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  1. echozeero

    Experimental switch for private servers

  2. echozeero

    BETA Status Report - November 28

    https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/87700-dayz-063beta-discussion-thread/?page=14&tab=comments#comment-1611939 Our community has been very supportive of DayZ for a long time but seriously, the current state of updates is seriously underwhelming and soul crushing. Nothing but disappointment.
  3. echozeero

    My Bandit Bag, What's In Yours?

    You're carrying an SKS and an AKM, which both use the same ammunition, what's the point?
  4. echozeero

    German military vehicle: LGS Fennek. An Easy addition to SA

    You're still completely ignoring the point. Dayz is meant to be a player VS environment game mostly when near completion, it is meant to get players to fight the zombie threat, not to be a militarized PVP warzone with a side dish of zombie annoyance. Military vehicles have no place in this setting, the vehicles should be common cars and trucks that can easily be repaired and maintained by the general populace, not ones that required an engineering degree to be taken care of. It's already been said that armored vehicles are going to be almost exclusively civilian vehicles that had extensive work done on them with metal plates and a makeshift armoring, maybe even wooden boards.
  5. echozeero

    German military vehicle: LGS Fennek. An Easy addition to SA

    Sigh. These kind of vehicles were in the mod before because it was derived from a military simulator, there's no need for military vehicles in a zombie apocalypse survival game. If you want to drive these vehicles, you're playing the wrong game. DayZ isn't supposed to be DayZ mod V 2.0, it's supposed to be stripped of everything that was unnecessary, and that includes most of the military stuff that was in only because it was in the base game assets.
  6. echozeero

    Items in your hot keys

    That's funny I used basically the same setup, except I usually have the rest of my hotbar also set for specific items. 1- Melee 2- Handgun 3- Rifle 4- First aid kit 5- Compass (don't really use it, right click and inspect in inventory instead) 6- Map 7- Binoculars 8 and 9- Items I won't always carry but might need like lockpicks, handcuffs, knife, rangefinder, etc.
  7. echozeero

    Damage and dead bodies

    You also have to take latency into account. Disparities between what is happening on your screen and what is happening on your opponent's screen will more often than not give the time to the other one to react to the shots before the actual information of being dead reaches the server.
  8. echozeero

    How do i find where i put my tent?

    Find a landmark on the map from which you can go in a straight line to the emplacement you want to put down the tent. When you want to find it again, find the landmark, point the right direction, and walk till you find your tent again. Basic navigation really.
  9. echozeero

    Punish 'Stuffed'?

    Yellow "stuffed" means you had a good meal, orange "stuffed" says you ate more than normal, why punish players for eating until they are full? We do it IRL, I don't see the issue here.
  10. echozeero

    Any role play servers

    Why not DayZRP? It's the best RP community, you got banned?
  11. echozeero

    Clearing this up: DayZ is NOT years afterwards

    If this was years after the outbreak, roads would be in much poorer conditions, and vegetation would have at least partially overgrown some parts of the less traveled road system.
  12. echozeero

    Broken legs?

    Stop perpetrating idiocies. This is a glitch that happens when there is a sync break where you client shows where you are and where the server "thinks" where you are, often resulting in your legs breaking. Mostly happens when moving up stairs or trying to pick up floating items.
  13. I thought the first guy you met was going to turn on you from the video's title, glad I was wrong.
  14. It's not cheating, it's abuse of game mechanics. If you exploit a game mechanic in a way that it's not meant to be used, it's an abuse, cheating would be using a third-party program. Just like duping items is a glitch and not cheating, it's just exploiting a glitch. Doesn't mean it's fair or that it should be done.
  15. echozeero

    Signs of damage (Bruises, Cuts, Bullet wounds)

    Also suggested this a long time ago. They already have an overlay to show clothing damage, one more to show wounds shouldn't be a problem.