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Found 50 results

  1. Hello there! As I was heading south to Guglovo to meet up with a friend, which was located in Staroye, I stopped by the town of Novo, but as I was leaving, he died from somewhere outside the military camp. He had a Mosin, and he died from an M4. Right as I was running towards Guglovo, I heard voices in the forest. Funny enough, two guys had an M4 and a Mosin. That's when I started hunting. Music is taken from: http://www.epidemicsound.com/
  2. Dayz 0.63 - SKS?

    Quick question for all those SKS lovers out there like myself. Does anyone know anything about the sks getting added back into 0.63 as i dont see it on the to-do list? Thanks,
  3. Hello there! I was heading my way to meet up with a friend, while he met a nice guy on the way here. Unfortunately, the meeting didn't happen. I did my best, but I've undervalued the enemy. And that's something you should never do! Music is taken from: http://www.epidemicsound.com/
  4. Hello there! Showing you an encounter between what I believe to be 2 different parties, the first one with 3 players, the second one two players on the hill, sniping each other.
  5. 0.63 server and disabling BattlEye

    Hi, first of all, huge thanks for publishing the 0.63 server files! Would it be possible to allow disabling the BattlEye anticheat (in future builds) for self-hosted 0.63 servers/the 0.63 client? Arma 3 has option "BattlEye" which you can set to 0 so people without BattlEye can join the server. I've tried adding this option to the serverDZ.cfg but it does not disable the BattlEye for the server so I guess this option has been disabled/not implemented. (logs say BattlEye initialized and the game shows BattlEye on in the server browser, which means I can't connect on Linux) The main reason for disabling BattlEye for me is to allow Linux (and Mac?) gamers (Using Wine/Steam Play Proton) to join the server. This of course adds the possibility of cheating which isn't too big of a concern for me at least and it could be handled some other way. DayZ 0.63 Offline mode works really nice with Steam Play so playing DayZ on Linux is (almost) ideal for me and most likely for many other Linux gamers. Please, consider allowing this option. Br, LuomuBanaani
  6. Hello there! Coming back from a Tisy scavenge, to meet up with one of our group, one of us spotted two players getting in from the West side of the town. As we always do, we try to over watch the area before interacting or starting a gun fire between us and the spotted party. But sometimes, we don't success at our 100%. But still, it's really enjoyable to have these kinds of encounters in the far West side of the map! Nice to see that people still tend to get more in land! Music is taken from: http://www.epidemicsound.com/
  7. Private server DayZ 0.63 Experimental version 0.63.148743: IP: dayz-public.strikearena.ru:2312 Name server: Zone of Survival | ZoS | DayZ 0.63/Experimental/Survival/PVP Working 24/7 Restarts every 4 hours form 01:00 GMT+3 Pages this server: In dayzspy: https://www.dayzspy.com/server/ In gamemonitoring: https://gamemonitoring.net/ru/server102197 In GameTracker: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Site page server and forum: https://zos.strikearena.ru/ Welcome everyone! We wait your friends in our server =)
  8. Hello there! Really good feeling about the new EXP version update, the possibility to have 0.63 EXP on community servers is attracting more and more people, including me! These are new PvP encounters I got in a single day, and it feels so damn good! PvP is much smoother from the stable patch (0.62). Hope to get more and more content to upload in the next days, I'm really enjoying this new patch!
  9. DayZ ! Je test la 0.63 BETA !

  10. How long do we still need to wait before the 0.63 Update is released on the Experimental Branch? That's a question we get asked every day. While it's still hard to estimate exact release dates at this stage of development (we've learned our lesson about estimating dates), we at least wanted to provide an overview of the work that remains to be done before the release is a go. Before you start scrolling through the list, we strongly recommend that you take a peek at the detailed Status Report we posted on November 2018 last year - back then, we provided a list of 0.63 goals that served as a basis for this particular checklist. In general, that Status Report contains a pretty decent breakdown of our development plans all the way to the 1.0. release - go ahead and read it if you haven't done that yet! We'll do our best to go through this list twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays - even if it would mean that the state badges for each feature/system stay the same. With each update that has some new things marked as "Ready for Experimental", we'll also share that information on our social media channels! We hope this will make our development progress a bit more transparent, and hopefully, you'll also get at least some sort of estimate for the Experimental release. https://dayz.com/blog/0-63-experimental-release-checklist#/
  11. General Discussion

    Here is a place for your feedback, guys! :)
  12. Stress Test vol.39

    Good Monday guys! Greetings from Gamescom (stop by at our booth :))! I want to inform you about a new Stress Test which is starting right now (0.63148264). This one has a possible fix for the BattlEye kicks, there's also fixes for other server-side crashes. Known issue: taking a sip does not add to the hydration/disease level. Enjoy your day(z) and play DayZ!
  13. Stress Test vol.38

