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Found 41 results

  1. We embark on a journey to the North West Airfield where new friendships are forged along the way. This episode focuses on the friendships that can be made when you don't shoot on sight! Enjoy friends.
  2. DayZ 0.63 Beta Offline Gameplay by Richspeed
  3. Experimental .62 - Encounter in Sosnovka

    Some fun on day 2 of .62 with 2dogs. Nothing beats a good old fashioned car jacking.
  4. The Walking ManZ - (Video 2:40)
  5. In the making for over 2 years, we present the best of the 300 episode DayZ series compilation in 4K. This video takes you through the evolution of Arma 2 Dayz from the first few days of Vanilla DayZ mod to the rise and fall of empires in DayZ Epoch Mod. It features 4 hours of footage from the 70 hour series. It took over a month to make this and 4 days to upload and about 7 attempts to encode taking around 35 hours each attempt before a file was rendered successfully. In the attempt to encode this file, I had an OS harddrive complete mechanical failure due to the two years of heavy usage. 300TB of total footage recorded was based on the avg file size of a 1 hour uncompressed video. The file was originally 4:20:00 but it is a known problem to youtube that for some unknown reason long videos are having the end portion of the video cut off. The file was 97GB. Ive probably spent far more than 2-3k hours on this series recording and editing footage. I've spent 136 hours in the last month making the last 4 episodes alone. Listed below is a link to the youtube playlist, and all individual episodes and 1 hour specials if you still want more dayz content. Newer Youtube Playlist for the whole series. Youtube Playlist - Episodes 1-200 Youtube Playlist - Episodes 201-300
  6. Some of my best moments in DayZ from the past 2 weeks or so, hope you enjoy the video :D
  7. Hey so I have a little channel and I made a montage of me in firefights, shootouts, and just stuff like that. If you want to go check it out here's the video! Hope you enjoy because I worked really hard on it! :) Like I said in my other post, not trying to self advertise. Just made a funny video that my friends liked and I thought maybe some other people might like it too. :beans:
  8. It's been a long time since I've made a video. There were a lot of reasons for my absence, but the important thing is that I'm coming back slowly. I had big ideas for my come back video, but instead of procrastinating any further, I decided to just make something to get things rolling. Something is better than nothing, right? This video includes my new intro, Randall and I stalking a couple guys, and.... we'll I'll let you find out what happens. I know I can improve things a lot (I already have a small list of things I want to improve), but it's always great to hear from other people what they would do or change. If you have any suggestions, I'm all eyes and ears. I'm looking forward to being a part of the community again! Thanks so much, -Bone
  9. TheWalkingAlive dayz show

    Hello people of the dayz community, me and my friends came up with the idea to start the dayz standalone show The Walking Alive ! It will be a dayz standalone hardcore survival series covering an epic survival story of a couple of people, we are still looking for a couple of people who would want to help with the production so if you feel like its a great idea come help us out! ps: let us know if you are looking forward to it! youtube channel: TheWalkingAliveBob steam name: TangoMango
  10. Let me know what you guys think thanks.
  11. New DayZ Roleplaying series :)

    I've made a new DayZ Roleplaying series based on a character called "The Judge". I've gone for a cinematic filmstyle. What do you guys think? :) Feedback is much appreaciated :) It's been filmed on the DayZRP servers. Take a look.
  12. Burning Plague

    Critique Needed I will be starting Part 2 soon and would like some honest opinions on what I can do different.
  13. DayZ Cinamatic "Hostage"

    please leave ideas for improvements and stuff, Thank you!
  14. A new series called DayZ Reborn

    Here is a new series called DayZ Reborn. Please watch if you'd like and tell me what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6pKhHraIwY&list=UUsmHvupHYiFhEUt56OV3spA
  15. heres the link >>>> <<< if you want check it out i just want feedback or something. :)