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  1. Xbox Update 13/09/2018

    Hey, sorry to hear that. We absolutely don't take comments like yours lightly, because there are so many players that might feel the same, but are simply not vocal enough to go on our forums. Unfortunately, right now in this stage of development, you have to accept, that your progress can be wiped at any time. We would like to announce it in advance, but it is often very hard to estimate when the patch is going to be ready.
  2. Hey, sorry to hear that. From our point of view, there are no servers running DayZ under this IP address. Are you sure this is the correct IP?
  3. "Not Secure" = DayZ website.. ???

    Thanks for pointing that out. This happens only in some versions of Google Chrome. Of course, we are working on solving this issue, but until then you don't have to be alarmed. :)
  4. Ability to kick

    Interesting idea, but unfortunately at this point in the development we want to focus on polishing core mechanics of the game. We might consider this in the future, thanks for the suggestion.
  5. help please

    Hey there, try deleting your DayZ folder in Documents and Verify Integrity of Game Files (right click on DayZ in Steam Library > Properties > Local Files). Then restart the computer. If it still doesn't work you will have to describe the problem you are having in more detail.
  6. Hey, we are always monitoring servers that are breaking the rules. If you are concerned, that we are not taking any actions against particular server, feel free to submit it to feedback tracker and our Infringements department will look into it. Just don't forget, that closing servers isn't an instant action, since we have to make sure everything is really legitimate. I hope this answers your question :)
  7. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    Don't worry, we highly value our PC community and we are definitely not delaying the PC version because of the consoles. Getting .63 to PCs is still our #1 priority. Because there was a lot of questions regarding the consoles recently, we just wanted to mention their state and our plans with them. You don' t have to be alarmed :)