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  1. The massive Trade Center at Lopatino Castle is now over 25 Tents full of all sorts of high end loot. This was one of our community members experience there recently! Enjoy~ My Visit to the =UN= Trade Base <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<(VIDEO)
  2. The Trade Center is back up at Lopatino Castle and the results have been amazing! Since the Re-Opening of the Lopatino Trade Center on Saturday, the =UN= Community Server has been 60/60 everyday with a que somewhere between 6-20 players waiting to get in! The Trade Center has been amazing fun! The PVP on the Server has centered itself in the Lopatino Castle area, with major battles everyday in the area. The Castle itself has been attacked several times, but the =UN= Peace Keeping forces have held the gates so far. The Trade RP interaction has been some of the most interesting gameplay as players come and go all day trying to wheel and deal for gear. The tents you see are all packed with loot. The Trade Center typically has someone there 24/7, so stop by whenever you like, but the fun is at its height in the evenings USA time when the server is packed every night with players working their way to the Trade Center at Lopatino Center! The Trade Base has food, medicine, weapons, attachments, ammo, and all other types of gear!
  3. The Trade Center is up at Lopatino Castle on the =UN= Community Server, and since its re-opening the server has been completely packed!
  4. UPDATE: After holding the Trade Base for just under 3 weeks at Lopatino Castle, the Traders have now started moving the base around from place to place, and are currently only trading with players in game that they can trust until they build their security back up. Also, A few clans have stepped up to assist the =UN= in maintaining the base, which has had some impressive additions to the effort. Any players interested in the Trade Center should stop by the =UN= Discord.
  5. Friday Night 7/14/17 Event: =UN= Clan declares Martial Law @ 8 pm est
  6. I think given the design of DayZ, it's a good thing to have hard to find ammo. I'd like to see more non military weapons, but all the ammo hard to find.
  7. I've been saying the same for quite awhile. However, there will always be those types (like in the show Walking Dead) that live to kill in game. That's all they want to do.
  8. So what I hear you saying is there will be a high value on trading Ammo!
  9. WELCOME TO THE =UN= COMMUNITY (teamed with the =FACTIONZ= Community!) Dedicated Server Live! - Multi-Clan server concept - First Person (Hardcore) Private-Hive - Packed at 60/60 Everyday! Game Server: =UN= Community Server |First Person - Hardcore PVP | RP Encouraged | Private Hive | One Connection to the Hive We are a Multi Clan Community! Our public Discord can be found at: Join our public Steam Group: Group & server administrators may be reached through email: This effort is hosted by the =Fish= Clan and =UN= Clan. We have united to create a First Person PVP server that will welcome all players and play styles, but focus on Clan Warfare, PVP and base building. The server already has several small groups committed to supporting its efforts. If you would like to join a clan, or form your own with the end goal to join The UN =FactionZ=, Come stop by our Discord while you play. DayZ feels like a whole new experience with the long-awaited Enfusion renderer and we look forward to greeting the old players returning from a break and the new. We will have only one connection to the central hive so there is no ghosting during PVP and no server hoppers that ruin the game’s loot economy by over-saturating the map with too many weapons, ammo, etc. We have a great group of people for both social play and PVP. Very solid community with Survivalists, Heroes, Bandits, Cannibals, KoSers, etc. This is a mature group of gamers who enjoy tactics, positive attitudes, and all aspects of DayZ. The server will host PVP events, as well as in-game challenges that will offer scenarios for clans, groups or individuals to accomplish, such as escort missions, king-of-the-hill scenarios, hostage situations, Prison Island jailbreaks, treasure hunts (PVP style). There is something for everyone who loves PVP-based DayZ. Our Discord is FREE can hold 1,000 players, and groups wanting to make the =UN= Community their home will be offered a Clan room on our Discord server. Clans that are interested may eventually be invited to have an admin on our server and also share in the cost. Currently, each of the founding groups has an admin, which will allow us to have some supervision present most of the day, everyday! Our players base has people from the USA and Europe! The =UN= Community has the following clans recruiting: (Clan leaders can be found in the =UN= Community Discord) <W> Whistleblowers (Friendly Looting Clan) Contact: Hippobot Gun Runners Clan (Friendly Looting Clan) Contact: Outlaw -WBP- Western Border Patrol (Survivors) Contact: -WBP-Jaax [ToC] Thieves of Chernarus (Friendly RP Bandits) Contact: Inactive [RISE] Clan (KOS) Contact: Mr. Sandman <<R>> Renegades Clan (Bandits) Contact: xHyper Invictus Vanguard: (KOS) Contact: Drillmancer The Family: (KOS / Friendly) Contact: ScreenedABrown Cannibals Clan (RP -KOS) This clan you may play alone or with the clan. Contact: IRISH =UN= Clan (Hero, Friendly, RP & PVP including) Always recruiting, membership in Public =UN= Guaranteed for active or casual players. Contact: CMDR. Soul or Cheetos Bill (Trade Center Admin) =UN= BLACKWATER: Private Clan for former UN Clan members only. Contact |||Square||| Clans seen on =UN= Community server but not registered yet: THC Clan Contact: Big Daddy, =UWS= Clan, [ZC], (Sobers Group) Contact: Justin, (Frags Group) Contact: Frag, <FK> Unknown Clans reportedly NOT recruiting: The Friendlyish Group: =Fish= Clan (Friendlyish Survivors) Contact: IRISH ReS (KOS) Contact: McMc or Number 2
  10. On the =UN= Community server, we are currently attempting a Trade Center type of base. So far it's drawn many players to the server, with the one setback being that the RP community is not very active. That may be more about this group of individual players rather than RPers on the whole. They have successfully maintained at Base a Lopatino Castle for 2 and a half week before getting successfully raided. They repelled over 8 attacking groups during that stretch that stumbled upon them. A committed group with a quality leader could be a huge difference maker to any server community if they can have a perma location. We have an outstanding Trade Center admin, but he needs players around him.
