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    Skill is hard to come by these days. Failure is just a step to success. A life of failures surrounds this man. Failure, isn't losing a battle, or failing a mission. It is loss. Of allies. Betrayal has made Magestic's heart hard and now all he seeks is loyalty. His purpose is to aid others by ridding them of traitors and swines throughout the citys. Magestic and his gang of fiends are drugs used by patients, they cure the cities of diseases and plagues, for the right price.

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  1. Soldiers Of The Lost | Recruiting | 16+

    Contact me via steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/magestic98
  2. Soldiers Of The Lost | Recruiting | 16+

    Contact via steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/magestic98
  3. Soldiers Of The Lost | Recruiting | 16+

    Application has been accepted , Await further instructions.
  4. Soldiers Of The Lost | Recruiting | 16+

    Dear Aryki, Your application has been reviewed by an SOTL Officer and your application has been ACCEPTED , please await further instructions from an SOTL Officer. CO, Magestic
  5. Soldiers Of The Lost | Recruiting | 16+

    Dear P_Krue, Your application has been reviewed by an SOTL Officer and we are glad to say, you have been ACCEPTED, please await further instructions from an SOTL Officer for training. CO, Magestic UPON FURTHER INVESTIGATION THIS APPLICATION WAS DENIED DUE TO INACTIVITY. -MAGESTIC
  6. New and looking for other survivors

  7. Any friendly squads or partners available?

  8. LoC is recruiting. We are an 18+ pvp orientated group that is looking for more experienced pvpers to join our ranks. Sent you a request on steam, contact me if you're interested in joining our new community. 

  9. Well most of you probably don't know me but I was an active Misfits member, I'm currently lookin for a new military styled clan or simply just someone to go around with, got 1000+hrs on record, don't mind playing with new people, willing to help teach. reply if interested
  10. | Apply Now | Recruitment Status : Open | | Join Our Teamspeak Now! sotl.teamspeak3.com | | Officer | General | Colonel | Major | Captain | 1st Lieutenant | 2nd Lieutenant | Chief Warrant Officer | Warrant Officer | | Enlisted | Command Sergeant Major | First Sergeant | Master Sergeant | Staff Sergeant | Sergeant | Corporal | Private First Class | Private | - Magestic | Steam Profile - Aryki - Jaeric - Nevermax - Riely Plouffe - cornflakesx (Please Write Corresponding Answers In Red) 1. How Old Are You? (If You're Under 16, Fuck Off Kindly.) [ ] 2. What Is Your Timezone? [ ] 3. Do You Have TeamSpeak? [ ] 4. How Many Hours Do You Have On DayZ? [ ] 5. How Well Do You Follow Instructions? (1-10) [ ] 6. Will You Be Committed To The Clan? [ ] 7. Anything Else You'd Like To Add? [ ] | To Be Used By Soldiers Of The Lost Members Only | ( None, but we are open to alliances, please PM Magestic for further discussion. ) ( None, but all clans are considered Neutral until agreements are made or hostile actions from a clan are made. ) ( None )
  11. Sad thing is, most people have to KOS, Almost everyone I've ever attempted to help fuckin' shot at me.
  12. Misfits Dayz Clan | recruiting | www.misfitsdayz.com | 18+

    Spelt Canada**** wrong there MrMike, Was never your strong point, explained why I had to make the Forum Topics. :) - Former Misfit Human Resource Officer
  13. I did that too actually only mine turned out a little better, gave a guy an AK74U and like 3 mags and he thanked me and when't on his way. I guess some people are more greatful then others, No extra chatter when you died? gunshots?