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Found 43 results

  1. Exp Update 0.62.14463

    Hello guys! What is new in 0.62.14463: Christmas trees are deleted (presents are still in, because we know you like them a lot). Security update. Have a nice #mememonday!
  2. Hello Survivors, We are sending out a hotfix for containers nesting, which could have affected server performance. Have a nice day!
  3. Hello everyone, here is the fix for enabled gift spawning without a necessity of persistence wipe. We need to test it and we will send it to the Stable branch ASAP. Have a nice day!
  4. Stable Update 0.62.143758

    Hello Survivors, Stable branch servers are going down for a small update - in the meantime, enjoy our Year In Review video: Hotfix: containers nesting, which could have affected server performance. Merry Chrismas and Happy Holidays Survivors! :)
  5. Stable Update 0.62.143758

    Hello everyone, we are pushing out the fix for enabled gift spawning without a necessity of persistence wipe + BattleEye update. Merry Christmass!
  6. Hello Survivors, What is new on Experimental branch: server crash fix client crash fixes fix for a server kick Thank you for attention and have a nice night! :)
  7. Hey guys, It is time to remove Halloween pumpkins. I hope you had fun with them. :) And we fixed a server crash. Have a nice day(Z)!
  8. Stable Update 0.62.142963

    Hello guys, we pushed out a security update from Experimental branch. Over and out!
  9. Building Our Base

    So here's a video about when I began making my base. The video takes more of a cinematic approach towards the end. I hope you guys enjoy :)
  10. Stable Update 0.62.140694

    Hello guys, We are pushing out the latest Experimental update with two changes: map color pallette changes Before: After: ghillie color/shaders changes Whole team is working hard on 0.63 update and Gamescom demo/video/organisation so we are super busy. I hope we will see you there :). Status report: https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-25-july-2017 And don't eat bugs, here is a better place for them: https://feedback.bistudio.com/.
  11. Stable Update 0.62.140525

    Good morning everyone! The latest Experimental update has been pushed to Stable branch and it has very important fix in it. Here is it: fixed some server crashes reproducible by players fix for client crash upon disconnect trackIR sluggish response should now be improved fixed ghillie visual (We made some changes to colours of Chernarus couple of updates ago, and the ghillie suit was in need of some colour tweaks as well.) fixed some client side crashing changes to wind samples And as always, if you have any bug or crash, we have a special place for it: https://feedback.bistudio.com/ Greetings from dev team!
  12. Hello Experimental players! We have an important fix today: fixed some server crashes reproducible by players changes to wind samples Thank you for your attention and have a good day!
  13. Stable Update 0.62.140275

    Good morning Survivors, We are pushing the latest Experimental update to Stable branch now. What is new: fixed another very common client memory crash + related optimizations fixed official/community servers to display in proper tab in server browser (you can't see it now, but it will be visible on the Stable branch later) tweaked vehicle behavior on dirt roads fixed an incorrect sedan spawning location Did you have any game crash or bug? This is the best place to report it : https://feedback.bistudio.com/ Have a nice Wednesday and see you at Chernarus!
  14. Hello guys, If you are using MSI Afterburner when you're playing DayZ, you can probably have an issue with Steam overlay. I have a fix for you: Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\RivaTuner Statistics Server\ProfileTemplates Find a file called "global" in the folder Open the file and find InjectionDelayTriggers = IGO64.dll line Add ",GameOverlayRenderer64.dll" (without the "") behind the IGO64.dll The line should look like this now: InjectionDelayTriggers = IGO64.dll,GameOverlayRenderer64.dll Save I hope this will help you! :)
  15. Hello guys, We have some small fixes today. tweaked vehicle behavior on dirt roads fixed an incorrect sedan spawning location Don't forget - is Status Report Tuesday! :) Have a nice day! :)
  16. Stable Update 0.62.140099

