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Found 14 results

  1. Add this and I'll pay extra

    Pet dogs. With basic functions such as Follow/Stay And proximity alarms for player /zed notifications when with in X radius ? Later options such as (Tracking) the ability to sniff out and find wild life , (Hunting mode) where dog would run off and return with rabbit in its mouth after certain amount of time.as a alternative to rabbit snares. (Pursue) Where in say your at camp and dog detects player in radius , Set dog to track , and he would start moving toward detected player so you could find them . ( Retrieval ) command, where after you kill target animal or player , dog could go and drag it back to you . (Guard) set to stay at camp or while looting town set dog to auto attack all players/zed who enter X radius of area. Commands could be accessed or gained based on how long your dog has been kept alive to prevent over use or exploiting . ie: newly tamed dog has basic functions, after a week or two of being alive it has all commands unlocked . Ride horses . With saddle bags for storage . Saddles and bags could be crafted from leather , and Horses require upkeep for health,hydration and so on. Wildlife collision . ie If hit by a running cow , you take dmg similar to being run over by a car. Aggressive wild life, Such as wild dogs, pigs , charging bulls, Charging pigs and bulls would be very simple, and just require collision damage with no complicated animations for biting like dogs would. Ai would simply be changed from Passive-Avoid as they are now , to aggressive-attack much like zombies are set to do. Adding much needed chance for random risk and hazards to wilderness areas. Server host/owner loot table control. Ie the ability for the owner of a server to set which items will / will not spawn into their server. not to add more , but to remove. Such as, if a PvE server wanted to remove all military weapons and Canned foods from spawning into server. Or a PvP server wanted to remove all Sniper rifles. Edit: I dont know why everything is highlighted in this post. I cant seem to undo it.
  2. As with most of my posts, the point of the thread is to think. Please, dev team, please don't include paid DLC. Please be the shining example of a game that can survive early access development, then be released in full with no additional paid add-ons. No DLC. Full game for $30 (or however much they plan to sell it for). What I don't want to see: -DLC maps for $9.99 USD -Clothing/player items (see below for my point on this) for only $.99! -Perks/player benefits only available through microtransactions -Anything else stupid I can't think of right now. With the clothing point above, yes, I know "The WarZ" or "Infestation: Survivor Stories" or whatever generic name they go by now has tried this, and received a bunch of crap for it. At least, from the audience. Did the DayZ dev team swear that they wouldn't do these kind of things? No. Is it presumed they won't or don't want to? Maybe. I am not stating that they will or won't, I'm just saying it's unclear unless one of the dev team says officially that they will/won't. The reason I bring this up at all is because the dev team on DayZ actually listens to what the community surrounding it wants, more or less. If they didn't, there wouldn't be a Suggestions sub-forum dedicated to having users voice their thoughts on future additions to development. We have heard no statement on whether or not these will be included, as this is a matter to be decided in a year or two, near the end of development. I bring this up to know if I should continue to support DayZ and its development choices. For now, I can even see the possible response to this being that they simply do not know; it being a matter too far forward into the future to determine, whether it be because of financial benefit or something the dev team just decides on. For some reason, and without any proof or verification to back it, I believe the dev team won't include these. Why? I don't know. All I can do is make posts like this and cross my fingers, and that's about it. So dev team, as a lover of this game so dearly, Please don't include paid DLC or paid add-ons. EDIT: This first comment made me immediately sad
  3. This is not a hate thread, purely a question to the DayZ masses. I feel the need to point this out at the start as perhaps this thread could be seen as a hater thread. It's not, I love the game for all it's flaws, and done so since the early(ish) days of the mod. Now onto the question... How long will it be before we see non-free DLC's being offered for DayZ? And if/when they appear what will they do for the community in terms of affecting the balance of the game. I am not discussing free DLCs, as they will be by implication available to all, just the paid for DLCs. The premise... DayZ got a lot uptake at the start of it's alpha, more so than anyone expected. This leaves BI with a bit of a 'jam today' situation in terms of revenue. I fully expect them to deliver in regard to taking the game to Beta and hopefully Final, however where do they make their future money? Game sales will naturally increase as the game gets more feature rich and more stable, but what about all those players who have paid a relatively low price (in comparison to other games) for what will soon be quite a heavily developed title. The easiest way? Monetise those who have already paid for the base game by offering DLCs. Why is it likely... Looking at the progression of Arma3 it holds some parallels to DayZ. Both open world FPS games that were developed by the same company, started out as an Alpha and both are sold primarily through Steam (which allows for easy DLC selling). In fact, have a look at this: Arma 3 DLC Bundle and it will show that BI is not against offering paid for DLCs and ones that offer quite a significant addition to the game. If that sets a precedence then it seems almost inevitable that BI will offer pay for DLCs. The problem... So what would a DLC offer? New clothing? New weapons? Always starting spawn with a baseline of certain loot? Looking at that link in the previous paragraph the things offered could be seriously game changing; better weapons, better vehicles (obviously vehicles in general would need to be implemented first). The core issue here is the balance of the game. I am not inherently against DLCs, per se, so long as they don't alter that, but there is the rub - I don't think that you can. The minute you offer people the choice to pay money to gain an advantage you will ruin the balance. Granted it's unlikely those who are fairly decent in the game are going to pay for content they can loot for but then that relies on the content offered by a DLC being available without DLC. It also opens up the situation where BI may restrict those without the bought DLC from using the content offered by it. For example, offering a vehicle that you cannot enter unless you have paid to do so. So there we have it, to summarise the question; when will we see paid for DLCs, if ever, and what will they mean for the game in general. TL;DR? DLCs - will they happen, and if they do will it fuck up the in game balance. (edited: to amend the poll a little to offer a n/a option in the second vote)
  4. Arma 3 Zeus

