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  1. IT'S TIME FOR AN RP EVENT! Medieval Times Event Night (Complete with Gladiator duels) - Helms, Swords, Spears, Mace, etc as well as a Bow and Arrow Competition, Hunting Competition, Campfires, Fortune Telling, and other Social events all inside the castle walls at Fort Eden. No Weapons (guns of any type) will be allowed into the event, only Spears, Knives, Sticks, Maces, Crossbows and Bolts, Bow and Arrows, and Swords! We will provide Helms for the competitions but you may bring your own as well (The Trade Center will also be trading for them if you would like to leave with weapons and ammo). Participating Players are asked to arrive with no guns at the Archway entrance of Fort Eden (past the bridges). The event will be guarded around the Castle but be careful during travel as Bandits are sure to be lurking! Best Attire: Leather Vests, Leather Shirts, Leather Pants, Helms or Leather hats, etc SUNDAY 7pm est
  2. Actually, we are proud of the Trade Center because its gives our RP population an chance to play the game the way they want to in a safe environment, while also boosting our PVP with an exciting new area to play. Oh- and we also have Tripled our population (highest in First Person Private servers since .62 launched). We've killed over 400 bandits trying to breach its walls since .62 launched. We also have streamers on the server everyday visiting the Trader Base. Yeah- we are proud of Fort Eden Trade Center.
  3. And before you ask.... - NO WHITELIST - Everyone is invited to attend! - Show up in Discord early if you would like to find a group to play the event with.
  4. So you and some of your friends are sick of the Fort Eden Trade Center? You'd like nothing more than to smash it to oblivion? You think the clans that work there are hiding behind it's safe walls, afraid of you and your group of bandits. You'd like nothing more than to wipe the smiles off of those Trader Base guardians faces, steal their loot, and leave the place on fire? An event is coming that is made just for you. MARTIAL LAW AT FORT EDEN. No Tent walls blocking anything. No Gates, No Barricades. Just Lopatino Castle and a security detail defending a whole bunch of loot, tents and other treasures. Those that achieve victory get all the spoils of war. Take it out, despawn it, or take it over. Whatever floats your boat. Nothing stands in your way other than a group of warriors with an oath to protect Fort Eden. Come join the WAR of Friendly Clans vs Bandits, vs Streamers (a whole bunch are sure to be there) vs an army of Solo players all bent of one thing - Dominating Fort Eden. Time and Date: Saturday at 7pm est to 11 pm est (10-7-17) BETTER BUCKLE UP!
  6. PRISON ISLAND ESCAPE THIS WEEKEND! 20 Escaped Prisoners vs 40 Bounty Hunters that have formed a Posse trying to bring them in dead or alive! Try to reach the Safe Zone as a Prisoner or try to kill or capture the most Prisoners as a member of the Posse! We will create a boundary prior to the event starting where the Posse groups have to hold at until the Admin message lets them know the Prisoners have fled the island in Prisoners clothing and reached the shoreline. At that point the Posse can move in from their start points at Balota AF or Pavlovo Military bases. The prisoners will be faced with some choices at the point. Food, weapons, and ammo /meds at an undisclosed location, OR they can start a fire and get dry, OR they can start moving to what will be revealed to them as the final destination / safe zone (Hunters wont know wherre it is UNTIL about 30 minutes into the Event. The Posse will be notified about 5 minutes after the Prisoners where the food, weapons, and meds locations are. The fireplaces will be right on the shore for the prisoners if they dare get dry first. The nearby towns of Kamenka and Kamyrovo will also have hidden gems for the Prisoners to loot up on. But again, the Posse wont be far away. The outside boundary areas - Balota AF, Pavlovo Military.....for the Posse to start the event from. The Prisoners will be notified of their final destination at the start of the event. We will update the server as Prisoners are killed or captured.(edited) Time and Date: Coming soon` We will announce day and start time later Friday night. The event will be this weekend: Event Time and Day: Sunday 6pm est (9/24/17) Stop by Discord for details!