  11. For full article Why the DayZ Community needs a Trade Center on every server (from a =UN= Community point of view): I've been asked several times about the role of the =UN= and the Trading Center that will eventually be set up under the security team that will be assigned to protect it. The Trading Center is intended to be the RP hub of the =UN= Community and provide as safe an environment as possible to the players that enjoy that aspect of the game. I've had it mentioned that we have no problem putting 60/60 on our server everyday, so why be concerned about having any RP population on our server? There are two important reasons we need the RP community here teaming with our HardCore PVP community. First, DayZ is a deep game and our vision for the =UN= Community is to welcome all sorts of players, but to do so in a "no pvp rules" environment. Part of our server tags say "RP Encouraged" (alot of servers use those) but what does that really mean? To us, it means we want to hold events (RP & PVP) that enhance those play styles. For us, holding events and maintaining a Trade Center are the perfect way to attract more players to our server. This leads me to the second reason our server needs a healthy RP population. While its's currently easy to fill up 60/60 a day is coming soon where servers will jump to 75, 80, maybe even 100 player populations. When that day comes, and the game isn't as new, the server that has outstanding PVP and RP populations will be the last man standing, and that will be the =UN= Community Server. We will not whitelist our group and leave people out because they RP or PVP like other server groups do. We will be an inclusive group, not exclusive, and we will not create interaction rules requiring in game behaviors that benefit RPers or PVPers. People can play the game the way they want to play and not be unhindered in how they interact with others. As a community, we understand that the game is much more difficult to play as a friendly hero type player. The same is true of those that like to RP. The notion that these play styles make us more vulnerable is just a part of the game we love and an accepted threat we constantly face. Playing friendly, and having a base with a Trade Center present will only enhance the friendly mode of play that so many enjoy, and also allow those parts of our community to thrive and recruit more friendly based players to those groups. So while a kos type of group can have some immediate, short term satisfaction, the lack of interaction ultimately keeps most of those groups small because the ability to meet a player and recruit a player is lost everytime kos takes place. There is nothing wrong with kos tactics and there is also a place for that play style in DayZ, but the Trade Center notion allows the friendlier player base to absolutely thrive and growth an absolute certainty. Hardcore RPers that would normally have never have logged in a Hardcore PVP server like ours will flock here because while we have real threats of danger, we actually have reached out and legitimately offered an encouragement to RP as our server tags suggest. So how does the Trade Center concept feed into this vision? Having the Public =UN= hosting the Trade Center provides a rare opportunity in DayZ. We have had almost 20 players sign up as RPers specifically to serve in the =UN= in some capacity related to the hub of our RP world. The Trade Center will have Farmers, Traders, Looters, Hunters, and security forces. To further solidify the Trade Center safety, the military forces of the =UN= Public group also will serve to help out when threats present themselves, and other friendly groups may also intervene on their behalf; groups such as =UN=BLACKWATER, a Special Op's group associated to the =UN= Community. While the Trade Center may offer a mobile trading unit at some point, or could offer brief times at various locations where it is open, the long term goal is to have both the =UN= Military Base and Trade Center at the same location, someplace on the map that makes sense for both groups. For the Military branch somewhere central to PVP action and for the trade Center somewhere that allows them to quickly gather gear from high loot areas and transport it quickly to the facility. The Trade Center will also need to be close to water, Deer, Wolves, and Cows, and of course as mentioned be able to be secured now and later when mod base building comes into the game. There are a few locations that could serve in these roles, and the =UN= decision makers may choose to start small and work to large, but ultimately so far the best location overall is clear - Lopatino Castle. The Castle only has 2 ways into the facility, and one (small hole in the wall) can easily be blocked by a bus, tents, or base mods. The other entrance is a large archway, and it is surrounded by two short towers and three high towers, including nearby rooms with windows, high walls, stairways, hills, and stones for defenders to hide behind. My Clan has already had 3-4 battles defending the Castle, and not lost a man in the process (wounded yes, but no losses). There are so many places to defend from with superb angles on any attackers that the facility creates an equalizer to lesser PVP skills. It