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  1. Hey man, you'd need the free DayZ Mod from steam as well. Then you'd search for DayZ launcher on Google, and install it so you can get Overwatch, Epoch and Namalsk. If you got any questions just reply here or in the discord
  2. Bump, played the server again for the first time since 2014 and oh boy it's harder than I remember lol. And I made this, for anyone wanting to have consistent contact https://discord.gg/rBmvQ
  3. I do that in Arma 2 and DayZ Mod cause AFAIK the bags (I use coyote and Czech pack) actually stop bullets. So when I shoot I lay behind it- no stability boost but hey it stops bullets.
  4. But if 3pp servers are stealing people from 1pp servers then that means that they prefer 3pp to begin with...I use 1pp in cities and combat and use 3pp for running/cutting trees and setting up my camp. I use it when I play DayZRP too since I always feel like I'm watching a movie. Short story I prefer 1st but play on all. So why does everyone keep bitchin? Go play a 1pp server if it's so supreme, don't go on 3pp servers.
  5. Supressed weapon firing pointless

    Well suppressors actually don't "silence" a weapon. A .308 will be reduced to about the level of a .223 decibel rating. .223 will be lowered to a .22 rating. Not the most scientifically sound explanation, so you may want to research a bit more. That above was my own personal experience and testing with suppressors
  6. Battlefield: 1863 That is all gentlemen I think that the next BF, whatever it is, will cash in on the whole open world setting that everyone's moving towards to be honest.
  7. Persistence outside the Map

    1- Kidnap player.2- Place in truck. 3- Drive to the artillery zone. 4- Dump hostage and GTFO 5- Profit???
  8. I am slowly warming up... slowly and frequently.

    Guess I kinda got spoiled by this one server I played on lol, when you hit the button that brought up the debug monitor, it brought the icons up. Toggled on and off with that button
  9. I am slowly warming up... slowly and frequently.

    Or just keep it like vanilla DayZ mod, hidden on the right side/ corner in a transparent overlay. Gave a rough idea, not numbers like the debug monitor. I think the worst is running through a forest in the rain I am getting wet I am no longer getting wet I am completely soaked I am getting wet I am no longer getting wet Every single time you pass under a tree...
  10. Chemical Grenades

    Well, with bleach and ammonia in a glass bottle you can make a pretty noice "grenade" but you'd have to ensure that they were covered in it. Sulfuric acid in a glass bottle/ booby trapped to spill from a door akin to the practical joke. Then if MREs make it ingame, take the heaters and put them in a canteen and fill with water. Leave it there and you have a (major) delayed blast and diversion. And I mean major as in itll be a long ass time before the boom, not the quality of the boom :p
  11. I can verify that this server is truly hardcore while maintaining a few pleasure aspects such as 3pp when not in combat. I've spent many hours here, and am sheltered. -Pale/Kilroy
  12. music and character narrative

    Ensign just curious, can you PM me a list of songs you like to listen to while playing? I've been looking for some more. Thanks
  13. My two bob.

    Well these are infected humans, not zombies so the headshot thing will never happen without mods. And yes, Dean has been lost and turned around in a jungle before. Alone. For days. That's how he almost died during landnav in South America. That's how he got the idea of DayZ while he was recovering