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  1. Stamina

    Much like others in the thread, I can agree with having a visible distinction of when your weight/stamina situation means you cannot sprint or jump. Perhaps amongst a colour distinction, blocks and a hatched area for limited stat as seen in Arma 3 could serve as a good visual:
  2. Status Indicators in the HUD

    1. I among others might feel that the badges (sick, stomach) and sickness stat with arrows are somewhat unclear as to what they represent, and their current severity (ie attention/action recommended). I've also found that friends who have only generally experienced 0.63 (ie no Energized/Hydrated green plates) are only satisfying needs to top them over to White, then quickly realising that they've gone back to Yellow 5 minutes later. 2. You could give the badges the same White, Yellow, Red (or similar) statuses (returning to their states in pre-Beta). I don't feel this would be over-distracting, in-fact it draws the player's attention as to not miss the badge among other white-coloured images. Ensure that players know they're in a good standing so they don't have to worry for a while. This could mean, like some others have mentioned, re-adding the green is in a good state and something to aim for. Green stats could slowly fade and disappear to show the player is good, and doesn't need to even think about their character's health/food/thirst. Extending on from that, when attention and action is needed, add additional visual/audio cues much like greyscale screen for blood, crippled stances for low health, coughing for sickness. Shouts (instead or combined with the heavy grunts) much like the mod for immediate pain like gunshots or broken limbs may also help the player realise they're taking large health or blood damage. Another possible but overly-complex method could be to raise the Yellow->White top cap. If a character is Yellow, the player needs to eat more-than-necessary to get to white, but isn't true for White->Yellow. From a gameplay aspect it means people are more concerned about getting their character into a good standing food-wise, rather than just tipping it over the edge. 2/3. Sickness stat only currently serves to show whether your chances of getting ill are going up or down - not your current susceptibility or sickness state. I think players are used to the idea of their stats going up to show they're improving, but there's one which means you're getting potentially sicker as it rises. Generally, I think this element is just a bit confusing as to what it truly means for your character. If I think of any more I'll be sure to edit this to include more.
  3. broadcasting stations in buildings

    Suggesting this post gets moved to the appropriate category. Doubt it should be in Modding. @OrLoK
  4. Xbox Update 13/09/2018

    It will be back - currently netting isn't spawning but I'd expect it to be back soon!
  5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Live Zone

    Very sick to see such a start being made. Big ups guys!
  6. [FORUM] Update General Discussion to 0.62/63 Discussion

    Ah that's fair. I think it should maybe be locked and archived away instead of visible from the main page, still.
  7. Get this page updated to at least 0.62, or even 0.63 discussion? More recent or relavent stickies should be put at the top too. Just makes the forum look a little forgotten about. Cheers, Lasyen
  8. Character Development and possible solution to KOS

    I like the idea man! Personally I think it's a little too RPG-y to be implemented, and I think this would probably promote more hermiting then reduce KOS. I do find it strange that a guy who wakes up on a beach is fully weapon proficient, able to run considerable distances, fully fix vehicles and potentially fly helicopters - but I think generally having a book system might push DayZ further towards Rust (blueprints), which is quite a different game. Maybe this concept is one for modding to realise.
  9. Humanity in DayZ - Concept Video by "uncuepagamer"

    Hell, even if none were implemented, I'm sure as hell someone would later on in mods (if a parameters such as the ones shown can be implemented externally.) As much as the video gets thorough and very far down the rabbit hole of ideas, I'm very much on board.
  10. Setting Spawn

    It's not something the developers wish to implement for the vanilla game. I think they strive for a partial realism, and characters being more long-term. Adding in an ability to vanilla to negate the travel or guarentee a spawn, and essentially teleport your player to your camp like dying was a bad dream cheapens the character life. You're much more likely to care less as a player about your character if you know you've got nothing to lose, especially any more play time getting back up to where you were. I could probably word this a bit better, but like what JBURNS said, wait for a modder in beta to make it for servers if people want it.