    Hello Survivors, We are pushing to Stable branch a new update from Experimental branch (including 12 previous Experimental updates): Fixes: inability to bind additional mouse keys ironsight mode getting cancelled some tree collisions Q/E causing character to stutter during movement tips of trees/branches splitting in the wind many issues related to the map object placement (still wip) incorrect object outlines when viewed against the sky ghillie shaders tanning pelts is possible again pelts can be colored in a barrel again some ladders killing players collision geometries of castle objects trippy/colorful clouds glitch incorrect V3S spawning location important memory management issue bus collisions to lessen the chance of it getting stuck on uneven terrain hotfix for one of the most common server crashes items should no longer stretch when being rotated in inspect clutter texture and configuration: Tweaks: Chernarus lighting brightness of railway tracks colors of few solitary trees (such as apple tree) ambient sound volumes the visual of stars mid level detail texture for Chernarus vehicle physics ground, road texture effect of wind on some vegetation breath particle effects alert values for AIs when it comes to shot reaction Sky shader Navmesh Some updated objects on the map: many improvements to the object placement around Pushtoshka, Lopatino, hills between Stary Sobor, Kabanino, Grishino and western border, Gorka, Altar, Black Forrest, Kamensk village and hill, Solnichniy, Three valleys, Msta, Staroye, Guglovo, Zub castle revision of deerstand locations across the Chernarus (including the addition of new ones and removal of some existing) More changes: some dev-side stuff for our internal analysis committed changes that should help with both server performance and client fps drop/freeze in order to monitor its behavior in public environment changed look/functionality of server browser to differentiate between official and community servers. additional server side logs to help us diagnose reported situations in which players get kicked from servers matchbox can be used to destroy a vehicle via an action (it is just a hotfix): CHARACTER AND PERSISTENCE NEED TO BE WIPED IN THIS UPDATE. I am sorry for your tents,barrels and gear, but it is needed because of a crash hotfix. Please, report any game crash you had - we would appreciate if you could send your crash dump files from the folder C:\Users\YourPCName\AppData\Local\DayZ to our Feedback Tracker. Thank you for playing DayZ!
  17. Happy Monday to all! Experimental servers are back and we have some fixes for you :). fixed another very common client memory crash + related optimizations fixes for proper trackIR functionality, please try it if you're using it and let us know if it works for you fixed official/community servers to display in proper tab in server browser (you can't see it now, but it will be visible on the Stable branch later) Have a nice start of the week and see you at Chernarus!
  18. Mouse delay / Smooth (0.60)

    Since the installation of 0.60, Bohemia told us that there would have been a novelty as indicated: New Player Controller. Here is the major part that makes my experience negative, when I move my mouse, I feel a slight delay or an undesirable slip. That really bothers me because in the 0.54-0.59, I never felt that. I tried several times the problem on the Bugtracker or a solution in the forum, but none could meet their expectations, so here. I manage Windows 10 (64 bits), I have a GTX 745 and I turn the game to more than 60 FPS since the famous update. But a problem persists, a movement softened my sensitivity. I assure you have done all the updates on my computer, erase my file DayZ in the documents, re-install DayZ but nothing does. If a developer or a staff member could respond to this problem, seeing a player who was able to fix this error would be very nice. Thank you and I rest on you.
  19. I tried 0.62, and I would like to make a remark on the sounds. The new graphical overhaul is awesome. And the new sounds are very nice to. However, there is something with the sound that makes it very hard to differentiate player sounds or environmental sounds. This basically results in always feeling someone is around you. Now some may say that this adds to the paranoid feeling. However, if you have a 2 or 3 hour play session, this will be bad from a tactical point of view and also it makes you ignore sounds after a while. I.o.w. for me as a lone player, this is very bad. I am not the only one that experience this sounds behavior. I've heard other mentioning that they also have the idea that they hear footsteps, or other noises, while walking (or even standing still) that makes it seem they hear other players. Now i think there are 2 major parts of being aware of your surroundings. The first one is visually, so looking around if you see other players. The second one is sound. So listening to footsteps, etc. And you can't rely on sounds anymore, because it's impossible to differentiate, and like said, you become numb for sounds because of the environmental sounds. Perhaps there are more people with the same experience?
  20. Stable Update 0.62.139835

    Hello Survivors, Stable 0.62 update is out and we are looking for feedback now. If you are not familiar with what is new in the 0.62 update: New tree models Denser forests New clutter (grass, small plants) New surface textures - plains and such Improved wind behavior New shader for the wind, affecting trees and grass Tweaked and changed lighting for the world Small improvements to satellite textures Rain affected by wind and refinement of its behavior in general Many reworked locations on Chernarus Reworked ghillie (to be consistent with new tech) Small bugfixes to some issues from 0.61 New ambient sounds Do you have a game crash? We would appreciate if you could send your crash dump files from the folder C:\Users\YourPCName\AppData\Local\DayZ to our Feedback Tracker. By submitting those files, you can help us to solve game crash issues. And this is the place for your bugs: https://feedback.bistudio.com/ Thank you for your help, Survivors.