    My body is ready......
  5. Congratulations to the Devs, Bohemia Interactive and Dean Hall, you are going to hit 20 Mio. $ total revenues soon.(Or you even already have since DayZ costs 33 $ in some EU countries.) I'm sure Bohemia Interactive never expected that kind of windfall profits in their projections for ARMA II, (ToH) and ARMA III. So when they hit 700.000 sales in a few days they generated round about 21 Mio. $ revenues in less than a month. It is quite possible that this is not the end and we will see 1 Mio. DayZ sales (30 Mio. $) in the first quarter of 2014. Obviously the decision to use Steam was right, access to more than 65 Mio. potential customers has its merits :) So here comes the question I'm most interested in: Will the financial success lead to a reevaluation of the planned development? For example are they going to hire additional staff? I remember Dean Hall saying they basically had one guy working on the map - he definitely did a great job so far - but imagine what one or two additional head counts may accomplish! I'm also wondering If there are any plans to push up project phases (earlier beta phase e.g.) at certain revenue-milestones? Or plans to add additional content when the amount of revenues exceeds X $ (similar to Kickstarter milestones like in Star Citizen)? I also think they need to keep in mind that most of the dedicated DayZ players are willing to pay for future DLCs, which means they may create new revenue streams with DLCs in the future.
  6. The DLC disscusion

    So, what do you think about DayZ and DLC? So here is my two cents on the matter. I would love to see sumrak, the creator of the popular dayZ map namalsk join the team as a level designer and work with rocket on new maps. I would love namalsk to be a future DLC, but to get to it, you'd have to cross over utes and at some place in utes you'd get to leave to namalsk. Then if you accepted it would take you cinematicly to another full populated namalsk server with all your gear. And you could travel back and forth between maps and DLC while keeping a good amount of people for because of different servers on each DLC island and the normal ones. I'd like to see something like server "Clusters" to find similar faces etc. So that's my two cents on he matter, what's yours?
  7. I just finished playing the new DLC burial at sea the other day, and all I can say is wow. The environment and detail put into the setting is absolutely bonkers. Here's the link to it on bio shocks website. http://www.bioshockinfinite.com/?RET=burial-at-sea-ep1&ag=true Have any of you guys played this? And what do you think about it? Bye.
  8. Hello There. This is a simple comparison. The right texture that's really blurry was actually my game maxed out. Without PMC it just could not go higher. The DLC BMC will give you MUCH higher res army texture's + extra backpack texture's that are very sexy high res to. With PMC the normal DayZ player model becomes much more high res. The hat and front packs look like fabric. Just decided to post this. As if you are not sure if you should go for the DLC. May answer is yes. The texture to me are worth it :P P.S Exomonkeyman
  9. ARMA II DLC Question….

    Ok so I know that the PMC add-on enables high resolution textures to character models, but what of the other two DLCs(ACR & BCF)? I already own CO, and I'm thinking of buying PMC(~$10) but steam has a sale on ARMA II Complete for only $20… so if the other two DLCs add something(to DayZ), I'll probably do the steam pack... Any thoughts? Thanks in advance... Also, I looked a bit on google/forums and didn't see much… if I missed something please chastise me below and/or close topic
  10. Hi Guys, last week i bought and installed the Steam version of ArmA 2 :Combined Operations and DayZ and had no Issues whatsoever, the mod worked just fine. But then i installed the both DLC for ArmA 2: British Armed Forces and Private Millitary Companies with Keys from an ArmA X Edition which i bought for my Bro. The installation of both DLC went smoothly and i am able to play both new campaigns. But now DayZ wont work anymore, when i join a server via 'Six Launcher' i first get the skippable error message "Addon 'dayz_anim' requires addon'CA_Missions_BAF_Templates_SecOps',later when the DayZ loads i get a huge list of files (all BAF or PMC) which "are not signed by a key accepted by this server. To play on this server, remove listed files or install additional accepted keys." What could cause this Problem? Maybe the fact that im using a steam version of Combined Operation with non steam versions of both DLC? Does anyone know how to fix that Problem?
  11. So basically i want to buy the dlcs so i can get the high res skins, because my hero skin just looks so bad lol, and i think that it would be a good investment as i play alot of armA2 too.
  12. ------------ The player model seems to look a lot better, not sure what else has been updated besides player models.
  13. Hey guys was reading the gamespy site for the first time in about 10 years.. came accross this and news from Mr 2Guns "apparently" sounds alot different to what we have been hearing before, also what about arma3? wierd stuff none the less... Headline of the item is Arma 2 Mod DayZ on "Borrowed Time" Could Become Paid Standalone Game By Christmas read more here including designer Dean Hall, who says he won't be able to dedicate the time and effort needed to accommodate DayZ's nearly 1-million strong and growing community for much longer Hall said that, with financial backing, he could add the required elements and make the DayZ transition in a few months and "certainly before Christmas http://uk.pc.gamespy.../1225522p1.html Thoughts? fears ? worrys? arma3? Cheers,.
  14. Very quick and hopefully simple question to answer. I've got ArmA: CO on Steam, but I want to buy the BAF DLC from BI's store because of the sale. Some of the things in the BI store have steam versions, but the BAF DLC is not one of them. If I buy it from their store will I be able to use it with my games on Steam?