made. 2. Must understand this is a Military Realism Faction and that Maturity and Respect for the chain command must be maintained while on duty and off-duty with your fellow Comrades. 3. Must understand that we are a roleplaying group, while also a Military gaming Faction, that plays the part of Communist Soldiers in-game. We do not promote true communism IRL. 4. When conducting ChDKZ Operations, Training or Mini-Ops or utilising the ChDKZ's Arsenal at any time at no time should members be shooting friendly forces, shooting unnecessarily, blowing sh*t up, crashing vehicles/air intentionally or generally being disruptive. This includes pre and post ops and all use of the ChDKZ equipment at any time. 5. During ChDKZ Operations, Training, Mini-Ops or general RP scenarios immersion is very important to a lot of members and therefore for the respect of other members we ask that you maintain this immersion. ( Definition of Immersion: 2. deep mental involvement in something. ) 6. Any member that fails to operate to these few basic rules or are not able to achieve the level of required maturity may receive a warning, Formally Court-martialed & Executed (Perma-death) by the Political Officers or be asked to leave the Faction, not necessarily in that order and potentially without prior warning. Thank you for taking your time in considering our group. We hope to see you on the Frontlines, fighting bravely, Tovarisch Soldaty! If interested, please join our Forum page or Discord: http://newdawndayz.com/showthread.php?tid=623&pid=2360#pid2360 https://discord.gg/NuSBnzC
  2. SICK - DayZ Standalone

  3. Website: http://www.uwsgaming.com Teamspeak Address: ts.uwsgaming.com <-- Click to join our Teamspeak Teamspeak Download (free): Click Here Community Info We are a community that has been around since late 2003 dedicated to Battlefield, we have 700+ Active and we support the following games listed below (with active players playing them), So if you enjoy FPS and Survival games like us then your taste is similar to ours and we welcome you to be part of our community ~ We also play the following games: Battlefield 1 Ark: Survival Evolved Star Citizen Rainbow Six | Siege Heroes and Generals SQUAD ArmA 3 Escape From Tarkov PUBG Rising Storm 2 WE ARE NOT gonna require you to go through hell just to join the clan like some places do as if its a real life interview and require you to go through harsh steps or answer 20+ questions and have to show up to play on certain days, this isn't a job it's just a game to enjoy for fun and escape our good/bad daily lives (be it your a hardcore player or a casual one) and play on the days your available and convenient for you (and not for us), Play with us and if you enjoy the people, feel free to sign up as a member. As a reminder Our community stands 14+ years strong against hacking/glitching/item duping
  4. How do I get a pass key

    Hi all just wondering how I can test Dayz on my Xbox as I see a few people on my friends list are playing it thank you ?
  5. Stuck In Loading Screen

    Hi, I just started playing DayZ but whenever I try to join a server, I always get stuck at the loading screen. I always wait more than 20 minutes before I do alt+f4 but when I restart the game, my settings and my character gets to default. I haven't found a solution on this yet so please do help me.
  6. Please check out my Unforgiving World of DayZ trailer! I promise you wont regret it!
  7. "Hell In A HandBasket"(AU/US/EU) Hardcore/Regular DayZ HIHB Gaming Private Hive Servers HIHBGaming.net(EU) - Hell In A HandBasket DayZ - 1pp (30 Slots) IP: HIHBGaming.net (USA) - Hell In A HandBasket DayZ - 1pp (30 Slots) IP: HIHBGaming.net(AU) - Hell In A HandBasket DayZ - 1pp (30 Slots) Closed for the time being HIHB Comms ts3.hihbgaming.net https://discord.me/hihbgaming 1pp servers are on their own Hive as well as open to the public. We'll Be Switching All Existing HIHB DayZ Servers to .63 Exp When Available HIHB Website For More Info
  8. We have decided to make a big portion of this discord white-listed. Hopefully it will influence a more team oriented approach among regulars you have played with before. It is not required, but to unlock private text and voice channels you must submit an application via google docs. You can find the form on the #get-whitelisted channel on the discord. Please take time with your submissions as we are looking for active participating members. Submissions will be reviewed within a few days and you will be notified on discord if your application was accepted. If you want to speed up the process a bit, send a PM to staff once you have submitted this application. Discord Invite:https://discord.gg/z66zdPD
  9. Hi ı from turkey ı have a msı ge72pro vr gtx 1060 , i7770hq and 16 ram ı buying dayz steam summer sale , im download V0.62 dayZ i dıdnt see a my character ın maınmenu ı searchıng a fıx andı download V0.63 but thıs tıme dayz blue screen of death also steam unistall dayZ please help me :((((
  10. And SCUM arrive ....

