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  1. Ultrawide Screenshots

    What monitor do you have! I've been looking for a cheap ultra-wide monitor for $200-$300 USD but can never find one that has decent reviews and isn't the "dinosaur" of the ultra-wide monitors.
  2. Yeah I know, it still performs similarly though, Standalone being much more optimized though.
  3. Honestly you just need a decent CPU for DayZ and ArmA, GPU doesn't matter too much. Majority of my friends that play ArmA or DayZ have a prebuilt PC they got from the store that they just shoved a 1050, 1050ti, 970, or 750ti in.
  4. I was thinking about purchasing the DayZ Supporter Edition, the only thing that is holding me back is the lack of content given to the user. I think it would be cool if we had an alternate key we could enter into steam to get earlier versions of experimental prior to them releases. (Example: 0.63 'even if it is broken' about a week or two early) In my opinion it would bring more money towards the dev team and motivate them to push out updates a little earlier depending on the user feedback. Even the devs said that one of the main reasons that they don't want to just release .63 yet is because it is broken upon a playable point to the average consumer. And tbh most Youtubers aren't going to make videos saying "DAYZ EXPERIMENTAL" they will most likely clickbait/simplify the title by putting "DAYZ BETA" which leads viewers to think that the update is 100% complete and the developers expect their product to perform properly when it may be slightly broken. A broken early version of updates for supporters would be a good edition and would help with feedback towards actually pushing out experimental updates so that they can be pushed out quick, and they are playable.
  5. The Saints of Survival [SoS] are recruiting!

    Lol there will always be KOS, it's not a bad thing. DayZ is an example of social engineering, You shoot someone, you may get gear, and satisfaction of a kill, but you have the risk of ruining the gear they had on them. You hold someone up, you can check what they have exactly, get what you want, then execute/set free You KOS, you don't speak to anyone, you know no information about your targets, no information on if they are in a squad, or if they are bait. Morale of the story, KOSing is a terrible thing to do, but DayZ needs KOS to function properly as an MMO Survival game, although it's frustrating. on the real tho, just run in the woods to avoid as much contact as possible to lower the chance of KOS
  6. I just want to know. Just a simple question

    Well the most realistic answer I can personally give you is that XBOX is trying to be more open with "indie" developers, and allowing EA games onto their consoles. Since the 360 they were allowing dev's to push out terrible "games" onto the XBOX, this is the main reason why PS4 doesn't have a very wide array of games compared to XBOX, yet they have better exclusives, and Triple-A franchises like to side with them a little more now. From a professionals eye, the PS4 has a better game selection, which is because they don't allow too many "indie" games to slide past. (There are still a few on PS4, just not too many big named ones) tldr: XBOX is easier to get your game on, if indie games do well on XBOX then SONY will take note and you can possibly get the game on PS4.
  7. I normally try my best to rely on canned foods, wildlife, and agriculture, but when I'm in desperate times... I'd go for an apple or two
  8. Could mean tracers, hollow points, FMJ's, ect
  9. People only remember great games, and not how long it took to make them. In all reality tho, they already said it wasn't going to be at the end of 2017 in the report. No need to make a whole post complaining that it won't be...
  10. Low FPS recently

    Yeah I have, I actually somewhat fixed majority of the lag the other day by looking at the DayZ.cfg file. In there my "rendering resolution" was set to 4k when I'm on a 1080p monitor.
  11. Made a post about a month ago or so talking about the use of reshade with Battleye, everybody said it was safe and a lot of people used it. I used to use reshade in PUBG, DayZ, and ArmA, now it seems that Battleye has blocked dxgi.dll for unknown reasons. The only reasons I could personally come up with for the blocking of the file is because majority of cheats are injected via .dll Because there is a cheating method going around using the same overlay as Reshade 3.0.0 that uses dxgi/direct x overlays to display it. Does anybody know how to avoid this or use reshade?
  12. Low FPS recently

    Thanks for all the help, but I'm currently running Windows 7 Professional. I didn't experience these problems prior to 3 weeks ago and it came out of nowhere. I do have the latest geforce drivers, It may also be because the latest ones are causing the FPS drops. I've had that happen before but I've tried going to older versions of the graphics drivers and it never fixed. I am playing on a WD Blue 1TB HDD which has 700gb left on it. Barely any programs running on it either. I'm just going to hope .63 experimental fixes this issue.
  13. Low FPS recently

    It stays the same throughout all servers. Sometimes I get lucky and maintain 60fps on first person servers though. I've also been getting terrible freezing when it comes to opening my inventory. From the sounds of this, do you know what could possibly be causing it?
  14. Low FPS recently

    It just doesn't make sense to me because this started happening a few weeks ago, I didn't change any parts around there.
  15. Low FPS recently

    My GPU stayed at 30-40 degrees Celsius, and my cpu stays around the same, highest temp of 45. But like i've said. Every other game runs perfectly fine, and DayZ ran fine about 3 weeks prior. I haven't changed any of my parts since then and all of them work properly. I normally have nothing running in the background. At most i'll have spotify, or discord, but they barely use any CPU usage and I haven't seen any FPS drops from my testing with background programs in the past. I also tried swapping PSU's and that made things worse. My PC just powered down after 10 minutes of playtime. The FPS seemed the same though.