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Found 66 results

  1. Mouse delay / Smooth (0.60)

    Since the installation of 0.60, Bohemia told us that there would have been a novelty as indicated: New Player Controller. Here is the major part that makes my experience negative, when I move my mouse, I feel a slight delay or an undesirable slip. That really bothers me because in the 0.54-0.59, I never felt that. I tried several times the problem on the Bugtracker or a solution in the forum, but none could meet their expectations, so here. I manage Windows 10 (64 bits), I have a GTX 745 and I turn the game to more than 60 FPS since the famous update. But a problem persists, a movement softened my sensitivity. I assure you have done all the updates on my computer, erase my file DayZ in the documents, re-install DayZ but nothing does. If a developer or a staff member could respond to this problem, seeing a player who was able to fix this error would be very nice. Thank you and I rest on you.
  2. First Aid Kit storage capacity

    So I understand that from 0.57 medical kit got its capacity reduced to 4 slots (2x2). Previously I would look to obtain one because it allowed me to carry more medical stuff. But now I feel its kinda pointless to have. Should it be returned to store medical items only and have capacity of 6 slots (3x2) like it used to do or are people fine with it the way it is?
  3. Performance - FPS

    Hello survivors. I'd like to know anyone has any information on DayZ Performance Improvement (FPS). After the implementation of the new render (0.60), there was no further talk. Despite the improvement, Dayz's performance is still very tight. I have a PC with the settings higher than those recommended, but in cities, even with the setting in normal, it is always below 40 fps, if I improve the graphic then it drops to 30. Entering vehicle in the city due to speed, the fps drops to 20, sometimes 15 ... unplayable. Does anyone know if there are still new rendering steps to be implemented that will improve fps and finally raise Dayz's fps to acceptable levels (over 60 fps)?
  4. Red 9 Revenge

  5. How long tents/barrels last?

    For how long do Tents and barrels last in 0.60 stable? In game days or real world days?
  6. 0.60 - Hunting Campers

    Rob gets killed by coast campers, and the gang has a change of pace - from Kamyshovo to Cherno, hunting the absolute worst of the DayZ Playerbase.
  7. Chambered FAL

  8. First episode in a series of short clips which don't merit their own video. Music featured in this video: Track 2 : Ian Anderson - Frequency Omega Created by Ian Anderson, aka Beaver Productions Feel free to use as you wish, all I ask is that you give credit and link people to my YouTube page. Audio only versions can be downloaded at: https://beav.bandcamp.com/track/frequency-omega http://uptobox.com/9m0a6r33qp5k https://soundcloud.com/edoian/frequency-omega
  9. Two Hours!

    This video contains edited highlights of a very long and stressful series of activity in Zelenogorsk which lasted over 2 hours. I needed to go lie down afterwards
  10. Beav - SVD Support 0.60

  11. Hello everybody, While playing DayZ (latest stable) after few minutes I am being thrown into Main Menu without any error or notification appearing (not for me, not to my friends that play on the same server). Searched through the Internet, no recent solutions. It forces me then to press "Play" again to play for additional few more minutes, although with a cooldown of 30 seconds, which is very inconvenient in my situation. I have tried: Veryfying integrity of game files Getting newest version of BattleEye Lowering settings Different servers Could anyone help me? Do you need any more information? I am not aware of any log file in DayZ documents, if you need one, please do direct me to it. Thank you in advance!