    Hello Every ONES , We know that no actual survival games or Shooter LastmanStand can actualy hit DayZ core. Many take part of the fun gameplay that DayZ introduce . That said I waiting dayZ for so long time now... wanna fishing hunt, Squad play, base building, resist against zombie ! ... Well live and expériment a true survival expérience ! But years and years i knwo... I m quit confident that dayZ will realse IT a bohemia simu game ! (i trust bohemians game because of its fucking greaat combat simu milsim expérience ti make a stunish game :P ) And now what should arrive arrive ! SCUM , scum made a promes be the first MMO survival simu! , what we see from us in video , john dick was very promising ! I have no clue if they can realy do it for 64 players per serv, but wow that amazing what they do . just think about the 3rd person view address ! , Metabolism BCU . etc ... I dont like the Direction Artistique .I prefer DayZ 0.62 (no 0.63 too cartonnest) My question is : DO You Think SCUM can break OUT dayZ ? Or its just an other game...
  11. BSOD When Starting DayZ

    Hello! Everyday when I start up my computer and then proceed to start DayZ my PC immediately crashes to a blue screen which reads "System thread exception not handled". After my PC restarts and when I launch DayZ again it plays fine without any issues for the rest of the day and starts up normally. No other game on my PC does this! Only DayZ and ARMA III have done this to me for the past couple of weeks. I've done everything and read everything I could find on forums. I've cleaned up my registry and hard drive with CCleaner, performed CHKDSK in the cmd prompt, Defragged my hard drive, updated my GPU drivers to new ones, deleted the .cfg file in the DayZ files, removed all launch options in Steam, verified cache in Steam, and even updated every bit of software on my computer that I use consistently and deleted ones I no longer use. I have even scanned for malware with Malwarybytes and scanned for viruses with Avast and nothing has shown up with either. The only things I haven't tried yet is rolling back and reinstalling my GPU drivers (mainly because I don't know how to and my scared I'll mess up something lol) and reinstalling the game, which I will do when I get around to it. Please help me, it will be highly appreciated Thank you!
  12. I figured out how to fix this dumb battleye bug. https://youtu.be/rpX-VgWyDS8
  13. DayZ SA Giveaway

    Doing a giveaway for a free copy of the DayZ Standalone! https://youtu.be/5xAiD2b_lVg
  14. DayZ Short Film

    After 4 years spent on this game and close to 3000 hours, i've finally decided to document some stories to look back on. Starting with Django, (yes, unchained,) trying to make some friends on the east coast, proving to be more challenging then he'd ever expect. Please give me any feedback you can, anything would help :)
  15. AwakenRP.co.uk | Roleplay Community

    Name: AwakenRP | DayZ Roleplay | Server 1 IP: Teamspeak: - ts.awakenrp.co.uk Website - www.awakenrp.co.uk Discord - https://discord.gg/BxErz66 Teamspeak - ts.awakenrp.co.uk We currently have running a 70 Slot server that can be upgraded to a 90 Slot and a secondary dedi waiting to be launched. We are a none-whitelisted Community Active Staff team to remove any unwanted players Survival Aspect, More Zombies, Less Loot, More Risk Map Customizations with Less Vehicles Balanced and Rare loot, Military Loot is harder to find Mods Required AwakenRP Official Mod Chernarus Redux Cup Terrains - Core CBA_A3 If you require any assistance Please hop onto the Teamspeak or Website and ask a staff member! We are all friendly
  16. Behind Enemy Lines

