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  1. The choice of Side

    Before I posted I looked a little and but no one really came up with the idea, I've seen Topics about being able to use both hands, but more simply I thought that it might be interesting to be able to choose which hand will be the main hand when creating his character. Being left-handed or right-handed, having the choice. As a lefty myself, I would find it more immersive because Dayz is a game where immerssion is important, not to say essential. Moreover this choice would be definitive (unless you modify it in the main menu) and would not be editable in game. This could be a very interesting addition as it would change the way of apprehending a fight; The picks would not be the same, for example fighting in the police station is always to the benefit of the one who is hidden in the building because he has the picking advantage and being left-handed would reduce this advantage significantly, similarly it would increase the chances of victory if the attacker is left-handed. I really think it would bring even more spice to the fighting, just like that would increase the realism rate of the game, besides I do not think I've ever seen a game with a true left-handed mode and I would be really happy that this happens with the best survival simulation / pvp game to date I hope you will consider my suggestion and you found it interesting Love from France Ecard