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  1. Heart Attack - Demi Lovato.
  2. Cycling is highly beneficial to the environment since it does not emit any harmful gases.The best part is that it reduces congestion.Apart from cycling I have also heard that gardening contributes a lot to the good will of the environment.I have been wondering whether any of you have taken gardening as a hobby.Though I am still a novice at it I feel very relaxed whenever I spend my time outdoors. It is also a good idea to have a garden shed around so that the gardening tools can be easily accessible. I recently bought one from a garden shed store ( http://inthebackyard.ca/ ).Does anybody else does gardening here?I would love to hear your thoughts on this.
  3. I just saw a documentary of Life animated by Roger Ross Williams. It was really good.
  4. Just make sure that you eat properly. Limit all those high calorie food and work out well in the gym or you could even go for a long jog early in the morning. Morning is the best time to exercise.