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  1. dayz hatchetman

    My bad! Fixed it. Thanks! :)
  2. dayz hatchetman

    Never mind...
  3. dayz watchman

    Oh I see what you mean. My bad I misunderstood your point.
  4. dayz watchman

    That's cool ;) Not everybody likes stick kills. It's a video of me killing an enemy with a stick while my teammates were "sleeping." Thanks for the comment! :)
  5. Makarov Pistol Long Distance One Shot Headshot (~ 500 or so meters) Was it luck or do I have sick aiming? LOL! I think that was a lucky shot :D
  8. I've been experimenting with different kinds of Melee Weapons in DayZ and came to a rough conclusion that The Best Melee Weapon is the Long Sharpened Stick. I know that all Melee Weapons are Good if used right with enough experience, timing, in different situations and other factors, etc. But at the moment for me personally the Long Sharp Stick is the Best so far, in DayZ 0.62. The Second to that would be Rocks, Hatchets, Frying Pans, Fire & Splitting Axes and the rest. It also depends on the PVP situation, sometimes Rock is better than the Long Sharp Stick or Hatchets and Axes. And in other situations, Axes are better. I also noticed that Axes are a little "buggy" sometimes, they stutter at times and make you sluggish and stuck on the same spot for a couple of seconds. Of course, a lot of things will change in the new Beta Update. The Melee Combat is mostly depends on the Player's Skills, plus Desync, Lag, and such. In other words, sometimes you can win or lose Melee Fights or Gun Fights because of Desync or Lag, no matter what your Skill or Experience Level is, but most of the time, since the game got a lot more smoother and responsive, you win fights at least 70-80% of the time because of your DayZ Experience & Skills. Just wanted to share my thoughts, "theories" and my personal experience with Melee PVP in DayZ. For demos, I've made some videos about Melee Weapons & Melee Fights showing how Stick Melee works and stuff (I also have other Melee PVP Clips) but I have a lot of "RESPECT" to the Long Sharp Stick. It's the BEAST Melee Weapon by far, IMO... :) 1. The Best Melee Weapons Video 2. Some "Stick vs. Guns" Stick Melee Demo Videos:
  10. ;)
  12. Yes, spoon is also a great melee weapon! :)