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Found 7 results

  1. DayZ Outakes #2 - Funny moments & PVP

  2. Hey guys just made a video, got a lil surprise when i realized I could now shoot through those stairs, you were never able to before, I'm glad the devs are getting the liil things that matter done, on this note how good is shooting through windows these days? is it still a gamble?
  3. With .59 I noticed a huge change in the availability and location of ammunition\magazine. I wanted to share my findings with you and see if my experience is the same as yours to see if I might be doing something wrong. All of my data comes from playing at the WOBO EU community private server Locations ordered by times searched Small Cities Medium Cities Heli crash sites Big military bases (NWAF,Myshinko) Big cities Small military bases Small and Medium Cities proofed to be very safe and easy to loot which is why I searched them the most. Heli crash sites where often safe but always looted. Big military bases provided the most loot which makes them worth the risk. Big cities and small military bases were often as risky as the big military bases while providing far less loot. Locations ordered by ammo yielded Big military bases (Very High) Police Stations (Medium) Small military bases (Medium) Cars (Low) Civilian buildings (very very low) Heli crashsites (nearly always looted) Ammo has become far more concentrated in the big military bases. Even though police stations now spawn a good amount of smg mags they are still not even close to the big military places (Hence the jump “medium” to “very high”). However the biggest change I noticed is how little ammo is now spawning in civilian buildings. I have had situations where I searched a small, medium and big city in succession without finding a single type of ammo or mag in civilian buildings (excluding police stations). Ammunition ordered by quantity found: 7.62x39mm ( used by, for example, AKM) 5.45mm (AK) 9x39mm SP-6 (VSS) 9mm (MP 5) .380 (Scorpion) .45ACP ( UMP) .367 (Magnum) 12 gauge buckshot (Shotguns) .22 (Sporter) 7.62x54 (Mosin) 5.56mm (AUG) .308 Winchester There are a few things I find extremely odd about this: First the probably weakest type of Ammo (.22 and 12 gauge) have become extremely rare. Even before the patch the weapon using these types of ammo were extremely unpopular (from my experience) and where ditched at the first sign of another usable weapon. Sniper Ammo has become pretty scare I have found more 5.56mm rounds than I have Winchester Ammo. However this doesn’t fit in with the abundance of the 9x39mm rounds. Most of the 9mm rounds where found in military bases in the ammo strips for the Red9 (~90%) I have found about as much 9mm as I have of ammos in from places 5-12 combined I have probably found 10-20 times more 7.62x39mm than 9mm rounds. Which shows there is a massive gap between military rounds and civilian. Magazines orderd by amount found: AKM AK 74 RED 9 SKS VSS Scorpion MP5 RAK UMP SVD CR75 1991 P1 Makarov FNX, Sporter ,Amphibia, CR527,Mosin Rest The biggest winner, in comparison with the latest patch, are sub machine guns. They seem to spawn in greater numbers and spawn in police stations as well as military locations which gives them a very good spawn chance. Of course the leader is still the military gear mainly AKs and AKMs but smgs got a nice boost and availability. Pistols on the other hand lost hard. Civilian buildings hardly spawn a mag anymore and in police stations they have to fight with the smgs. A result of this is that most fresh spawn fights are now done with smgs. Since the start of 59 I have only been shot at by a pistol about 1 or 2 times. Besides fresh spawn fights, which are done with smgs, later gunfights seems to be done mainly with AKMs /Ak74 or sks most of the time. I have also watched a couple of streams which pretty much showed the same pattern. Results/Thoughts: I feel like .58 spawned too much ammo and the current patch tried to fix this by spawning more guns and less ammo but didn’t really consider military gear/police gear. Which leads to a dominance of these weapons. Ammo doesn’t really feel more scarce if you look for the right weapons/right places. This leads to a situation where weapon viability has gone down pretty hard and most people use only a few weapons
  4. The Magic Fun Bus - 0.59 Stable

  5. So with the release of .59 I decided to plonk myself down and play for a solid four hours straight with the sole intent of finding one of the new vehicles and road tripping from Solnichy to the North East Airfield, I was also pleased to see that the update included "zombies reintroduced in large numbers" in the changelog. That is, until after my second hour of searching for a vehicle which included 0 zombie encounters (from Chernogorsk to Berezino) and 0 found vehicles. Now, I can understand that vehicles are more or less a luck of the draw and I might not have been lucky enough to find one of the 10 or so spawning vehicles across the entirety of Chernarus, and that's fine, I'll just look again next time, but zombies? I was looking forward to seeing zombies again, it's been months since I've seen a zombie in DayZ, and while I understand why their spawns were lowered I've been eagerly awaiting their return only to not find any when they supposedly have returned. After another 2 hours I ended up walking to North East and being shot instantly which is about what I expected, and disappointingly, I did not see a single zombie. Or any animals for that matter. Anyone else having this issue? Is this an issue? Is it really just me?
  6. tent persistence in .59

    So I saw in the newest status report that tents were getting a refreshed lifetime if you interacted with them. Does this mean that server maintenance won't affect or delete tents anymore if you leave them?