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  1. parkour in dayz 0.61

    Thanks for the Beans Espa! ;)
  2. parkour in dayz 0.61

    Haha :D Thanks :P
  3. parkour in dayz 0.61

    Thank you, sir! I used to fall a lot before 0.60 because of all the desync and lag. Now with 0.61 update it's a lot responsive, less falling and broken legs. I didn't count but with recent parkour in DayZ 0.61 I think I fell and died about 3-4 times, so like 1-2 deaths out of about 10-20 jumps. I've been doing this for a long time and learned ways to reduce death and broken legs too so.
  4. parkour in dayz 0.61

    lol Thanks! ;)
  5. parkour in dayz 0.61

    Thanks for liking this Kirov!
  6. dayz pve

    I found a full "warn" map like 2 days ago and it wasn't working.
  7. dayz pve

    I found a map couple days ago and it wasn't working :(
  8. parkour in dayz 0.61

    With DayZ Standalone 0.61 update I decided to try out some parkour and the performance is a lot better, more responsive and smoother than before. I will be making more DayZ Parkour videos so stay tuned! Who said Parkour doesn’t belong in DayZ Standalone? How about basic survival & practical parkour? I know and sure that it’ll get better when they start working on Player Controls or character movement & animation mechanics. We know that the infected can jump or vault over fences and some barriers, and that means we should be able to do the same. We should be able to jump, climb, vault and many other, at least, basic maneuvers to get around and use it as a basic survival skills. It’s very useful to get away from chasing enemies or zombies. Survival Parkour is very important in Chernarus. Even though it’s not officially added and supported we can still jump around and use some shortcuts mostly in industrial zones, towns and cities.
  9. dayz pve gameplay