is an easily defensible position that once inside offers Farmers a huge farming area inside the walls down in the lower grass area. There are also rooms down in the lower area to safely secure items or conduct business. The towers can be used as leadership offices, guard stations, and of course lookout towers. The facility is stunning, nothing like it since Prison Island was added to the game. At night, the Castle could be lite up with fireplaces, torches, and other lighting. It would set a stunning backdrop to the RP hub and likely be a highly desirable place to hold all sorts of events on the server. Hunters can find game right outside the castle walls. Wolves spawn there, and cows and deer routinely run the area between the Castle and Lopatino. Many times you can literally shoot them from the towers of the Castle and then go grab your prize if desired. Streams and lakes are close by to make obtaining water for farming and consumption simple and as safe as it can be in DayZ. Some of the best loot on the entire map is within 5 to 10 minutes of the Castle walls. Myshkino Tents are 5 minutes West, The Lopatino Car pile-up is 7 minutes from the Castle, Zeleno is a 12 minute run, NWAF is 10 minutes away and even Tisy is less than 20 minutes from Lopatino Castle. You can see Veresnik Hill at VMC from the tallest Castle tower as well as miles and miles of open meadows and wooded areas. Spotting players and game to hunt from here is simple and effective. Making this location even better, the tallest Tower at the Castle can view 5 different Heli spawn locations. The first of which is located on the other side of the Castle's North wall. Simply put; not only is the facility at Lopatino Castle located in the prime looting areas for gear, it provides an easily defensible location for the Trade Center to enjoy and a large area inside the walls to set up a mega community hub for what will become the place to trade in DayZ. The RP enjoyed here will be second to none, with the theme of "cooperation and survival" teamed with the threat of PVP. On this server however, the RP community can actually expect to have a reasonable opportunity to play the game they want to without constant interruption for the local trolls that only play to kos them. Again, as stated, there will be no rules protecting this community, but they will have in-game forces helping them and protecting them as the Hero population in the game works to make life in the apocalypse a little easier! In game rules are not what make the RP community thrive. It's all about in game interactions with the threat of violence that only the DayZ Apocalypse can offer. Players working together with other players to live life in game another way. Heroes taking on villains. Society against chaos. Our =UN= Community Trade Center is currently headed by Cheetos Bill. He has also taken on the task of figuring out the ever changing loot economy in terms of loot value. If you would like to participate in this vision for our =UN= Community, contact Cheetos Bill or Irish and we will help you find a role that suits your play style. Currently the Trade Center is looking for Looters, Farmers, Hunters, Traders, and security forces specifically assigned to protect the other groups. If you are interested in joining the Public =UN= group, we do guarantee clan membership in our signature clan. If you are interested please message CMDR Soul on Discord and he will get you rolling. I hope you all can appreciate how this effort will in due time make the =UN= Community far more than just a fantastic place to PVP. There is much more to the game than just PVP (and that's coming from a PVPer) and having an RP community operate a strong Trade Center will prove to be what allows us to stay fully populated when others will struggle down the road. The =UN= Community Server - Hardcore PVP | RP Encouraged =Fish=IRISH =UN= Community Admin The Trade Center has been amazing fun! The PVP on the Server has centered itself in the Lopatino Castle area, with major battles everyday in the area. The Castle itself has been attacked several times, but the =UN= Peace Keeping forces have held the gates so far. The Trade RP interaction has been some of the most interesting gameplay as players come and go all day trying to wheel and deal for gear. The tents you see are all packed with loot. The Trade Center typically has someone there 24/7, so stop by whenever you like, but the fun is at its height in the evenings USA time when the server is packed every night with players working their way to the Trade Center at Lopatino Center! The Trade Base has food, medicine, weapons, attachments, ammo, and all other types of gear!
  12. The =UN= Clan hosted this event which took stage on the South western portion of the map, ranging from Kamorovo to Zeleno to NWAF. The event once again packed the server but it also had a que of 20 players trying to get in on the action. We are looking forward to when the servers can host 75/80. More events coming soon. Keep an eye on the thread for details and please keep posting any ideas you have for events!
  13. The =Fish= Clan is going to be releasing a Motion Picture in DayZ soon. Keep an eye out for the preview soon~
  14. =Fish= Alex takes on two packs of wolves! Enjoy~