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Found 5 results

  1. Memorable Moments #22 by TopeREC TV

  2. The 22 rifle

    At one point I found a 22 rifle and had some rounds for it and could not find anything larger. A larger caliber is going to deliver more punch per bullet so is more effective generally but is also caught up in the manly macho imagery and rumor. I had heard a lot of negative talk about the 22 in this game so I was not expecting the rifle to do me much goodl. So off I went to an airport. I began encoutering more zombies and took the 22 rifle and shot each of them in the head. In each case the zombie went straight down. If I got their body they just kept coming with that zombie enthusiasm. It had to be a head shot. It was a reliable gun. At one point several came within a minute or so. By keeping a bit of distance I was able to take them all down with that single shot to the head. I did wish for a 22 magazine to speed up reloading but I survived. So for those of you stuck with a 22 rifle don't give up hope or throw it away. If you have nothing else it can do the job if you take your time and keep a bit of distance. Eukendywa
  3. Hey, im a little impatient and am starting to play on the experimental servers due to the new pistol which i would love to use and a .22 rifle which i have in real life, so im asking if any experimental players are out there and where they found both of these weapons if i can find the 22 in the piano buildings or in offices or where, if theres a hotspot im looking for it instead of aimlessly searching the wrong areas. AND I DID USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION FOR THE TAGS 22 RIFLE NEW PISTOL SPAWN LOCATION before you harp on my ass, and if i missed one i apologize.
  4. Add 22 long rifle weapons to dayz A pistol and too rifles, a semi auto and bolt action with a semple low power scope, all feeding of the same ten round mag, or Splitting the mag for the bolt action, The good Lots of ammo Pretty quiet Good for warning Shots next to no recoil The bad Low magazine capacity ten round mag Long time of flight Low Damage (maybe 500 Blood for the pistol and a bit more for the rifles) Jamming (the .22 Cartridge will never be 100%) This was More for the Standalone, and i think this would add some interesting gameplay.

    We are men looking for other men and women to either recruit or join us in surviving DayZ. Our main goals are to set up a base camp on a decent server and then raid military outposts for loot. After our main goals have been reached we will set out locating and other survivors in need of assistance or any "bandits" that need killing. We will also set out and repair vehicles and aircraft found throughout the world. If you are interested PM me or post a reply to this topic with a way of contacting you through steam or skype. May luck be with you.