    Hello guys, everyone is so nervous before the Gamescom here, but devs are working hard on the main issues on Stress Test branch. You can find a fix for the most common server crashes in this patch (0.63148200). This is the whole weekend Stress Test so test it hard guys, we need your help! :) Enjoy the weekend and see you on Gamescom!
  14. Hi, me and my friend have problems with connect into all servers. Every time return error message "Character locked in database" for last hour minimal. Can somebody help us? My steamID 76561197999142803. Steam ID of my friend i dont have, cos he is stupid little c**t..
  15. Stress Test #38, version 0.63148200. Can't connect to game after i opened "broadcast station" inventory in Novy Sobor. Game always crashing without errors, if i try to connect. how fix this trouble? mb delete my character?
  16. Hello, I'm an old Dayz player and I wanted to get back on it after 0.63 update. I've made a fresh install and switched to "experimental" build, but when I start the game, this error appear: cannot open file 'addon\gear_books.pbobies.ebo' I tried to make a file cache clear (with all 3 option on) but problem is still on. Do you have any suggestions?
  17. Stress Test vol.35

    Hello guys, The new Stress Test is will be online in 15 minutes. We did some changes that should help with a server performance, we tweaked a limb damage and a long wooden stick can now be obtained with a knife, hurayy! 0.63.148115 is a number of the version. So let's test it!
  18. A "little" jump on top of the school in Severograd! This happened on the Stress test branch of DayZ, and it seems that if you jump right before an item, its edge will help your jump, giving you a boost.
  19. how many characters can I have?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to the game and dont wont to delete my experimental 0.63 char by accident, so can I still play on the stress test 'branch' and just swap back and forth in steam for stress<->experimental? If you know or think you know please state how sure you are about this and if the info is valid for 0.63, I saw some 'ancient' articles claiming you could have 4 chars: 1 for 3. person + 1 for 1. person on each hive. brgds /M_M
  20. Announcements

