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    Red Dead Redemption

    Red Dead Redemption is good but personally I like gambling. In contrast with this game, slots games assist you to earn mone. Have you ever heard about it? Whatever you can read here https://bovegas.com/blog/casino-wiki/important-info-slots-game/ about it
  2. Koltz von Steiner


    Jojo forever!
  3. Koltz von Steiner

    Last movie you saw, and rate it.

    Upgrade 7/10 Very decent movie
  4. Koltz von Steiner

    "We're running out of bones" Minecraft

    It's pretty lol
  5. Koltz von Steiner

    Energy drinks

    i don't like energy drinks :c I feel bad after drinking them
  6. Koltz von Steiner

    The future of game development

    Interesting article :)