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    I've been a gamer for 6 or so years but didn't enter the pc scene until around 3 years ago.
  1. Good to see you on the forums Rocket, thanks for keeping us informed. :)
  2. rarabka233

    Your first dayz screenshot

    It's not too great of a screenshot, I took it to remember my first feeling of hopelessness in Dayz. This was before I knew you could change your name, so now you all know my first name. :P
  3. rarabka233

    October Round-up: #DayZDaily

    I mostly post in off-topic and you tend to say just what I am thinking, only more in-depth and better formatted. :D
  4. rarabka233

    October Round-up: #DayZDaily

    Unbinding that key.... Edit: Damn that was embarrassing.
  5. rarabka233

    October Round-up: #DayZDaily

    It's an american thing done by our soldiers, police and the like. Note: This only applies to patches worn on the right shoulder.
  6. rarabka233

    How do you get around?

    Just the same as my real day to day, biking. No need for gas, doesn't make much noise and it's a lot faster than walking.
  7. rarabka233

    Dean says...

    Only the first few times.
  8. rarabka233

    DayZ Developer Blog 7th September 2013

    I'd have to say one of the few games to pull off a cover system in an FPS environment well is Red Orchestra 2. If it were that kind of cover system I wouldn't mind it in the slightest. Still good old fashion leaning is preferable to everything else.
  9. rarabka233

    October Round-up: #DayZDaily

    I'm willing to just what I did in the early days of the mod, constantly hit connect until a slot opens up.
  10. rarabka233

    So how many NVGS...

    I've found 1 in a barracks, 1 at a heli crash and another on a pilot near a heli crash so three then. I've been with a friend who has found two; once in a barracks and once on a pilot. Overall I must have played over 700 hours nearly all of the summer and quite a bit into the fall last year. I almost never played anything other than vanilla in all of my time playing dayz. So I am not sure how common they are in the other mods, but I do very well remember the time when duping was rampant. Running into a tent with 8 pairs of nvgs tucked away wasn't even a rare occurrence(I ran over more tents than I can count).
  11. rarabka233

    The Offical DayZ forums Animation thread

    Last time I talked to engan he was pretty busy plus he's not really active on the forums either. Grumpy Cat knows him a lot better than I do though, maybe he could get in contact with him. Fraggle may be a better bet.
  12. rarabka233

    Automatik walk button

    Do you mean minimized, alt+tabbed or a laptop playing the game being closed? I'm pretty confused by this. Edit: Pretty sure if any of this was used people would end up walking into walls, trees, whatever and not making any progress or simply just getting themselves killed.
  13. rarabka233

    October Round-up: #DayZDaily

    If that was the short version I am scared to think of the original. I read and it was a good read, gave me some perspective. For a while now this part of the forums have been full of 2 or 3 person discussions that just go back and forth in a almost aggressive(or actually aggressive) way. It's gotten a little ridiculous and I think people need to post and read with a clear head and try not to have the opinion of another user influence how they read their posts(as Wayze said look at it from a neutral standpoint). This is what I am assuming most of the arguments taking place here have been based on, just simple misinterpretations.
  14. rarabka233

    My opinion of KoS.....

    None other than the almighty creator. You may know him by the name "Rocket"
  15. rarabka233

    October Round-up: #DayZDaily

    I just tried and It looks like that for me too, I have been having weird problems like that since chrome updated. I have a feeling I need to re-install it.