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Found 32 results

  1. After a few fresh spawn try to unsuccessfully attack us on our journey west, we end up at Zelenogorsk. We seem to always get into scraps here. This time we come across some jail camping villainy.
  2. Killed by Cowards

    Dayz SA 0.59 stable. Minding my own business and I guess a little too relaxed and because I was looking into the sun I didn't see two other players and first thought they were infected. They hold me up, I do exactly what they say, and answer their questions. I am completely defenseless. Seems to me they had no clue what to do and could have easily disarmed me, constraint me, have me put down all my gear and take what they wanted but they came up with the brilliant and creative method off "shoot him in the head". I hate this type of player... Don't know why aspect ratio is off, shadowplay seems very bugged lately.
  3. 0.59 micro-stuttering

    Hello, since the latest update hit stable I've been experiencing some very unpleasant performance issues ingame. My FPS is surprisingly quite good and isn't related to my problems. In the wilderness my FPS is 50-70, which is fine and in bigger towns around 30-40, so still playable. The issue I'm having is subtle, but always present micro-stuttering. The game lags for a split second roughly every 3 seconds. I have tried reinstalling the game, moving it to my SSD, changing up all possible settings, killing all processes imaginable.. Nothing had any influence on it whatsoever. It happens on every server and thus is also most likely not related to connection problems. I've found a similar post on DayZ subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/3wa4av/059_microstutter/ and a topic here on forums, that is not limited to the 0.59 update: https://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/229640-is-this-lag/?hl=stutter I should say I haven't played the game for a while now so my issues could go few weeks back as well. You can see what I mean in the begining of this video posted in the topic linked above: It makes the game quite unplayable and nothing I've tried makes in any better. My GPU: NVIDIA GTX970, CPU: i5 2500k 4.5Ghz, 16GB RAM If anybody has any tips on how to make the stutter disappear, I'll definitely appreciate if you share them with me and anybody who is experiencing the same. Thank you and have a nice day. EDIT: It seems turning off antialiasing and adding the launch command -winxp fixed the issue.
  4. Epic Jumps & Epic Fails!

    Here are some of my best epic jumps and epic fails with the new vehicles added in 0.59 I hope you guys enjoy :D
  5. DayZ Outakes #2 - Funny moments & PVP

  6. A huge problem with V3S

    So I found 2 trucks very close to each other in Stary Yar and I poured a lot of manhours into finding a decent set of tires (anything less than that wouldn't work anyway). All the tires are now pristine except for one double wheel, which is worn. However, either truck, seen here, wouldn't even move (well, if you don't count spazzing). Truck 1: Truck 2: I tried taking the tires on and off, in fact I changed the entire set twice on each truck. I refuse to believe they can't start due to the terrain, even the bus on half-damaged wheels would at least move back on the road no problem. Yes, I know how to handle gears and neither the reserve nor first (nor the second, for good measure) does anything, regardless of what I do with the steering wheel. However, all the tires move as expected. Everything should really be great but all I get is shaking. I relogged several times for the problems to go away, to no avail. What do you think is wrong? Again, I know the trucks are very problematic right now, but I'm positive that the bus would work perfectly fine in these conditions even on worse tires. It's clearly not your standard problem with the poor maneuverability of trucks. And I patiently retried many times. Any ideas, guys?
  7. Episode 5 of my best moments in DayZ from the past couple of weeks, hope you enjoy :D
  8. I spent alot of time trying to find the FN FAL too only have it for acouple of hours...regardless I still had alot fun while I had it :D
  9. The hatchbacks extra wheel

    I were just wondering if there's any way to remove and use the extra tire that you can put in the extra tire slot in front of the hatchback. I've so far tried using a wrench, a lug wrench, just hands and switching to the new UI. I hope somebody's found something because I'm out of ideas.
  10. A guy shoots at me from Novo Tower...I have no Ammo...Only A Hockey Stick...Let's see how this goes.
  11. [0.59] Showcase Showdown Part II

    Location: Various Coordinates: N/ABuild: 0.59 Stable Branch Throughout this sequel film our research team will showcase items, functions, as well as bugs that are new to the 0.59 Stable Branch. Thanks for watching!
  12. The Magic Fun Bus - 0.59 Stable

  13. Sedan Funny Moments 0.59 DayZ Standalone

    Had alot of fun so far with the Sedan in 0.59, here's some short clips :D
  14. The medieval sword?

    Is it spawning in 0.59 stable? I can't seem to find it. Love those lovely new greathelms, though. But a sword would be a fantastic match.
  15. 0.59 Controller not recognised

    Hello all, I have a broken finger so I can't play using the keyboard and mouse combo, been using the pad but as of 0.59 it doesn't work properly! You can still run about with it, but cannot use any other of the functions and the pad is no longer recognised at the start screen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.