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Found 17 results

  1. The Hold Up - 0.58 Dayz Standalone

    Me and the guy's get into some trouble in Chernogorsk just before we hold up... Hope you guys enjoy the video :D
  2. Some more of my best moments in DayZ from the past couple of weeks, hope you enjoy the video :D
  3. Never let your guard down and even more importantly, if you're going to shoot at someone make sure to hit/kill them #PotatoeAim hope you guys enjoy the video :D
  4. Jasper and Paul find some trouble down in Cherno :D Hope you enjoy the video!
  5. Some of my best moments in DayZ from the past 2 weeks or so, hope you enjoy the video :D
  6. Mayhem At Myshkino Tents (DayZ Video)

    My friend Dave (Milkshake) gets killed down at Myshkino tents, so I move down from the western hill to try and avenge him with my trusty Mosin 9130 Nagant, hope you enjoy the video :D
  7. CR527 Carbine Hunting Scope fix

    So I found a sort of fix to be able to use the hunting scope on the Carbine without you un-scoping and missing where your shots a landing/hitting. Just thought I would share this with you guys if you didn't know about it and fancied trying out the Carbine, anyway thankyou for reading/watching the video! :D Astro
  8. There ARE zombies in 0.58!

    I know we've all talked about how there is no zombies in 0.58, I thought they were removed for some glitch reason or something but hey ho I found some! Well only two to be precise but I can hear a third somewhere just can't track him down yet lol.
  9. Can't tear clothes for rags

    For the life of me I just can't tear clothing (shirts, etc, the usual things) into rags on .58 stable. Just doesn't give me the option... Also can't find any bandages, so am relying on a couple of untied bandanas in the event of any untowardness. Having not seen this phenomenon reported elsewhere, wondering if it's just me.
  10. After hearing about people finding it difficult to get the best weapons on the new patch I decided to make a short video. Showing the best strategy on how to start stock piling the best military loot on the new 0.58 patch as well as showing the best place to find military grade weapons! I hope this helps!
  11. 0.58 Adventures DayZ Standalone

    Here is my latest video guys based on the new EXP patch coming this Wednesday! I have been trying to play alot more friendly in this patch..... Please let me know what you think! Enjoy!
  12. 0.58 EXP Encounters - Dayz Standalone

    I've some some nice and some really intense moments on the EXP 0.58 Here are two from last night can't wait to have a more friendly moments like this when this hits stable.
  13. Are there no other spawn points in the game any more on .58? I get Svet spawns every time for the past couple weeks now. Not once ever have I spawned anywhere else. Frustrating.
  14. An epic journey from Cherno to Novo

    Here is my new video everyone! Sit back grab the popcorn and enjoy!
  15. so...wheres 0.58 stable?

    Hey guys. So...wheres 0.58 stable? It was supposed to be here Wednesday. We've heard nothing new since then. Its now Saturday. You wonder why people quit playing and constantly rant about the development process, this is why. It happens every time. If your gonna have release dates, try to stick to them. We understand things go wrong sometimes, but every damn time? Really? Its getting ridiculous. If theres gonna be delays, at least tell us instead of just going and hiding away. Rant over.

    hey i saw somewhere on the status report that our characters will be reseted after the 0.58 goes live. i have an SVD and i havent found a mag yet. i have just made my first guilie suit and i have an akm i dont want to loose them. There is no need of removing them from me it doesnt serve any purpose for you. plz dont remove them i would really appreciate it if you could let me die with my loot and not remove it at the upgrade.