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  1. Q&A with Map Designer Adam Franců

    Question1: Are you planning to add tunnels in game? Any underground locations? Question2: Can we expect single chalets in the middle of the forest?
  2. Open Fields "OVERHAUL"

    How could it look a like :)
  3. Open Fields "OVERHAUL"

    Hi, i was thinking about visual update 0.62, and it seems to me that the open zone should receive some updates too. Can we expect something new in these places? Some time ago I made examples of such places with animals likely to have a respawn place there. (pigs/boars) What do you think about that? I know that is not currently the most important but in visual phase these things when will be implemented could make the world more realistic and makes unique atmosphere in DayZ.
  4. Let's talk about new animations

    - Finger Pistol