    Being sneaky in DayZ can be quite nerve wrecking sometimes. But always good when you can pull it off.
  17. The rx460 graphics card, the driver 18.5.2. On weekends there was a stress test of 0.63 games dayz standalone when turning antialiasing on start rippling the textures of trees and grass (covered with light points). Similar it was before( in 0.60,0.61,0.62), but only with trees, now everything is worse. It is only the complete disabling of antialiasing that helps. On Nvidia cards is not a problem. I understand that the game is under development, but can solve the problem?
  18. AFK Social Experiment... Gone Wrong

    Whilst conducting social experiments in DayZ, things never go to plan. The idea is to go AFK next to or near some survivors that i have just met for 3-5 minutes, basically to see what they would do. Will they rob me or kill me? keep me safe? or will they simply just move on? In this video, things didn't quite go to plan...
  19. Hello all, I'll remember you all of a concept that has been suggested before, adding it to the context of our actual 0.63 state of updates. This is the effect I expect from the unconscious state of DayZ: Now, that you saw how gruesome this effect looks and feels, you know how impacting it is. So let me expand it, using the health systems we saw at 0.63 and how this shock/unconscious effect should come into play in a smooth and neat manner. Check this image from Status Report of 27th February, displaying to us the hit-boxes of body parts that the new player model actually have. As you can see, we have Spine, Lungs, Liver, Heart and Brain. We also have the actual Health system which is basically tied to - Health Percentage & the amount of blood your character have. Finally, with all of this in mind, my suggestion and also my expectation is: Whenever you lethally wound someone. If the damage wasn't done to the Heart or to the Brain, and was enough to drop Health Percentage to 0%, Make it so the character goes into that shock/unconscious state by forcing him into first person view mode only and adding that gruesome effect + sounds then, let him die slowly and painfully by the wound blood loss which should have drain rate as fast as 30 seconds or 1 minute after the limb gets shot. If the damage was done to the Heart or to the Brain tho, it should keep the cold and solid blackout while popping the iconic "you are dead" message, just as it is when we die now. This would be insane if you went down by infected attacks too since the damage infected do are done to either Health Percentage AND the amount of blood, imagine you going down and while seeing the infected screaming and destroying you while your character is struggling in pain and slowly dying... What a sight, what an experience! Enough of the "dying" moments, use your imagination now, how intense would it be to be saved in such a situation? The immersion and experience would sky rocket, you are there, seeing red all over your screen, struggling to see something because the screen keeps fading, the character out of breath and in heavy pain, infected all around you, every sound has a faint echo to it, then you start hearing gun-shots and all the infected just dropping dead around you, then you hear some Russian guy with a crappy mic talking to you with the echo effects of your state "Comrade I help, get up, lets go!" He then CPR, feed you some food, and then, you are back up and set to go seeing everything faded and black and white. Hell! You just had one of the most immersive situations a game could bring in an online multiplayer environment! Congratulations! This is not the only situation... After this, people would be way more capable of deciding wether they want to straight up execute the victim, or interact with them by saving them and doing whatever they decide to do. You can see this system reproduced in many modern games. From Rust, to PUBG, to Post Scriptum(Head shot to finish someone, body shot to just drop them, enabling them to be revived by someone else). Every single one of you reading this, are probably familiar with it, but I firmly believe that none of them is able to reproduce this system in the strong, intense and gruesome manner that DayZ probably is capable of delivering with Enfusion Engine and 0.63 now. So please devs, make my dreams come true. I want this experience in DayZ.

  21. TFD Is Now Recruiting

    The Final Division are actively recruiting more soldiers to join our Ranks! We accept both Hero and Bandit players into the group. We focus on being like the military in games, with a pretty realistic command structure. We try and combines a strong mixture of RP and PVP. We can be found in game wandering the Badlands of Chernarus. If you're interested in joining, Fill out our Application Get In Touch Happy Hunting..
  22. A Little Bit of KARMA

    Karma in DayZ. Always satisfying. ;)