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  1. Hoppertje

    Virtual Reality Support

  2. Hoppertje

    Virtual Reality Support

    Can we get an update on Virtual Reality being supported in the modding tools? Thank you
  3. Hoppertje

    A first look at DayZ Modding

    exciting to see this becoming reality :D
  4. Thats a nasty bug... glad you found it...
  5. Hello all! So first off i realize everyone is very anxious for the closure of the (long)road to beta and that most of the BI resources are focused on this, which is a good thing! Nonetheless, i am hoping i could tempt a developer on maybe another hint as i am really looking forward to mod for DayZ SA for VR... In the latest video with Enfusion Lead developer Filip Doksanský he mentioned that an upcoming VR game may add its functionality to the Engine. I am very curious to learn about any progress and if Inversed Kinematics is being considered along with multiple trackers... Youtube Video: Vive Trackers + Inversed Kinematics Youtube Video: Onward FPS for VR With the new upcoming headsets both performance and quality is expected to make a dramatic leap... The future looks bright! :D Thank you
  6. Hoppertje

    [Wednesday "where are the servers?" merging topic]

    oh... :) thank you all for the quick replies...
  7. Hoppertje

    [Wednesday "where are the servers?" merging topic]

    Steam says i am not in experimental, yet i only see experimental servers... ive tried to set it to experimental and back again, also tried to reinstall... nothing seems to help can i manually override? or any other suggestions? thanks
  8. Hoppertje

    Virtual Reality Soon(TM)

    Google Cardboard eh.... do i want to bother on how that was like? :) I simply can't stop thinking on the fact how cool it would be to play Dayz in VR...
  9. Hoppertje

    Virtual Reality Soon(TM)

    this is the red pill.... *facepalms*
  10. Hoppertje

    Virtual Reality Soon(TM)

    did you bother to read my first post? i was asking for an update...
  11. Hoppertje

    Virtual Reality Soon(TM)

    125 views and only 5 replies... do you people not know what virtual reality is?
  12. Hoppertje

    Virtual Reality Soon(TM)

    Asside the Oculus buzz... I am sure most of you have heard of HTC's Valve - Vive... by now.. which will be coming in november, available in the Steam Store... Therefore, I am rather curious on new developments in DayZ for virtual reality... In my opinion VR is going to be perfect for a game like this... It would be rather foolish if they havent started testing VR yet... Can we get an official statement on what progress has been made sofar? Support this thread if you want to know more about it too! Thanks!
  13. Hoppertje


    i am sure this is coming, but doesnt hurt to give my support...