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  1. I played around ~20 hours on stable with my squad. Noticed there is no need anymore to find heli crashes, since looting tent city is more efficient. It took around 40 minutes to get ready for combat (included traveling) and that is kinda short? The FPS improvements are awesome, also playing with a higher draw distance makes sniping a lot easier. No game crashes this patch. Did someone find an UMP? My squad checked around 50 US helicopters and did not find one.
  2. I logged in yesterday and ran towards NWAF on one of my main servers from .59 and found almost nothing, a few pieces of cloth there a can of food every few kilometers. When i reached NWAF with some normal equip and an improvised backpack i looted the whole Airfield, literlly nothing except lovely Rocket Aviators, moment after reaching tent city, the server died. Joined a different server and checked the first tent. 2 AUG and military clothing. Next tent. M4 & 60rnd mags. Everywhere NATO stuff, after looting tent city i was fully equiped and was wondering how i got the loot that is supposed to spawn at crashsites and tisy? A few minutes later checking the barracks and again nothing but Rocket Aviators... Plox fix thiz soon™
  3. Iam chilling at tisy for 4 days now. I only encountered 3 people. The first one got landmined™, then i had to shoot the second for insulting me and then i sat at a fireplace with the third one, discussing about fps in the different parts of the map ^^
  4. Maybe a release of the server files or their contract with bohemia ended.
  5. Made my way up north to inspect tisy as i finally managed to get into a server. I had a pretty normal way up, coastal citys provide enough resources to get further up north. With each city my inventory got more full and i had enough food for ages as i reached Vybor. In tent city i engaged two guys with M4's and shoot em both with my M1911. Game runs smoothly, desync minimal, could see this one on stable, but seriously please look into the CLE, i checked 3 baracks in Tisy: Sunglasses
  6. Please release an offical linux version, when the server files become available to the public. When there wont be one it will most likely deny me to run a private server and so possibly be the critical point for me to rethink my attitude for playing dayz
  7. its okay, let it out
  8. Just wanted to calculate that, as i noticed the survivor count doesnt work anymore? ( https://dayz.com/ )
  9. I litterly cried as i noticed the windows 10 notification 'Enfusin Game Engine, Iam still aliveeeeeee'. I dont want notifications :(
  10. Server update right now. https://steamdb.info/app/223350/subs/
  11. It is way to easy to get to military installations. The character can easily get from cherno to vybor without eating or drinking, if you take the shortest way and dont loot anything. The easiest way would be to rebalance the initial values for hunger, thirst and stamina when spawning. ( A wakeup animation would be cool too, screen fading... ) I dont know how this would change the way people take on their characters life but it would be interesting to see how the players would change their looting behavior when they spawn, if suddenly hunger would be a thing. Another though i had was on the spawning gear, wouldnt it be much more immersive to spawn with random items/clothing when you wake up? A small selection of items you spawn with in different conditions so you can really think about your characters backstory before you woke up on the beach?
  12. So everytime you die you would have to change servers? How should that work with private hives, moded servers or basically the server you are on with your friends? Being forced to change a server would be horrible
  13. maybe removing the items in the dead players inventory instead of removing the body itself?
  14. Anyone else started with a new character?