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  1. Humanity in DayZ - Concept Video by "uncuepagamer"

    Hell, even if none were implemented, I'm sure as hell someone would later on in mods (if a parameters such as the ones shown can be implemented externally.) As much as the video gets thorough and very far down the rabbit hole of ideas, I'm very much on board.
  2. Setting Spawn

    It's not something the developers wish to implement for the vanilla game. I think they strive for a partial realism, and characters being more long-term. Adding in an ability to vanilla to negate the travel or guarentee a spawn, and essentially teleport your player to your camp like dying was a bad dream cheapens the character life. You're much more likely to care less as a player about your character if you know you've got nothing to lose, especially any more play time getting back up to where you were. I could probably word this a bit better, but like what JBURNS said, wait for a modder in beta to make it for servers if people want it.
  3. Application: IGN: InclementRecon Location: England GUID: 37aef40584392ae44c1f2a74255d590f Thanks :)