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  1. "How to Recharge Your Stamina Quickly!"

    Does it give characters more stamina if fed and stayed healthy in the current 0.63 though? It probably does, I just didn't pay attention to that much.
  2. "How to Recharge Your Stamina Quickly!"

    Good idea. What if they add an "Energy Drink" or some other "thing" that gives you a boost of energy or high adrenaline rush? ;P
  3. "How to Recharge Your Stamina Quickly!"

    "Find a car battery. Put it in your hands and start licking. 2 times. Put it back in your pocket. And keep moving." :D
  4. DayZ 0.63 Melee Combat Test - 1 vs. 3

    I'll try that next Stress Test time!
  5. DayZ 0.63 Melee Combat Test - 1 vs. 3

    Thanks! Yeah, I don't know if I can call myself an melee enthusiast, but I like Melee PVP in DayZ atm, maybe because the gun pvp is not very reliable yet. I enjoy melee but it may change when DayZ is finished. Also, I know that gun PVP is fun when it comes to tactics and strategies (solo, teamwork, comms, etc.), but at the same killing players with bullets seem to be too easy and boring for me currently, and melee fights are more challenging and rewarding. I played Stress Test 2-3 times so far and haven't had enough melee fights to come to a conclusion on which hits do how much damage yet. I have to experiment and test more to find out what's going on. I don't look into scripts and programming behind them so no clue what devs are doing. But so far, I think that Shift & Stuns should be more damaging than simple jabs. But since the game is WIP it's hard to pinpoint exactly what's happening and at times I get random results because of many reasons like desync, glitches, bugs, etc. plus the health levels of player characters. As far as the infected, I get mixed results as well, sometimes the Shift Stun hits work better, sometimes the simple jabs work better. That's how much I assume about the melee system so far, but different players have different experiences. Maybe it will be more accurate when it releases to Beta Experimental or Stable.
  6. This is how Infected Multiply by Self Cloning?

    or just a weather balloon! :D
  7. I assumed that my PC wouldn't process all the AI if they are in NWAF and I'm in Solnichni. But yeah, my PC is acting as a host and I'm playing a game on it, plus recording in native resolution!
  8. I'll try to spread them around the map and see what happens. There are also animals on top of it. I wish they did Infected Stress Test server, maybe they already know how it works.
  9. I thought DayZ Standalone already had AI spawn radius, maybe something else is using all the CPU/GPU? I think a very well setup server can handle 500 or more AI (infected & animals) plus 100 players. Maybe not... o.O