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  1. Status Report - 16 January 2018

    Thank you DayZ team! Happy to see the streams, rivers and the gifs. I liked the 3rd person camera collision improvement.
  2. The Hunter Trailer - Dayz Cinematic

    Nice trailer. Will wait for the movie :)
  3. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    I'm Stuck! Halp!
  4. DayZ Funny Moments

    Uncle Ho's soldiers need to practice their aiming skills as well :D
  5. The game is not finished yet. In fact, it's not a game yet. We are all playing an unfinished game. Why would we play an Unfinished game and NOT try to get better at playing the Unfinished game? I always say this to myself, Alpha game, Alpha gameplay. Yes, you can have Alpha game skills. Otherwise why play? Let me ask you this, do you play DayZ Alpha? If yes, do you try to win a fight or survive longer in DayZ Alpha? If yes, then that means you have skills to stay alive longer as much as possible. And if you are good at playing the Alpha, that means you have good Alpha skills. By skills, I mean, gaming skills, skills to control weapons in the game, reaction time, reflex, making quick decisions, out smarting or out playing your opponent, etc.. etc. are all skills. If you have 500 or more hours in DayZ, that means you have DayZ Alpha skills you gained in the process. Without the skills a new player will die from starvation in the first 20-30 minutes wondering around clueless on the coast. As a kid, I used to play hockey with homemade sticks. We made our own ice ground. It wasn't perfect, but we still played it and became good at it. We didn't stay indoors because we didn't have the right things. So, I'm playing the Alpha DayZ, an unfinished game, and I learned how to survive in an Unfinished game. I will do the same with Beta. I will learn Beta skills. Why not, right? At this point, people either play it or not.
  6. Not a problem at all :) ...I look at it this way, Alpha game, alpha gameplay. Beta game, beta gameplay. I learned the melee techniques in Alpha and enjoying it. Why not? I will re-learn it in Beta, and will enjoy it. I will re-learn it again in Stable, so on. I adapt to whatever game the devs throw at me. Everyone's playing the same Alpha DayZ. I'm playing whatever game is on my table atm, broken or not, I play to win. Otherwise, why bother playing the Alpha game? Heck, when I was a kid, we used to make our own soccer balls from plastic bags and stuff. Those who were good at kicking the handmade ball, were good at the game. You either played it, or waited until someone gave us a new real soccer ball. Another example is, we also made our own hockey sticks. They weren't perfect, but we still played it! Broken game, or fixed, it doesn't matter, because it is what it is and a person can make a choice to play the unfinished game or not. Plus, me playing to win a melee fight and try to get better at it, maybe providing a useful amount of data to devs to work on the game. Some people often forget that they are playing an Alpha Game.
  7. A challenge

    Sometimes interacting with others work and sometimes don't. It's very random unless you're on a private server with KOS, etc. rules. I have tried everything since 2014. It just depends on who you are interacting with in the moment, the outcome is unpredictable. The only solution is having variety of modded private servers with their own rules. You can't be friendly and nice on most PVP servers, in other words, it depends on the what server you're playing on. Here is a gameplay video from 2014. It shows how turned into a ruthless killer from a nice friendly guy. DayZ is Brutiful! :)
  8. Какой компутер у тебя? Кард? Процессор? ОС? Размер диска? РЭМ? Дай данные твоего ПК. Попробуй удалить игру, исправь диск ошибки, проверь на ошибки, сделай повторный старт, установи игру снова. Может поможет.
  9. DayZ is not a point and shoot game. Practice & experience are the key in DayZ. I'm not good with guns yet, but I'm good with melee weapons, it took me years to learn how to melee properly.
  10. Melee attack while sprinting

    Thank You Sir! :D
  11. Овердлей

    Я плохо говору по русски но не понятно какой оверлей? Стим оверлей? Если оно влкючено то не знаю точно почему не работает :/ Shift + Tab нажимал?
  12. Melee attack while sprinting

    King of melee since DayZero? Nah... :P Anyone with good reflex, gaming skills, reaction time & passion can be good at melee combat, in fact in any pc game. I just like exploring, learning, testing melee combat mechanics & weapons in DayZ, and applying techniques & tricks I've learned in the process. Melee combat will be a lot different in Beta so I have to re-learn everything.
  13. problem

    You can try using bootcamp and see if it works, but then you still have to buy windows os. But I'm not sure if iMac can handle gaming, I used to play on an old Mac Pro and it worked fine for me.
  14. Melee attack while sprinting

    Punching while running https://youtu.be/jsTviQDRFFU?t=1m39s Stabbing while running https://youtu.be/avcZ1Q6WCYk?t=46s Depends on Melee Weapon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJwW5M_KvA0