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  1. A War is Coming!

  2. Stress Test vol.32

    Earlier today I briefly was on the American NE server before it went down and it played great. However after that I was locked in Data base for a few hours. Later in the day to tried the SWE servers and after 30-40 seconds Battle Eye kicked me about 15-20 times. My friends are all having the same experience. Was hoping to play some stress test today as I'm on vacation. Hope it is an easy fix.
  3. Newsletter Registration for Server Owners

    This is a great idea. Kudos!

    Created by =UN= Admin Square
  5. =UN= Clan Poster

    The =UN= Clan. Heroes. Enforcers. Protectors of the Innocent. Keepers of the Way. ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT!
  6. The =UN= Community eagerly awaits the Masterpiece! I have no doubt the end result of all of this will be an amazing game that we will all be proud of and play for thousands of hours!
  7. Sky rise with Zombie valley

    What struck me as I ran with my team and took this picture, was how peaceful it all seemed. But then you realize there are Zombies in the valley with you (quite a few within gun shot range) that would be all over you if a gun went off. This game is so beautiful, but deadly.
  8. A WAR EVENT IS COMING WITH .63 Experimental Launch

    *Credit to Ant for this excellent DayZ .63 promo During the War Event (PvP and PvE) on the =UN= Community Server we will have the =UN= Clan clearing out Zombies from Electro and Cherno over several days before moving on to clear out all the maps Military bases and airfields. Come help the =UN= in its work, or team up with rival clans and attack the =UN= Clan for some awesome pvp. The Cannibal Clan and Red Berets (Anti UN Group) will be attacking during the War Event. There are also sure to be lone snipers and other small groups making their mark on the =UN= Community Server when .63 launches Private Experimental.
  9. A WAR EVENT IS COMING WITH .63 Experimental Launch

    Michael, Just stop by Discord. You will have several options. You can help the =UN= Clan fight, and possibly even join the =UN= Clan, or you can help the =UN= fight with a group of friendly survivors. You can also fight against the =UN= with a private group or even join the Cannibal Clan or Red Berets whom both will be attacking throughout the War Event (which will last for weeks). It's both PVE and Pvp.
  10. A WAR EVENT IS COMING WITH .63 Experimental Launch

    The post is a play on the =UN= Clan reforming and calling all clan members to arms when .63 hits Experimental. We are a military group trying to survive an Apocalypse, and the WAR EVENT is our attempt to bring PVE / PVP to the game at a time that it does not have persistence or base building included. As for your mentioning "interactions in game", you might have missed this part: * All Non =UN= members are invited to take advantage of the WAR EVENT and either meet us and help us clear the cities, or attack us so that we have an awesome PVP / PVE event to kick off .63 We hold all sorts of events all the time; Player Escorts, Martial Law, Prison Island Escapes, a massive Trade Center, etc... The WAR EVENT is just another event not a permanent state on the server.