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Found 49 results

  1. Compilation of memorable monets from DayZ #5

  2. Dayz Standalone Funny Moments

    Dayz Standalone bring you more then only combat. Today I want to show some good and fun time with my friends in Dayz Standalone.
  3. Compilation of memorable moments from DayZ! #4

  4. Funny DayZ Suicide

    A short video showing my friends and I dealing with some interesting people at NEAF. Please leave me some feedback and enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDidPXMQgtY&feature=youtu.be
  5. Funny Moments in Dayz SA =UN=

    DAYZ a place where people from all over the world come together to survive in the cruel wasteland that is Chernarus, but it's not always hard times.The =UN= Clan was formed from a ragtag bunch of British, Americans, Canadians, Finnish, Irish, Australians and a New Zealander. This is DAYZ, this is The United Nations:
  6. DayZ Funny Moments

    I recently uploaded a video showing the funnier side of DayZ Standalone. Please check it out and leave me some feedback. Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJZ2o7gI35s&list=UUqoLE9ABRii9mHI6c04VfIg
  7. My friends and I had a rough night in the prison!
  8. DayZ Friendlies

  9. The Best Moments Of DayZ

    These are my best moments so far in my YouTube videos. Enjoy! (Nearly at 700 subscriiiibeers. Thank you ALL so much. I love the DayZ community!)
  10. [Day Z] The Badge Man [LAST video before stand alone]
  11. When i first started dayz i logged into my first server, i spawned in elektro, there where like 8 - 12 people in the hospital all being friendly we survived together for a while then went our seperate ways, i survived for 7 days before i died (i ran out of food way up north, i found a cow but it vanished on me when i tried to gut it :() ive never seen anything like it sinse, tell me about your first dayz moments! :)
  12. Funny Moments - Episode 3

    Don't forget to check out other episodes as well! :D Thanks
  13. Just post your best bandit stories on this thread! Don't know if there is a topic on this already, sorry if there is! Also, a little picture to all them serious, solo bandits :)
  14. Hey all! A while ago I made a short film in Battlefield 3 called 'ONE' you can view that if you've not seen it! (it's worth it!)I've released a new film called 'Moments' - Filmed inside of Battlefield 3 Moments it's inspired by the regular users who have created videos showing their awesome in-game Battlefield 3 Stunts!. Filmed it in 1 week using 15 skilled players this explosive action cinematic from Robert Stoneman the maker of Battlefield 3 Machinima 'ONE' cinematically recreates some of the best Battlefield 3 Moments out there! from the seemingly impossible dog fights to kick-ass killing streaks! it has to be seen to be believed. Enjoy! :) Thanks, Steinmann
  15. So what are some of the scaries moments you've had in dayz? I havn't had that many, but one of the scariest has to be when i was fully kitted out, in my finally fully rapaired truck, when all of a sudden someone shouted 'HACKER', then almost instantly, everyone on the server died, my car exploded, the explosion almost deafening me, but somehow,i managed to get out of the truck before it 're'exploded and survived, jeez i was scared.
  16. Hey Guys, Thanks for checking out this forum post. Basically this a short highlight from a recent DayZ Livestream I did. It was captured on a Private Hive rMod server, which information can be found within the info section of the video.I was playing with QnOmniKai (DayZ Legend) and it was one of the funniest moments I have ever had in DayZ. I hope you enjoy and if you do don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
  17. Greetings Day Z Community I am happy to announce the start up of Day Z's Funniest Moments series. Each episode I hope to include up to 8 clips or more, up to a minute each of some of the most hilarious, entertaining clips of Day Z activity. At the start of each clip, I will have an indicator of which youtube user the video clip belongs to. This series is for non-montized purposes and soley for the purpose of collecting and bringing together some of the most hilarious and entertaing clips on youtube. If you would like to have a chance to be included in this series, please send your video submissions below or to me via PM. By the way, the more can of beans you get for your submission, the more likely I will include your video. I will NOT include video submissions from hackers. Even if what they did may be hilarious, the way in which they obtained the comical situation was not natural. Day Z's Funniest Momments: Episode 1: To be announced Spotlights are in order of who's clip will be shown first. Spotlight #1: (Please go to 5:00 to 6:02, that is the submission clip)A special thanks to him for inspiring me to develope this series Spotlight #2: Spotlight #3: Spotlight #4: Spotlight #5: Spotlight #6: Spotlight #7: Spotlight #8:
  18. So...Some creative hackers invaded our favourite server earlier this evening... http://youtu.be/flZ2TnC-UcA
  19. I compiled a video of the group I play with's funniest / best moments in DayZ so far. All of these clips are took from previous videos which are still up on my channel and I put all the best bits from them into this one video. Anyway, I hope some of you enjoy it.