    Please read the information on this page fully and with extra care. Don't skip parts, everything here is important! → Play DayZ Survivors, the DayZ Dev Team needs your help! In order to proceed to a 0.63 Experimental release, our programmers need to stress-test the game = evaluate and debug the server performance of our current 0.63 builds. This can only be done in an environment where we have lots of players connecting to 0.63 servers. That's why we've decided to open these Stress Tests to the public and let everyone play 0.63 even BEFORE we can call it an Experimental build. It's going to be a "stress test" for the Dev Team as well, as the game is not yet fully ready to be played normally. However, stress-testing is an important step to ensure stability of DayZ when we reach Experimental. We will usually have about 50 servers running a 0.63 build utilizing a new Stress Test Branch on Steam. However, the number of available servers can be intentionally decreased if we decide to test some specific features (e.g. login queue behavior under heavy load). Servers will only be online when the Dev Team needs to run a specific test scenario. That means you will only be able to play for shorter periods of time (usually about 2 hours) and on an irregular schedule. Since we need to evaluate the tests live, they will usually run during the business hours of Central European Time. What version of DayZ is running on Stress Tests? It is a completely new branch of DayZ on Steam, where we will be running one of our internal 0.63 builds. This is not an Experimental release, and certainly NOT a DayZ BETA release! Why is this not considered an Experimental release? this build does not represent a typical DayZ gameplay experience, and is in general less polished and stable compared to our goals for the 0.63 Experimental some features and content can be switched on / off in Stress Tests, based on the specific part of the game we need to test at the moment we may spawn players with some items already in their inventory to speed up the Stress Tests. The same is true for spawn points, as those can be different for each Stress Test, and do not represent a typical DayZ experience that we aim for Is this the DayZ BETA? NO! What are you, the Dev Team, expecting from these Stress Tests? We mainly want to test server performance and see the number of players our servers can handle. Unfortunately, we are not able to do such large scale tests internally. We will be auto-collecting logs and server crashes for further analysis, as well as profiling the server performance. How can we, the players, help the Dev Team? We would love to kindly ask you to report all issues (except those listed below) that you encounter and provide us with data from potential client crashes. How to report it? We need you to send everything to our Feedback Tracker so that our lovely Dev Team can figure out what's going on. If you don't know how to make a Feedback Tracker ticket, this thread can help you. In case your game crashes, we will require more information from you - please make a Feedback Tracker ticket and add files from the folder C:\Users\PCName\AppData\Local\DayZ to your ticket. Your feedback is important to us, and you can help us release 0.63 Experimental faster! What is the schedule for running the Stress Tests? There is not a fixed day or a specific time of the day when we will run the Stress Tests, but it will usually happen during, or after CET business hours. Stress Tests will run only when they are needed for specific development purposes. We will do our best to provide at least a 2 hour notice before the next Stress Test begins. Please follow our Twitter Channel and make sure to participate on our forums as well to stay up to date. I am a content creator. Am I allowed to stream the Stress Tests and record the gameplay? Is there a server for content creators? We do not prevent anyone from streaming/recording the game, but we advise all content creators to wait for a more stable version of the game. It's also not ideal to stream the Stress Tests because of their ad-hoc nature, and unpredictable behavior. Please get in touch with our Community Manager BatyAlquawen in case you're interested in having a Content Creators Server - currently, there is no Content Creators Server for the Stress Test Branch. Known issues (= please DO NOT REPORT these issues on the Feedback Tracker): vaulting over fences happens automatically, and with a weird animation (this is a placeholder implementation before jumping/vaulting works as intended) using RMB (right mouse button) in some gestures can freeze the character (your character will be fixed after you reconnect to a server) setting key binds does not work properly at the moment the character can become desynced when moving at prone/crouch speed in the opposite stance the character can become desynced animation-wise = plays different animation than it should players are misplaced when more of them attempt to climb one ladder at the same time in rare cases, it might not be possible to exit a ladder when in a close proximity of some the environment objects, your character may be unable to raise hands players may glitch when attempting to prone on top of each other the camera may clip through the ground when in prone other players do not see your chat messages when you have a megaphone switched on ladder climbing animation can be glitched (wrong hand placement) clothing cannot be swapped in some circumstances weapons/magazines can occasionally become stuck in the inventory there are various visual animation glitches the visual representation of sky is incorrect there are various lighting/shadow glitches you may experience brief client-side freezes combining of magazines with ammo piles (as well as firearms with magazines/ammo piles) are working one way only after the spawn, character's camera can be stuck in free-look using free-look camera with a raised firearm (and eventually firing it) can lead to a mismatch of raised hands direction against camera direction while aiming down iron sights, a firearm may become shifted, and can be slightly rotated randomly around its vertical axis, which leads to some accuracy issues after fall impact, the player character is stunned for a while before he can move again the client can freeze briefly shortly after connecting to a server characters can become locked in database, preventing connection (try another server) possible connection issues due to large number of simultaneous connects character animations for hit impacts after being hit with projectiles are missing post process for hit impact is not played properly sometimes gear on players might not be synchronized between them properly What IS NOT to be expected of Stress Tests: authentic DayZ survival experience, this is mostly a PvP stress test to gather server performance data the infected - they are intentionally switched off in Stress Tests intended/final balance across game features, mechanics, systems and central economy intended/final design of GUI of menus, inventory, and HUD features not ready for Experimental features planned for the future releases (Experimental, BETA, 1.0) intended/final item's names, descriptions, sizes, capacities and inventory icons intended/final sound and visual effects like post processes, particles, rain, fog and lighting setup What IS to be expected during Stress tests a new Steam branch - you need to download 12 GB of files 52 stress test servers for 3120 players spawn points in Zelenogorsk work-in-progress iteration of the brand new player controller and some other features bugs and game crashes - servers may crash seconds after their start, be ready for that just in case Please help us manage the expectations of our community and do not share the following Stress Test Branch opt-in details directly with your friends. We would like to kindly ask you to only share a direct link to this DayZ.com page. That way, you will help us in our effort to create a well informed community, and you will contribute significantly to the overall efficiency of Stress Tests. Thank you! right click DayZ in your Steam Library click Properties click the Betas tab the "Stress Test Branch" is unlocked now - select that branch in a drop down menu and let the client files download How to revert back to Stable Branch? → right click DayZ in your Steam Library → click Properties → click the Betas tab → in the drop down menu choose NONE = opt out of all beta programs and close the properties → play DayZ How to find Stress test servers? → click the Change Server tab on the welcome page → write "Stress test" into the Search prompt on the right side of the screen → select a server of your choice
  21. Stress Test Reports

    27/04/2018 Hello Survivors, Thanks for a quick stress test. So far it seems that one of the changes to character locks and/or BE kicks had issues with the Database backend that only shows up during high stress. We will look over the logs to make sure it can scale properly. I`m sorry it was so short this time, but this is also the reason we do these. The changes are done by stress test branch however still available when playing offline. Looking forward to your feedback!.
  22. Me and 1Lt Mike on our journey in the North West airfield, right when we finished looting the north area, we saw two guys. We decided to flank around and have visual from the north area. From there, we started to hear suppress shots close to us. Safe to say, the AKM at the moment is the most used primary in the Experimental branch, mostly because of the lack of guns. Recoil is much easier to control, making it one (if not the best) best gun in this branch.
  23. Tetsting footsteps sounds

    Hello, everyone today I decided to make a video about the different sounds of footsteps so all you sneaky beakys can get some kills
  24. 0.62 After the update the game does not start As far as I understand, the game stopped working after installing the update 7MB on 28.06. Received administrator rights, checked the PC for viruses, reinstalled BattlEye and Steam. Disconnected the antivirus and Windows firewall. Installed game on D and S (SSD) drive. Did not help. Completely reinstalled Windows that just did not help. Installed 0.63. Also error My system: Operating System: Windows10 Pro 64-Bit Version 1803 CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 Motherboard: Gigabyte H370 Aorus Gaming 3 WiFi (rev. 1.0) . The BIOS version of F6 Graphics Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 Xtreme Gaming 2GB GDDR5 Ram: HyperX Predator 8GB DDR4 PC4-21300 HX426C13PB3/8 HDD: Samsung 860 EVO