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    I've been a gamer for 6 or so years but didn't enter the pc scene until around 3 years ago.
  1. rarabka233

    Dat combo...

    Are we going to do this again? Well here is another strange Asian yearly collab.
  2. I must have watched this like 20 times since it came out on New Years eve. Mowtendoo organizes some great collabs
  3. rarabka233

    So Whatcha get?

    Socks handmade by my grandmother and some less awesome clothes. The entire book set of A Song of Ice and Fire. 3 Newegg gift cards totaling $700, all going towards the enthusiast PC build I am working on currently. I'm sure I will make a thread about that in detail soon. Oh yeah, also 3 CDs of music from the Boston Brass Orchestra.
  4. The 7:05 mark is the best part in any video ever. Edit: Merry Christmas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PFInHYK_OM
  5. I played WarFrame for quite a while but haven't played it much since It left beta.
  6. rarabka233

    How much is your steam account?

    Over the last 4 years, you've spent 5713.9 hours playing this selection, which includes 787 items, is valued at $11110.71, and requires 3445.1 GB Edit:Steam Gauge Broke. I fixed the values, was honestly wondering how It said I had 11tb. I'm honestly not surprised. Do I win?
  7. My two favorite collabs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrnaTBHurDQ Just noticed that you cannot embed it, now I am sad. :(
  8. Only know of a few especially good snoop ones.
  9. Stumbled across another gem.
  10. I wouldn't have it any other way. Edit:
  11. Can't beat a classic. Edit: In regards to the thread being renamed.
  12. rarabka233

    O.o [SA website discussion]

    Between this and the Star Citizen live-stream, I think this is going to be an amazing day.
  13. rarabka233


    I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. Only had Playstations as a kid (I still have never played a Legend of Zelda game) but never got 3 until 2 months ago after a $100 price drop. I think I am done with consoles, if they have good exclusives I'll just wait until they are cheap right before the next generation. Nothing about the PS4 interested me and the Xbox:One just looks awful. I honestly didn't even know the PS4 was out in the US until I read this thread.
  14. Good to see you on the forums Rocket, thanks for keeping us informed. :)
  15. rarabka233

    Dead Rising looks sweet!

    It doesn't look like it will have the fun goofiness of the first two and that turns me away from it, not to mention the whole Xbox One thing.